Indonesia AirAsia 8501 Plane Crash Victims Being Pulled from the Ocean

Indonesia AirAsia 8501 Plane Crash Victims Being Pulled from the Ocean

I have photos here of some of the bodies recovered from Airasia flight 8501 which crashed into the Java sea on December 28th, 2014. Radio tower initially lost all communication with the plane and it seemingly disappeared.

Two days later, the first bodies were found floating in the Karimata Strait. 155 passengers and seven crew members were killed in the crash. To date, 70 of the bodies have been recovered along with other wreckage and debris. As of right now, the cause for the crash has been determined to be human error as the last minutes of the cockpit’s black box recording is loud alarms and the fact that the plane lost altitude very quickly. Terrorist attack has been officially ruled out.

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  1. lets get this right for a second .. is that what happens to a person a mere 2 days after dumped in the sea? blimey that would be a nightmare for a csi investigator. i wouldnt have thought the sea or its inhabitants could rot the skin so quickly.

    1. I gotta figure the dynamic is a bit like a IP waterproof rating. The deeper you are, the harder that water is forced into places it oughtn’t be. Coupled with the impact of it all and how likely it is they were all vainly rocking the survival pose, I imagine their faces hit the seat in front rather hard.

      1. strange indeed……one of countless benefits of being a Student Of Bestgore, as who the fuck would even believe this EVER happens, let alone ALWAYS happens.

        Like THIS life lesson, one which I have never even seen in a MOVIE, but on The Site there are two instances of a FV heart beating several feet away from the corpse of which it was violently ripped out of.


        goes far beyond the written descriptor, doesn’t it?

          1. I have close friend who’s an embalmer and organs die at different rates.
            You know which major organ is the very last to die?

            Take a guess.

            (hint…it’s not the heart)

      2. Hungry-bastard fish, although they may have a case for revenge as we eat so many of them. It’s our own fault really, giving them a taste for human flesh by putting them in foot-baths and getting them to eat the dead flesh from our feet. It’s our own fault really.

  2. Anyone see the guy in the plane that ran out of fuel the other day ?, he had attached a large parachute beforehand and floated down onto the ocean in safety.
    I wonder if that would be feasible for larger passenger plane’s !?

    You never know what’s going on while in flight. I circled Manchester Airport on a return flight some years ago. We went round at least 6 times. I was wondering if we were going to make it as the weather was bad and the plane must have been low on fuel.
    Makes you wonder what’s really going on in that cockpit.

          1. I believe he was in a reclined position @bobcat, guessing one Dolly’s weight while another Dolly bounced on his unfeasibly massive testies !

            Ice running through his veins that geezer.

    1. Putting your lives in the hands of people you have never seen or met seems like a crazy idea to me. After all the stories I’ve heard of pilots getting drunk before flights and stuff it really puts me off flying.

      I mean what if the pilot has just found out his missus is fucking the neighbour and he become suicidal?? What then?? Or better still she’s fucking the co-pilot and they start fighting in the cockpit? We’d all be fucked!!

      1. Funny you mention that because that is exactly what happened to that Swiss air flight with that loser of a pilot who was depressed. He told the captain to grab something outside the cabin, then when he was outside he locked him out so he was in cabin alone, then he crashed the plane into the French alps killing everyone on board. What a prick. I’m just going to look up his name, hang on …….Ok, I’m back, it was actually GermanWings and the cock sucker’s name was Andreas Lubitz.

  3. Whoooo… Died in a plane crash into the sea?
    Asian Bob Shittypants.
    Bloated and rotten and stinky is he.
    Asian Bob Shittypants.
    Whooo… Is now on the menu for a bunch of large fish?
    Asian Bob Shittypants…

    (Feel free to join me and sing folks.)

  4. lol! they paid a hefty price for the plane ticket and then they paid with their own life. Now tell me, what is the use of degrees?
    what is the use of have so many people care about you?
    what is the use of bragging about traveling through plane?
    what is the use of being successful ? if you die in a plane crash and become a salty treat for our aquatic friends!

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