Indian Man Drowns After Jumping Into Godavari River During Protests

Indian Man Drowns After Jumping Into Godavari River During Protests

Indian Man Drowns After Jumping Into Godavari River During Protests

27 year old Indian man identified as Kakasaheb Shinde apparently martyred himself by jumping off a bridge over Godavari river where he drowned. Kakasaheb Shinde, of Kaygaon village in Aurangabad district, is a member of the Maratha community who is presently engaging in protests against mistreatment by the government, although the exact purpose of their protests is not entirely clear to me.

The video shows the protesters being accompanied by the police threateningly armed with nightsticks. As they pass over the bridge, a group of protesters hastes toward the edge, where one of them deliberately lunges himself over the railing. The images of him drowning are pretty vivid.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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  1. Two hundred policemen on the bridge and nobody jumps to help him.
    Surely everyone was recording with the phone.
    From what I see, the policemen in India are as good people as in the rest of the world.

      1. I agree. I wouldn’t save em. To expect a cop in his weighed down gear to jump in is also just dumb. And while that guy jist looked like he clearly couldn’t swim, you also never know how strong under currents are. And your also carrying another 100lb idiot while trying to swim, while if your an Indian, also only weighing a hundred pounds, which doesn’t help you if your another 100% of your weight.

  2. Reason for the protests: primarily about jobs in the state sector. The regional government has earmarked 16% of jobs in the state sector for the Marathas, but they are quite evidently unhappy with it. Many years ago affirmative measures were taken with a view to increasing the percentage of lower caste Hindus in the state sector; there were upper caste Hindus who immolated themselves in protest. It would appear that suicide is an easy option for Hindus; maybe their firm belief in reincarnation could have something to do with it.

    1. While i like alot of your comments and think your interesting, and as much I respect the late great Bob Marley, you don’t have to be wise to understand you shouldn’t jump in a large, deep, body of water with an obvious current, if you cannot swim bahajaja

  3. History will know this as the Great Stink Dying of 2018, if:
    “Who’s bridge? Our bridge!… Now everyone in a button-up shirt or wife beater, jump in the goddamn water!”

  4. huge bodys of water like that even in hot countrys you go about a foot under and you might aswel be sat in a freezer the water is always ice cold, you try having a cold shower/bath and within a minute your head starts going with the brain freeze shit and then your body soon gets that cramp, if you fuck around in ice cold water it will soon chill you out as in a permanent chilling out you get my drift gorians?

  5. Now I wonder, of all the idiots (with a capital letter), nobody can throw themselves in the water to attend? I think there were responsible authorities present, right?
    In fact the height was not deadly or at least not so deadly.
    Or maybe they stayed filming and watching which facebook video waiting for a like?

  6. Poor Dude. We should all look-up where his funeral will be, so we can all mourn him while eating some amazing Curry Chicken, & Butter Chicken Feast, That Would Surely Follow It, Along with all that Stone Baked Naan Bread,,, Fucking Yummy Man! πŸ˜‰

  7. The reality is that this fool jumped into the river because he was overcome with the excitement of being part of a demonstration which he felt strongly about.

    Being surrounded by so many like-minded people demonstrating for what they believe in, this fool felt on top of the world and absolutely invincible so he foolishly decided to jump into the river.

    This is what happens when an adult has the emotional intelligence of a child. When you combine that with being surrounded by sheep who would rather record you drowning than trying to save you, you are a certain BestGore candidate.

  8. If you guys are every in this kind of situation and you don’t know how to swim (tread water/float) just inhale deep when getting air and lay backwards by trying to arch your lower back to the sky, chest forward and you will float.

  9. I learned to swim when I was 5 years old. Apparently, no one in that country can swim or someone would have jumped in to save him. Then again, people there don’t care to help or save people either. They would rather sit there and film it. People over there are sick minded animals. O-well, I’m going to enjoy my day at a Holiday Inn Express hotel, while they enjoy their 3rd world piece of shit garbage crap. I can float on my back without swimming – it’s that easy.

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