Drowned Thai Rescued from Filth Filled Pond

Drowned Thai Rescued from Filth Filled Pond

Notice all the filth that floats on the water in this video. I mean – all the filth on top of the drowned Thai and the two rescuers. Beaches are even worse cause all the whores and pimps that lined them each and every night shit and piss in the sea from the beach.

The video shows the recovery of a dead Thai from a body of water. I don’t know how he died, but from the little that is shown of him, he doesn’t appear to bear any signs of visible foul play so I’m guessing he drowned. Unless he died from exposure to the filth filled pond.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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25 thoughts on “Drowned Thai Rescued from Filth Filled Pond”

  1. I feel disgusted every time I go about my food shopping routine and see people in the fish section purchasing fish, particularly king prawns, that have been fished from Thailand.

    Not only have these fish been marinated in shit and piss but they would also have been handled by a Thai worker with shit and piss all over his hands.

    Therein lies the reality of capitalism, the selling of shit at huge mark ups.

    1. lol. reminded me of when I was young man and lived there. Laughed in disbelief upon seeing certain things; flip-flops whilst working in places like metal cutting shops. I came off a bike over there and the ’emergency services’ turned up…asked me to pay to go to the hospital ( whilst my fucking arm was hanging off & I was dazed to fuck, pissingblood from everywhere ) oh, the days.

  2. Well I hope those guys splashing around in that toxic soup have had all their shots. Tetanus, hepatitis, dysentery, cholera just to name a few. The one guy had a mouth full of that water. Disgusting!

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