Death by Drowning – Bloated Body of a Drowned Man Photo

Death by Drowning - Bloated Body of a Drowned Man Photo

They say death by drowning is the worst death of all. At least it’s one of the most common answers among general public when asked which is the worst death they could imagine – majority of people picks death by drowning. I guess it’s the fear of suffocation and the helplessness most of us have experienced in one way or another when learning to swim and someone pulled a joke on you weighted you down in deep water. Everything else goes aside when you’re pulled under water, so I do think death by drowning deserves its prize for being the most feared death of all.

According to incomplete story that comes with the photo of a bloated man above, it’s the body of one of two brothers who went swimming and this one got caught in fishing nets and drowned. The story has it his body was not found until seven days later, which is why he’s so bloated and seems to be missing skin on his face (perhaps it was eaten by the fish?). However I can’t imagine a brother abandoning his brother who’d drown while he’s there. Why would it take 7 days to fish him out of the water? Furthermore, if he truly got caught in the fishing nets, that would mean he would not get carried away by running water. Anyway – story simply doesn’t add up, at least not to me, but what do I know.

Provided the story is true, though, this man would have gone through exactly the type of death so many people fear. He’d get caught in the fishing net that keeps him stuck under water and he knows he only has seconds before he falls unconscious, he keeps struggling to get himself out, but time is against him. He gets weaker every second and twitching just gets his stuck deeper in the net. He eventually takes a breath of water, his lungs will with liquids causing cerebral hypoxia which then leads to death by drowning. Once abandoned in water, his body bloats like in photo above. Why his face is missing, I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine there.

What do you think? Is death by drowning the worst death a man can suffer, or does seeing horrific videos of people getting killed affect your jour judgment in this manner and you’d rather drown than be, let’s say beheaded?

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67 thoughts on “Death by Drowning – Bloated Body of a Drowned Man Photo”

  1. I knew a coroner who told me that drowning victims show
    the worst signs of internal trauma (agony at death).
    Your breath reflex takes in water.
    You go into convulsions like an epileptic having a seizure.
    This can go on for several long minutes
    before you finally pass out and die.
    A slow agonizing end to be sure.

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  2. I dunno.
    Beheading is horrible.
    Your impending doom awaiting you, the feeling of your throat being ripped apart with a knife?
    The feeling of blood literally flying out of your body.

    Both deaths are horrible to think of.

  3. I am a former Paramedic, the actual death from drowning, once you can’t hold your breath any longer that is, & you take that gulp of water, death is relatively fast & painless.

  4. omg…i just watched a vid on here of some dude being ‘beheaded’ which was actually a dude having his throat cut but extreme…i wouldn’t have a clue which could possibly be worse. I hope that Dr.Doom is right………

  5. Um, I’d think dieing to fire would be the worst. Imagine having gasoline poured all over you and then someone lights you on fire, while you are tied to a chair. so you can’t try to drop and roll or anything and you burn alive. But drowing is still bad, as well as beheading.

  6. His face isn’t missing, he was so bloated by all of the water that his skull came out of his head more then likely it is resting at the bottom of wherever he drown.

  7. That looks terrible, I’d have to say this ranks up there with burning alive and slow mutilation as the worst death…in no particular order of course. And what the hell is that protruding from his right leg?

  8. wow this just creeped me out! imagine swimming in water and u dive down and find a body? we swim in oceans and rivers where most people are murdered or lost. Im currently writing a biography about a person who dove in water and landed on top of three decaying bodies of a small family. the story includes how it affected her veiws to death and how she handled the situations. but she later died of an unknown disease that came from the rotting corpses. It sounds like a boring story but i made it very interesting i just need a few more days to have it copied and bound.

    1. When I lived in NYC I had a friend who was on the search and rescue team for dead bodies in the east river and the hudson river. He said that the visibility was so poor that he couldnt see the bodies unitl he bumped into them. And the ones that had been there long were so soft his hands would go partially or all the way through before his face bumped into them.

  9. Getting caught is one reason to carry a knife, and hope you can cut yourself free. At least to me, that gives a sense of doing something, if it matters or not.

    Getting shot isn’t that quick. That one micro-second of pain still hurts.

    Location, location, location. If this chap got hung up, afterwards he could have been freed by the currents, when he quit moving (which may have made getting loose harder). Or, the net could have broken free, from his movements and/or weight. Then, resting on the bottom, his face could have been worn off by current, sand, or eaten by some form of bottom dwelling fish or animal. The current can play tricks with bodies, making them hard to find. Sadly, this happens all too often near where I live, when you mix alcohol and water. Not being able to find a body has lead to rumors of giant catfish, and other fish, who eat people. Ouch.

  10. Most people fear drowning, but it’s not a bad way to go. As the amount of oxygen getting to your brain is reduced, they say it’s peaceful. Or as peaceful as it can get. Not that I want to give it a go.

  11. Hey guys, whatever else you may say about ol’ stiffo up there, I admire him. I mean he was even trying for a bit of self pleasure in his death throes…I mean look at that fine hand action. He makes me proud to be a man. Bravo

  12. Theres some nasty arguments goin on for this one eh.

    Anyway, I heared drowning was supposed to be the most peaceful way to go… I dont think that’s true though, I cant imagine panicking and struggling to save yourself while water pours into your lungs is peaceful, just something I heared…

    To be honest, I’d rather have a very quick beheading by a guilotine or be a one shot quick kill than drown.

  13. Personally i have had a near death experience with drowning. Jumped off a cliff into water but hit a rock. Thankfully one of my friends was in the water and saved me but what i remember before losing consciousness was a sudden weight all around me and stinging like needles in my lungs only thing i could feel was panic and helplessness then I was out. I woke up in the hospital. i think being set on fire would hurt a lot more then drowning.

  14. My fear is mostly pain and suffocation, if it’s strangeling or suffocated by a pillow or something. . .my worst fear would be being raped and brutaly murdered. Some people I know are more scared of being burnt or burried alive. . . scary shit! You should give a few scenarios and let us vote. . . that could be interesting. . .

  15. your ? to whats better, or worse ? i would put a gun in my mouth to back of neck & pull. IF i were to choose. after seeing some beheadings here, i would just soon drown. to me, it is more disgraceful to have some one saw your neck than suffocate. i hope i never knw

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