Fetid Female Floater Found in Yala, Thailand

Fetid, Female Floater Found in Yala, Thailand

Yala is all the rage this month. First with insurgent violence and now, with a fetid female floater pulled from the Pattani river. Green and bug-eyed as only Mother Nature can make. The woman is believed to have been dead for three days and bore no immediate signs of violence, so it is possible she drowned but you never know. Either way, pretty fucking disgusting.

At 06.30 hrs. On June 25 informed by locals that. Found floating in the river water in Pattani. Dams along the road near the bridge Si Black – Bright House Field Operation Room Yala. The notification process. Sub. Lt.. Somsak Rittiron honor of a pharmacist on duty. City of Yala, along with officials Foundation Forum Index. Staff forensics 10th Police District, Yala Province. Ruud scene On arrival at the scene near the riverbank. Body found floating about 30 years old woman was attached to the timber. Stench stink Expect been dead for about three days, the body found no signs of being attacked. I have collected the bodies from the water. Be sent to the medical examiner again. ABC has not found any evidence. That those who died.

52 thoughts on “Fetid Female Floater Found in Yala, Thailand”

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    I can just about hear her saying;

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  2. “I have collected the bodies from the water. Be sent to the medical examiner again.” – Yeah because you really need to check your mental health if youre collecting bodies from the water… 😆

    But for someone thats been floating on the water for 3 days, it looks well preserved…

    1. i once sat next to an old homless woman on the sky train in Vancouver, she looked native or asian, whatever. She smelled like filthy fishyness, like straight up trout or bluewaffle vagina.ill never forget that. but yeah i think people just get used the smells that their around that eventually their just like ” whatever man..” these Thais are my heroes tho <3

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