Drowning Victim Gets Felt Up on Gambia Beach

Drowning Victim Gets Felt Up on Gambia Beach

Drowning Victim Gets Felt Up on Gambia Beach

Bodies of two young females were retrieved out of the waters from a West African beach in Gambia. The first inexperienced swimmer convulses with agonal breathing. With no sign of life, the second drowning victim foams at the mouth; her heart and lungs exacerbated. Helpful beach goers are not deterred and attempt CPR on the lifeless shore shell, but to no avail. What better way to cop a feel than trying to save a life.

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        1. Africans are not as dirty-minded as we westerners.
          This good Samaritan guy thinks of her as nothing more than a younger sister in need of help. They have a community spirit over there, and more importantly they’re not worried the woman will accuse them of sexual assault if she makes it.

          Now, contrast that with the Feminist west, I wouldn’t even bother trying to help the bitch. It’s safer for everyone to just let her die. One less scum for MeToo

          1. You are right. I just noticed that the “lesser civilized” places seem to have “purer ” thoughts. Not that there aren’t any perverts in those places but it seems to me that they have a different outlook on life. I lived in a small rural community before and everyone seems to know everybody and one man’s problem is the problem of all.

          2. Depends on which africans. I’ll trust aboriginal ones far over trusting south africans. Ignorance plus civilization are not a good mix, just look at the 91st in Chicongo.

          3. @devirginizer Just like I did. I learned a lot in such local community on how simple and moral life could have been without all these elements of “modern / western civilization” yet we sit here and think that somehow we’re better than those pure souls just because we’re sucked in the BS illusions of “freedom” and “progress”.

            For once someone else gets the picture. Thanks @elcalamardo

            Western civilization is only fit for white people. Forcing it on everyone else was the biggest mistake we ever made… and that mistake is closing in on us mile by mile. As you mentioned, Chicago, Detroit are good examples of just how it doesn’t work to drag others out of their realm of natural existence and assume they should be like us.

            I also blame the idiots for continuing to listen to white people

          4. dude i gotta agree..kudos for this guy for performing cpr and mouth to mouth…done properly it will save a life…the likes of your sister, mother, brother,child, best friend neighbor, butcher, baker, mechanic, baseball player,wife, husband… etc

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    1. @Gorgon
      I think they did know how to perform the CPR It’s just that nobody wanted to do that to foamy mouth girl. The fella just managed to wipe the goo off her mouth, but no way was he going to do Kiss of Life on her.

      As for twitching girl, what a bunch of morons. She still has a chance dammit. Even if you don’t know CPR do something else. Stamp on her back. Heimlich manoeuvre. Anything to shake the water off.

      1. @mr spock
        I give them much credit for trying, and yes attemping to clean the water from the lungs ie: doing heimlich, turning face down, or even inverted is the correct thing to do.
        From someone who has performed iCPR incl in hospital while hooked to EKG, their tech was wrong. The pace is much faster for example, and the current tech is to give compressions only for the layman.
        Again I applaud the man for trying, but notice no one else helped.
        I think I made the original comment because I assumed he was a life guard and jumped to a conclusion.

    1. Yes, regrettably 40% of Britons, Americans and Australians are fat obese cunts.
      They eat too much.

      Even when I go out shopping for office shirts, I would think I’m regular – I’m an average sized bloke. You’ll be surprised. I’m classed as slim-fit.

        1. Really Nem? Commenting on the bodies of dying underage girls? That’s pretty vile and really beyond my comfort level.

          J/K. The convulsing girl had a pretty nice butt (not that we could see much else!), very athletic build. I think foamy-mouth is a bit younger and hadn’t really ‘bloomed’ yet. Pre-pubers are always a bit knock-kneed, I think.


          1. Seems I have been chastened. I do not believe they are underage nor necessarily dead. The vid cut off before we could tell.

            I can not remember if we commented together on the bodies of girls in the posts or just on La loca and others . Certainly others here say a lot worse things than I about the dead and dying women . Anyway , I now know you do not like it so wont be commenting on womens’ bodies anymore in the posts with you.


          2. All good Nem, sarcasm is hard to pick up in writing!
            P.S. Not sure I like the new photo myself, my hubby says I’m making a face “like someone who enjoys smelling their own farts”. He’s such a charmer! But I’m sure some people here would think it’s more than appropriate! lol

  1. Didn’t check the airways were clear before he started pumping her chest. Slipping your cock down their throat can often open up airways and remove breathing obstructions. A rapid tit-fuck after that usually brings them round.

      1. I never had a fatality using those methods over the years. Though it has been a long time… so I might be a little rusty nowadays. Probably need a refresher course. I used to have a Workplace Certificate for such emergencies… but with Austerity, reduced training budgets and Council Cutbacks those core skills have gone.
        To even mention it… is like talking about rolls of 35mm film… people just look at you like you are stupid or have been teleported in from the 1970’s or something.

    1. Rapid tit fuck, i see so the maneuver is to jab at her chest with said multi-tooled cock as though performing chest compressions. Why didn’t they think of this I wonder what with the “muh dik” written all over their faces.

  2. Hey, you know all those times when you were an excited little kid at the beach and your momma refused you to go out too far in the water alone, because there were rip-tides that can pull you out to sea and drown you?

    Well it turns out that this was the rare 10% of things that your momma was not a paranoiac about.

    I’m so disappointed that ocean did not dish out pussy passes that day. Such a waste. Such nice bodies.

    1. It’s not that mothers…or fathers…aren’t “paranoiac” without good reason. Parents have lived, seen or heard of the shit that kills and maims people. It’s not unwarranted worry. Up here in Mass we had a group of people swept out by a rip current and a husband and wife both drowned.

      And worse now, we just had our first death in 80 years from a great white attack a couple days ago on Cape Cod.these fucking things have been coming up in summer now in increasing numbers for years and years. This season in particular there have more of them, bigger ones and they’ve been far closer to shore than ever before.

      So many people say “Eh, they’re out there but what are the chances?” Well, the dead guy and his buddy I’m sure were of that mindset and look now…yeah, what are the chances. right? Fucking morons played the lottery and lost!

  3. All that’s missing for this to be a scene in the States is a couple Tupac t-shirts and a hoodwhore twerking to totally uninterrupted shit rap music in the immediate background. And maybe a spilled forty ouncer in one drowner’s hand.

  4. Of course, biologically speaking, chimpanzee bone density to muscle fiber ratios are too dense to have natural buoyancy, thus they cannot swim. Some bonobos have been known to doggy paddle in shallower waters but this ultimately is not a full swim as they can occasionally touch bottom with their prehensile toes. Primates for the most part are inefficient and/or ineffective swimmers.

  5. Can’t swim stay out of the water. Otherwise this is a suicide or “suicide attempt” if she lives. For one to want to end their own life that is their decision to make and others shouldn’t interfere. Life can be strenuous at times even more so for the erroneous numskulls. Psychopaths do this all the time to lure their prey to secluded ritual grounds where they have their fun. No real emotions of their own they feed off yours. They’re of the parasitic family. Ticks, leeches, mosquitos, tapeworms, fleas, and barnacles.

    A parasitic relationship is one in which one organism, the parasite, lives off of another organism, the host, harming it and possibly causing death.
    Usually, although parasites harm their hosts, it is in the parasite’s best interest not to kill the host, because it relies on the host’s body and body functions, such as digestion or blood circulation, to live.
    A parasite and its host evolve together.
    The parasitic psychopath adapts to its environment by living in and using the host in ways that harm it. Hosts also develop ways of getting rid of or protecting themselves from parasites. For example, they can scratch away ticks.
    Some hosts also build a symbiotic relationship with another organism that helps to get rid of the parasite. Ladybugs live on plants, eating the aphids and benefiting by getting food, while the plant benefits by being rid of the aphids.

    In with the good out with the bad.

  6. Depends how long these ladies spent without oxygen. Even if the brain survives, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) may cause significant short and long-term problems as the lungs try to recover from their injuries if the cpr is successful. In my opinion it looks like by the distended abdomen and as was mentioned earlier, the foaming that is due to the exacerbation of the lungs, that these ladies sadly have no chance.

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