Man Bathing in Ganges River Disappears After Being Swept by Current

Man Bathing in Ganges River Disappears After Being Swept by Current

In Haridwar, India, a young man is bathing in the Ganges River, when at one point he appears to lose his footing and gets swept by the current.

Guy recording acts like he had no idea that the man bathing had drowned, until he lost him. Once he realized he could not see the bather anymore, he shouted at passing rafting boats in Hindi “ladka doob gya“, meaning “boy has drowned“.

Props to Best Gore member @carborandom for the video:

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          1. not all of them, my best friend is an indian dude and he’s a tough motherfucker. We both train at the same mma gym. Mos indians are feminine tho, but there’s some that are pretty tough dudes

      1. @Karma You realize your name Karma is an indian word and concept righT? and you’re talking shit about indian ppl. that’s either ignorance or pure stupidity. my best friend is indian that grew up in my town in jersey so i don’t like when ppl talk shit about them. my family is italian and he gets along with us no problem

    1. probably not a prank , but a result of the Goonch Catfish which is a man eating fish responsible for many deaths in India. Ive seen similar videos where the person is dragged down or pulled to deeper waters. drowned and eaten! personally would not step an inch into Indian waters!

      1. Oh nice one Lamenting, lol.
        So he was either going to be hit by a car from behind at 50mph flat out, or he was going to drown in the Ganges.

        Hmmmm….I prefer being hit by a car from behind to being drowned.

        1. Its solid…because what appears to be a struggle is him trying to keep up with the apeshit crazy traffic over there…also being in the water serves 2 purposes
          1: hes at a safe distance from the craziness
          2: moving that fast in india will bring about a heat stroke in seconds so the water keeps him from over heating.
          But yes you are correct its a choice on tge way you want to go

  1. That’s why you’re not supposed to go even a lil bit away from the river’s bank. That current is dangerous and we have chains for that too and he wasn’t holding to one.
    Note: Indians don’t take bath in Ganges River it’s filthy af they just take a dive for 2-3 times cuz it considered as a holy River. it’s kind of a same thing as baptizing in Christians.

      1. @Papa Sinister are you intentionally being an ignorant piece of shit and not realize that India and Pakistan are two different countries? And do you not see how it is analagous to compare the use of what each respective religion considers holy water in cleansing their souls. You are an ignorant fool however, and i doubt you understood even half of what I said. Stay ignorant you douchebag. BTW i’m American but my best friend is indian-american so i have a soft spot when people insult indians as a whole. you’re just probably an ugly loser and can’t get pussy so u have to take it out by being a racist piece of shit online. fucking loser

        1. @Jay Here we go again with this triggered white knight of social justice. Damn son, it seems you got a soft spot in your rectum for Indian dick. As do most of you yankee faggots wearing flat brim hats and chains trying to be niggers.

    1. Always learn to do a Star Float on your back or your chest, if you can’t learn to swim.
      At least you can turn your head and gulp in some air now and again, even if not moving.
      The Star Float is the first thing you learn before actual swimming.

      If you are scared of putting your head under water, you shouldn’t even be there!

    1. I’m picturing some sort of tv or radio campaign to help teach others not to dive into this river without safety supervision or experience…. or maybe like a list of the names that have died hanging off trains and it will help stop the pointless deaths in the future,
      But I know I’ll be on here in less
      Than a month and will be able to find more videos just the same. Haha

    2. Well he was attempting to take a bath…thats how indians take a bath…this is the reason they just risk smelling like hokus pokus cuz it could cost them their lives…thats why rabies is so prevalent there too because rabies is a symptom of hydrophobia…not the other way around

        1. Im starting to think you want it in your mouth…if you want it in your mouth…all you have to say is…”Inertia i need it in my mouth…because if not ill just use it to be annoying”….and whaddaya know bada bing bada boom its in your mouth…

          1. I will carry him to the end of the earth…n then set im down nicely n proceed to jump off…but to no avail im sure ill still recieve a post from plaster on the way to oblivion

  2. The current in the Ganges is usually 25 – 30 kph at a depth of 1 metre; at 10 metres it runs at 2 – 4 kph.

    In the monsoon season 1 m depth current 30 – 35 kph is not uncommon mid-stream, with 40 kph reported at Gangotri.

    O Mother! … Necklace adorning the worlds!
    Banner rising to heaven!
    I ask that I may leave of this body on your banks,
    Drinking your water, rolling in your waves,
    Remembering your name, bestowing my gaze upon you.

  3. I’m not convinced that this is a drowning. There’s a popular game show in that region, “Catch a Corpse”. The premis is simple. Each contestant gets one chance to dive down and snag a dead guy. The contestant gets to keep anything found in the dead guys possession. Usually nothing more than a damp sack lunch and a rubber ducky.

  4. Something smells fishy here.
    How did this indian spear chucker end up owning a camera phone? and how did he end up filming this particular monkey this whole time? That right there seems fishy to me. He just happened upon a monkey that he felt was appealing and the monkey just happened to end up drowning? Really?
    Why does the camera keep moving away from the, supposedly, drowning monkey?
    The spear chucker filming this episode twice moved away from the drowning monkey. I did not see the monkey go down.
    One last thing: for a drowning monkey, the monkey swam pretty far. He might as well have drowned all the way to the other side, cause he almost made it to the other side.

    1. Probably drowned himself out of grief and guilt. What he saw was distressing.
      “So when he was waving his arms around, it wasn’t because he was enjoying himself, was it because he was drowning and in distress?”

  5. It is yoga. Advanced level, as practiced by old sacred Gurus. Many poor people wont understand any of this. It makes mind and body peaceful. Everyone whom doesnt know swimming should practice this. It is truely beneficial. Dont forget to bring a dumb friend with good camera when you practice.

  6. The guys filming must be a total stranger to the drowning dude, definitely not a relative.
    I was to see someone in similar situations but on a different river I would totally have jumped in there and hopefully not drown with him.
    I’m thinking a rope would come in handy if I saw this situations on the Ganges.
    That didn’t look like a river I want to jump in.
    And what’s up with this dude drowning?? Did he actually drowned??
    I can’t remember the last time I went swimming (probably 10yrs ago) but I remember all I had to do was breath in, breath out and keep feet and arms moving and I was fine.

  7. I wouldn’t put even a finger in that filthy river. That is beyond disgusting. That river will never be clean. Some people want to clean it but it’s been a total failure for various reasons – mostly stupidity. Can’t imagine living like that.

  8. So he is bathing. Where is the soap? He got sucked under in the current. Someone asked why the camera dude didn’t jump in to help. He had a piece of cake he was eating and wanted to finish it up first.

  9. Christ, he probably has so much feces in his lungs from all others shitting in that river, that the morticians would have to open up a vein with Drano, just to embalm him.

    That’s worse than catching a carp, here in the states.

    1. Yes, I think his foot was on a ledge, and he lost balance and drowned in still water.

      He had the right moves though, he was flapping his arms to keep his head above water.
      Why could he not do that for just 5 minutes more? He’s a man, we have good upper body strength.
      If he lasted just 5 minutes more, the guys in the passing boat could have saved him.

      What a waste. But I hope these guys get some swimming lessons before messing about in rivers.
      That’s just common sense. It’s like going on a red ski slope in France without basic skiing skills.

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