Group of Teens Mock and Laugh at Drowning Man in Cocoa, Florida

Group of Teens Mock and Laugh at Drowning Man in Cocoa, Florida

In Cocoa, Florida, a group of teens mocked and laughed at a drowning man as he struggled to stay afloat in Bracco Pond. The incident happened on July 9, 2017. 32 year old Jamel Dunn drowned. He was disabled and needed a cane to walk. The teenagers’ ages ranged from 14 to 16.

Mr. Dunn is believed to have walked into the pond on his own after an argument with his fiancee. The teens filming his death are unlikely to face charges because all of them were black. I mean, because Mr. Dunn likely walked into the pond on his own. Not sure if that also justifies the teens’ indifference to human life?

Props to everyone who sent in the video. Too many to list:

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287 thoughts on “Group of Teens Mock and Laugh at Drowning Man in Cocoa, Florida”

  1. I knew it wouldn’t be long before this showed up on here. These kids are assholes. Granted, the man shouldn’t have walked his ass into the pond but damn. Kids these days have absolutely zero compassion for anyone…

    1. They have no compassion what so ever, I agree.
      I think people forget about karma!

      I would have helped that man! No matter the cost!
      People these days are so focused on filming and likes. That life doesn’t matter no more.

        1. Not all of it. Just the part of the future that will be a burden of society, never accomplish anything, and will be absolutely worthless and useless. In other words, most fucking niggers their age today, in the future. They’ll be coddled and supported by the real responsible ones.

        2. Gotta love all the outraged or somber comments on this one. Hate to beak to you. But most of you are exactly like these teens. You watch videos of people dying horrible deaths. And make disgusting comments and jokes about it. So for everyone calling these teens pieces of shit, you are essentially calling yourself a piece of shit. And you would be correct.

          1. Bullshit! And fuck you with that cunt talk! They are the lowest form of humans for a reason. Niggers and nothing more. And maybe some here wouldn’t of jumped in with their red superman cape on! But at least they would of called 9-11 or grabbed a fucking tree branch. No your pet niggers just wanted to smoke more fucking dope. Again fuck you with it!

          2. Absolutely, 100% wrong.. Most would risk their life to save another. At least call the police…

            And never fucking ever laugh about it.

            the complete indifference to suffering is consistent with the wholesale violence found in the black community… Doubt it??? Google FBI table 43

          3. Sometimes we joke around, but most people here would probably help someone in need especially with situations like this video.

          4. Retarded troll comments like these don’t make sense and aren’t even funny. The negros recording the video are the same animals committing black on black crimes, while users on bestgore are not the ones committing a crime by not reporting an accident, death, or crime that’s happening irl.

          5. youve got a big point people do my head in on this site if its a female getting hacked oh they feel so sorry for it but there happy to wach some man get hacked and comment etc if women wanna be equal to men then it should be in everything even the way they get killed , also why do they have double standrds moaning bout summit on this site when there on a site like this lol

          6. Big difference between joking about and commenting on videos, and actually watching someone drown, laughing about it, and not even calling 911. Get over yourself…

      1. OK so you how you gonna help him by swimming god knows how many meters by the time you would have got to him no matter how good you swim it would have been game over don’t get me wrong these kids are fucking idiots but efforts would be futile

        1. When I was younger I was overweight, but I have been swimming since I was 3. I went swimming in lakes before. It’s unlikely that the they would of drowned trying to help him unless they had a cramp, or the water pulling them down since its a fucking pond with no current.

          1. To all the people who say that they could’ve saved him by diving in like some kind of super hero pro tip when someone is drowning they WILL try to take you down with them while trying to swim for their lives. So yeah sure dive in an save them but you would most likely meet your own maker. That’s why life guards have life preservers to throw to the drowning…

      2. musicman_1017 and No one
        Thank you for saying this and i totally agree :-/
        These kids are like perfect psycopaths with no compassion or remorse what so ever and i really don`t want to grow old if this is who is suppose to care for us :-/
        If they were my kids they would`ve got some real ass whipping for sure and jail time too!!!
        What a fucked up world ๐Ÿ™

    2. What a joke, let alone the fact that they are clearly high as fuck smoking a blunt, KARMA is a bitch an so is all there information that has been released to local law enforcement including names and addresses….ooops! if anyone would like to let them know how you truly feel it wont be hard to get ahold of them in the next 24hrs.

      1. In these kids defense, they have zero obligation to put themselves into a dangerous situation to try to help others. That’s why we have cops, they would do exactly the same thing. These kids, I agree a fuckheads.

        1. Ok, under no obligation to help. I hope they also remember others are also under no obligation when they end up shot or stabbed in the months or years to come. Could have done the BARE BASICS by calling 911. Recording this disaster and mocking the victim is crap. Fucking sub human Kak.

          1. They’re black though
            you’d literally have to call 911 everytime a black person got in the water if you wanted to prevent a drowning

          2. @labarang I agree ! That’s exactly what i thought they could hv dialed 911 atleast but the truth is they dint care wow if someone dies let him die..and make jokes n laugh about it.omg I can’t believe this !

          3. It’s not like the cops would have shown up in time to save that dumbass. I wouldn’t jump in either, all his clothes on, can’t swim, I’m not gonna drown trying to help, and you wouldn’t either.

          4. Call 911!?? Are you serious?! If they called the cops they’d all be dead by the end! Cops would show up and would find a reason to fear for their lives and that would be it! One drowned black guy, and six teenagers shot dead! I can see the headlines now!

        1. It’s not racism! It’s race realism! Get used to it! If you don’t want racism then make the human one color then. Racism pfft. I call that a badge of honor anymore. That six letter word doesn’t scare me!

        2. PotASSium
          Yes i agree and i was hoping for place where people could be grown ups and were able to not be racists or bad talking toward each other on a serious side like this,but i`ve come to see that a lot of the members here are really sick having fun on others tragedy feeling f… perfect obviesly and i am so glad i don`t have those in my life :-/
          What a sick world….

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    3. I can’t call niggas one day a white guy did the same , he gave us weed we gave him booze we told him don’t fuck about neee the water I watched him go down his niece and nephew watched him drown so did we and no one did a fucking thing , fucks me ip to this day

    4. Brilliant , another dead nigger , love it , il fap off right now knowing as he choked that water down , it’s just another fucking monkey animal out of earths way , less rapes , white women are safer with this fucking cunt dead

    5. I’d loved to if been on a boat next to this monkey as he drown , as he fucking begged for help I’d of pissed in his nigger face , fuck you , fuck your rapes , fuck your crime , fuck your hip hop , fuck your fucking dirty animal race , fuck them I hate them

    6. Fuck you hero wtf do you expect them to do , there probably stoned themselves you expect them to drown for a fucking entitlement nigger , you think a nigger would save s white boy or laugh at there white ass as they sunk , fucking damn right thrm animals would laugh , whites are now losing there compassion and care for the niggers who want us dead , and it’s the right place to be , fuck these animals , death to em all they feel worse about us , fuck em

    7. Look at this useless pile of shit race. Rainbow shoe, tight girl pants, stank ass hanging out, trap music, welfare chugging, entitled project housing ass niggas. That’s where your tax dollars go, to breeding these lazy ass heartless excuse of a human being. I can’t imagine another set of teens being this cold as to mock a drowning person..

    8. Those boys sound like a bunch a woman in a group the faggott natition took over this is what you get. If it was 1998 group of young men they would had some smarts or at least tried to help now its jus recorded

    9. Those boys sound like a bunch a woman in a group the faggott natition took over this is what you get. If it was 1998 group of young men they would had some smarts or at least tried to help now its jus recorded

    10. You obviously have no idea how the majority of the BG community work; your claiming kids have no compassion while on one of the most uncompassionate sites out there. I like coming here to see raw media and things that make me value my existence but as a whole people here (majority I’m presuming adults) are happy to discriminate and be ridiculously abusive to anyone whether their a victim or a perpetrator, your comment is out of place when most people here would have laughed, also a majority have zero compassion for another humans suffering, maybe save your compassion for your Antifa rallies you hypocrite

      1. Love it , as the black bastard took in that white water to his monkey lungs , I’d of loved to slapped my ball bag all over his fucking coon face ? I hate them , would I jump in knowing this fucker was drowning , all I here is white this , white that , you owe us this , you white bastards , fuck this black animal , I’m glad he’s dead , fuck these fucking cunts , the world screams cos one fucking ape drown , iff he was white the world would of rejoice, fuck these bastards I’d skull fuck the worms out of his fucking skull

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  2. While reading the description, I was baffled as said too many to list regarding ‘sent in’ videos. Presumed others filmed as well but only hear these asses throughout video. It is genuinely a shame they watched him die and should be charged. Could have helped or at least called for assistance. Probably claim they cannot swim.

      1. I don’t think anyone has to put themselves in danger to save another. Most people aren’t trained in saving a drowning person. However, the mocking and laughing and not calling for help was inexcusable.

  3. Well, not to sound like an over compassionate SJW, but if you yourself were never helped or showed much kindness during your life, maybe even the opposite, and the colder you are the more of a positive reception you get from other people, then would you bother saving someone in that situation, or just amuse yourself.

    I’m actually curious to see how many of you guys will try to act like some righteous saint to this video, only to visit other posts on this websites and laugh your asses off, and make jokes of people who get a very painful death. Let the hypocrisy begin (without any personal indignation, obviously).

    1. I agree on being cold and getting many negative reaction from human beings! Yes.

      I wonder maybe be in a shock! GORE SHOCK!!! OGRISH style!

      But I would never make fun of it!!! Or laugh!!!

      Are you a Nikes by the way???

      I would help! I guess I would!!! Fuck it! Maybe I am fucked up and cold as Siberia! But deep inside I have a little humanity and compassion!

      But I would never help those young Trevons or LeBrons like on this video!!!

      I would POWER LAUGH at them!!!! A BIG WHITE pirate laughter!!!!!

      Fucking POND SCUM they are!!

    2. Yes, this behavior is reserved to a single race here in the USA. You obviously don’t know dick about us here if you equate having a good time and joking here with being a nigger who would enjoy watching someone drown in real life. I might make fun of someone’s misfortune on here, but it’s just a video. Whether I mope and cry or laugh my ass off changes nothing for the person in the video. You’re totally a SJW fag trying to excuse these nigglets by playing it off like everyone here would do it.

      1. You mean if you saw someone drown, like the guy in this videos does, you would jump in the river and try to rescue him? Or maybe you wouldn’t, but at the very least you wouldn’t make jokes about, is that what you mean? Would you have done the same when you were 14-16?

        1. He was black. Let’s not get carried away, Chris…In reality though, going out that far to save a person who can’t swim is just asking to drown yourself. I certainly wouldn’t just be standing there lollygagging and chucklefucking, though. These kids never even called the police. Human life means nothing to them, which is why they can’t even stop killing each other here.

    3. @chrisod

      Your argument is kind of true but also slightly flawed.

      Can paedophiles be forgiven for raping children if they themselves had also been sexually abused as children?. Should someone cheat on their current partner because their previous partner did it to them?. Should you beat up and steal from a random person because a random person did it to you?.

      Yes, there does exist parameters that can make victims become perpetrators however the line still needs to be drawn because ultimately we are all judged on our actions rather than our thought processes because ultimately that is what keeps order.

      Bestgore comments are therefore just thoughts at the end of the day, however it will be our actions in everyday life that makes us or breaks us.

      These nigger kids hurt themselves then not by their lack of proposed help, because that in itself is not really much of a crime, but by their taunting and insulting of a drowning man in the present tense. Their actions in other words.

    4. There are a lot of fickle people here. They are talking about these horrible niggers but if the cops were being rough with these same people, suddenly it would be all about the horrible cops. This site is supposed to be anti-mainstream and breaking away from the herd. But a lot of users just joined a new herd. A sheep is a sheep.

      1. Because you’re not allowed to be racist and anti police at the same time. And for god sakes you can’t happen to share the same views as others. It’s not allowed in this free thinking forum. Ya damn sheep!

    5. @chrisod

      Maybe the reason these kids were not shown much kindness in their own lives (leading them to be the apathetic shits they are today), is because they are fundamentally unlikeable in the first place.

      Black children from single parent families need to be beaten daily to earn respect of their elders, and since USA schools don’t do that (the beatings), then you have disruptive kids that don’t bother learning the values of the country they emigrated to.

    6. @chrisod you’re a 1000% correct, you are a fuckin sjw/libtard suburban faggot! The only reason that you think people talk shit about scumbag niggers and your job is to be “THE NIGGER SAVIOR” is because you never had to cohabitate with scumbag niggers. Wait, I know you’re thinking ‘but I’ve known a lot of black people’!..well maybe so, but if you knew a lot of niggers you wouldn’t be so quick to feel the need to be such a sjw/pussy/fagg!!!

  4. Niggers!!! What do you expect???


    Fucking pure pond SCUM!!!!

    Any Black Lives matter Niggers here and care to explain, why Nikes have an IQ of my filthy FORESKIN???

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    and never forget:

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    1. The point of the story is he was disabled, like one poster said he shouldn’t have walked into the lake by himself, but for you to pull out your phone , record and laugh is a new low. Well I shouldn’t be surprised. . Things like this , are going to be the new norm

    1. @darkseer I know you’re a retarded muslim dipshit. I know for a fact shit like this ( the video above) actually does happen in Europe you Tardo. If it doesn’t then congrats on having muslims beheading, raping, drowning people in a cage, tying plastic explosives around peoples necks etc. Having those camel fuckers must be WAY better then seeing a drowned nigger being laughed at by little niglets of his own kind. It’s ok though being a American i would rather be an “idiot” then some sand nigger Camel Fucker.

  5. There is not nearly enough racism here BG, lets step it up a notch…. I bet if there was a welfare check floating their asses would have all jumped in.

  6. Any man or woman that commits suicide over emotional issues is a lost cause, especially if it’s over another person. Man was angry he wasn’t gonna be able to get pussy anymore so he tries to guilt his wife over suicide? And also If you self harm you’re a coward and a bitch stop wasting the world’s time and just end yourself like this man did thank you.


  7. Niggers are indifferent towards human life and towards the suffering of others in general as one look at the crime statistics will show you.

    Still, considering that most people including myself feel totally indifferent towards niggers as well it would be a bit hypocritical of us to expect them to act with kindness and compassion and to condemn them for it when they donโ€™t.

    To be fair though I donโ€™t actually expect anything from them at all. Not kindness or compassion, neither do I expect achievement or good behaviour because expectations require hope and hope requires a confidence that something can change and when it comes to niggers I am not convinced they can. To put it simply, I would happily buy a lottery ticket in the hope that I may one day win it but I wonโ€™t be placing such a bet on niggers becoming civilised anytime soon.

    So no, I wonโ€™t condemn these niggers for their actions. Iโ€™ll just continue feeling totally indifferent towards their lives and suffering as well, thatโ€™s all.

      1. โ€œI see the same sort of indifference to people here where I live but none are blackโ€.

        Sure, I see it too as well. Indifference is therefore not always race determined.

        The rich and middle class whites for example feel nothing towards the struggling working class whites otherwise they would not keep trying to undermine and undercut them via mass uncontrolled immigration despite the fact that they themselves once came from those same ranks. Twisted bastards.

        Still, niggers are niggers because they exist outside of white(non black) congeneric reasoning.

  8. If I may play the Devils advocate, while I agree that it’s pretty fucked to watch a person drown and laugh about it I don’t see how it’s illegal. I mean what if he had a gun in his mouth or had poured gasoline all over himself and was holding a lighter? Would anybody be expected to try and stop him then? I don’t know maybe I’m way off base here.

  9. Black, white, yellow, it doesn’t really matter, kids have no empathy. Once they’re old enough to be trained by the system it’s all lost. Life is just like gta5, watch people die and laugh about it cos it ain’t you!


    One day it will be them gasping their last breath, maybe not today but it will happen.

  10. I understand why they werent gonna help him though, after all, they dont know how to swim either… ๐Ÿ˜† So they know better than to stay away from water if you dont know, or at least are unable to swim in the first place due to disabilities… You just cannot fix stupid.

  11. I assume this is Coco Beach, FLA? One thing missing here is that there could be alligators in the water. I’d risk helping the victim anyway. That said, they are incompassionate assholes to let him die while they laugh about it. No obligation to help but damnnn, …….

  12. It is so obvious that what we have here is a buck of stupid nigger’s watching another nigger drown. Typical American crap. That is why 95% of the world think American’s are stupid, well that and Trump. Obviously they are so lacking in basic education, that they cannot swim, BUT they have phones, really how hard is it to dial ‘911’? Or is that even too big a number for stupid American niggers?

  13. Teens like this make me want to throat punch them! They piss me off so bad. If i found out my child was involved and not do anything i would give him the ass beating of the century. Whether Dunn intentionally walked in or not they shouldve tried to help or call 911 not sit there and make fun of him. Pure digusting teens

  14. I’ve seen plenty of videos on here where adults had about the same empathy. And plenty of comments from adults with no empathy. You can pretend it’s only “teens” if you want to live in fantasyland.

  15. you motherfuckers.
    a millenia of inter tribal breeding and the talmudic based jewish slave trade have not only placed these monsters in your fair land ,oh americans,but also the misfortune of witnessing or experiencing their cultural enrichment practices.
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  16. In UK we have lifebuoys at every water place, parks, ponds, lakes etc exactly for this reason. Hopeless Americans. Makes me lol. They even build wooden houses in hurricane and tornado counties. WTF ??? Have they no fucking brains or what lmfao

  17. “ddaaayyyummm” break out the peanut butter the niggers are here. sick of hearing their fake ghetto wog slang. they do it in the uk too. ‘a good meal’ .. has become “eetza peng munch init bruv”. fucking nigger cunts.

  18. Y’all, diz were jus’ young niggaz chillin’…..dey dindu nuffink. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Know wha’m sayin’?
    Yo’ think it’s worth riskin’ yo’ own black ass to save his mofo disabled ass?
    Nigga please!

    Yo! LeRoy – pass me those chicken drumsticks man. Trevonne, you finish all the cola and I’mma bus’ yo’ ass dude.

    (Seriously, I think these kids should have called 911 for assistance. Even if it came too late, at least they have done the right thing. But now they are going to have to live with this shit for the rest of their lives. If it was me, I would feel really bad about myself).

  19. Those nigger crackbabies are enjoying themselved immensley. calling 911 would have spoiled all the fun. Typical Nigger Behaviour. doing the right thing is not possible, a niggers DNA is coded for simian responses. Jump up and down, hoot and holler, scratch that dirty nigger ass and smell their filth encrusted hand…A nigger is a nigger is a nigger!

  20. I know I’m not reading what I think I’m reading. Are people on this site seriously throwing flack on the kids in this video for ridiculing someone’s death? People on this site have the least room to berate anyone about empathy and sympathy, because all I ever see in the comments are people mocking other people’s deaths and tragedies. Mocking death and tragedy on the internet vs real-life isn’t any different, so excuses about that aren’t valid.

  21. The drowning dude is dead, however you look at it. If the kids had called 911 only when they realized the dude is really serious about drowning himself, help would not have arrived in time to save him. if they have been conscientious and had called 911 the instance the dude walked into the water, and they could predict what would happen, the dude might have a chance, however, slim. Even if you could swim, and I think these teens can’t, it does not mean you can save a drowning person. That takes special skills that you have to be trained in, and you have to be strong, too, otherwise, you are just going to drown yourself, too. However, do not make snide comments, and laugh at someone’s misfortune, though. Do call 911 as soon as you can, though.

  22. The Sate of Florida has a Duty to Rescue Law, whereby a bystander is at the very least, required to call the authorities for help, but this law is not very strict, and it has more holes than a slice of Swizz Cheese. In any event, even if the law applied in this case, nothing would happen, as resources are, in general, selectively spent on more pressing matters, like prosecuting, sorry I meant persecuting, people like Mark for providing a way for the masses to see reality.
    Believe nothing, question everything as usual my BG brothers

    1. Completely agree. That dude is already a goner once he got in too deep to rescue himself. Sure the teens were mouthing off and laughing, but make no mistake, they are not responsible for the man’s drowning.

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