Cute Cambodian Girl Drowns Resisting Rape

Cute Cambodian Girl Drowns Resisting Rape

In Battambang Province, Cambodia, a young girl was abducted from home by a would be rapist, and dragged to the bank of the Sangker River. The girl resisted rape, and attracted too much attention with relentless screaming, so instead of raping her, the dude had to fight with her.

The fight dragged both of them into the river, where the rapist realized that she was just too much trouble and let go off her, to swim across toward the village where he lived.

But without his support, the girl, who apparently could not swim, drowned. The would be rapist was arrested a day later and confessed to attempting to rape her. The girl’s body was found about a kilometer down stream. A coroner confirmed that the cause of death was drowning.

Moral of the story – resisting rape can kill you.

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        1. Yeah, if he comes for ya, he might use it as a gripping handle. It’s just so much more cringe worthy and I actually made myself a little uncomfortable just coming up with that…

      1. Esspecially if said boner does not belong to you. Dragging a disembodied boner behind you on a leash would make a good rape deterrent for both men and women alike.
        The ladies need only fashion a contraceptive diaphragm with punji sticks. The down side to this option is that the rapist would be reluctant to pull his wiener out because pulling out would force the sharpened points further into his rape tool. He would definitely hang around until the police arrive.

    1. That’s for sure I’m one of them, we’re all going to die sometime and someway, I’d rather kiss the reaper than have some low down nasty piece of shit rape me. That’s just me I know plenty of women who would rather be raped and hope they live instead of putting up a fight, I’ve seen and been through enough shit in my life already I refuse to add that to the list.

          1. Took me a minute but I get SIG now.
            Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft

            I hate having unanswered questions no matter what it is, if I don’t know something I search until I do know

          2. Yeaaahhhh but I’m a research myself kind of person. I can’t process things unless i m able to see and skim read what I need to know. Even if I was to ask Id still look it up anyway

  1. Abducted from home , dragged to a river , almost raped and left to drown ffs that is a shitty way to go.. Respect for her for refusing to let it happen and fought rite to the end .. Tragic that she would of been terrified with the rape attempt and then faced one of the scariest ways to die as well R.I.P.. No wonder this little skinny piece of rat shit could not over power her he about 6 stone the little pussy .. He guna end up been the prisons new little bitch .. Would love to spend half an hour alone in room with this little cunt . pin the fuker down cut his fingers off one by one then pull his teeth out , cut his dick off , beat the fuck out him then drag his ass scrawny ass down river and let him have the terrifying feeling of slowly drowning he deserves that scary end the young woman did nothing she died a horrific death all because be had a dick itch … Sick bastard ……

  2. Could always tie him to a tee and put a small hand gernade in his mouth make him bite down and pull the pin….. What? Would be interesting to see how long he last before he could no longer keep it drpressed 👿

    1. Good idea I like it that would be scary way to go but the end would be so quick and painless he needs to know he is dying while he is still aware of it like he put that young girl through but I’m open to any more ideas you got as a relatively new bg member I sure you have some bad ways to punish this scum bag … The slower the better

        1. @cullilingus giver hun if I would post some of the ideas for torturing people I’ve come up with in my writings the FBI etc would be breaking down my door within the hour lol I’d never see the light of day again.

  3. Well, a choice between rape and death… she choose death over getting shagged by that failed abortion… 😆 Also, that prison does look so secure… Do the inmates have to swear not to escape through the massive cracks before entering? 😆

  4. This little skinny ass Cambodian looks sort of half niggerish. Must be somehow related since he attempted to rape. Poor girl had to fight rape and after drowned.

  5. Resisting rape can kill you… absolutely true. You must weigh up your battles if the man is more powerful, more skilled and motivated it is wiser to submit and hope he doesn’t have a kink for strangulation.

  6. Was this possibly posted once before??? Idk there’s the one pic that stricks a HUGE familiarity with me almost like d?j? vu. The pic where the caption is about flip flops, I feel like I’ve seen that exact photo before. Although I don’t seem to remember anyyything else like storyline-wise.
    Anyways I was going to say, that’s a terribly story! Thankfully he gave up but not knowing how to swim?! Tragic end, just sounds like that wasn’t supposed to happen. She won, he gave up and left her alive….she shouldn’t have lost her life!!!

  7. Poor girl , i hope he get’s his just deserts such as necklacing , blown up by r.p.g , thread throe a mincer , run over by tank . dragged behind by a scooter , sat on a toilet filled with explosives , or traditionally being beheaded , there’s plenty of things that rapist should be worried about .

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