Floater Pulled from Water During Loy Krathongs Festival in Thailand

Floater Pulled from Water During Loy Krathongs Festival in Thailand

Hello there. Today’s bloater is brought to us courtesy of the Loy Kathrongs Festival in Thailand. This particular festival is held during the full moon of the 12th Lunar Month. It’s exact origins are hazy, but it is believed to have started back in the Sukhothai Period (approx. 1238 to 1438 a.d.).

Krathongs are lotus flowers containing a candle as well as incense, some coins and other decorative flowers sent out into the sea or any other close, large body of water to honour the water spirits and a way for one to cleanse/atone their sins.

I’d say our bloated buddy here really cleansed his sins this day.

Mad props to MrsPink for the vid and info.

43 thoughts on “Floater Pulled from Water During Loy Krathongs Festival in Thailand”

    1. I was thinking the same thing.
      How had no one noticed sooner as id say approx been death between 6 to 8 hours as his rigor mortis has set in but liver mortis hasnt set in yet

  1. did you here the chick laugh when they pull him out and walk away and his arms stayed in the same position as when they pulled him out., admittedly looked funny., then the guy breaks righty.

  2. The gods are unhappy, all the lotus flowers are plastic shit nowadays, along with the crappy chemical-ly incense sticks they have these days. They’ve polluted the fuck out of their waterways.

  3. You know, my dad was a funeral director in Southern Illinois (in TX now as Illinois has lost its balls) when I was growing up. He always told me that the worst possible smell you could ever be around was that of a not-so-fresh floater in the summertime. He also said they practically have to be buried right away and can’t be sent for a post because they’ll explode. I never got to experience that smell for which I’m thankful. However, being as fucked up as the rest of you, I’d kinda like to see a human explode. I think we have that whale exploding on BG, right? The one on the back of the 18 wheeler?

    PS, my ass will probably drowned tomorrow in this 110 degree weather.

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