Man Drowns Himself in Quicksand Trying to Film Escape Type Video

Man Drowns Himself in Quicksand Trying to Film Escape Type Video

A man apparently trying to film an escape type video ended up receiving unintended outcome when he realized he’s unable to get out. The video suggests he essentially drowned himself in quicksand.

The harrowing video of the last moments of his life shows him struggling with unbearably thick mud, as he kept sinking deeper and deeper without any safety line to pull himself out. You can tell he was running out of strength and out of breath, as that merciless mud kept slowly but surely sucking him in.

I’m not thoroughly sure if the video is real or a fugazi. It looks pretty real, so if fake, it’s a hella good fake.

Props to Best Gore member @AppledicticPrinciples for the tip:

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220 thoughts on “Man Drowns Himself in Quicksand Trying to Film Escape Type Video”

        1. I don’t know… the only reason I’d call this a fake would have everything to do with the fact that the video didn’t continue after he sank in deep enough to actually suffocate. It should have continued LONG after the movement stopped… it didn’t. Kinda seems like the video stopped just in time for him to hold his breath, and blow out one last bubble as a cue to end the video & rescue him. So, yeah it IS convincing… buuut… I don’t know. I’m ambiguous. But I DO like the pool of stool, HA!

          1. I really hope it is fake. The part where he said his first “help me” was chilling.
            If he was in the “Escape” video business, I will never follow any of his instructions. This video will be bad for his business.

          2. Well I’d also add in the lack of panic when he knew he was done for, despite what your brain knows not to do, if you’re definitely dying you would probably be screaming and crying.

          3. That and because i’d like to think that no matter how stupid you are you would at least leave a rope nearby in case shit went i really hope it’s not fake lol

          4. It’s called editing… who would put a 45 minute video up when the action ends at 8 minutes and there’s nothing but silence after, for the remaining 37 minutes? Lol…. perhaps the full video exists if it’s real, but the fact is, it was purposely stopped after he drowned. For example, if a store robbery is caught on cctv, do you think the police will show the entire night’s footage in court, or just the short time before/after, and during, the robbery?
            Use common sense.

      1. It’s real. Same guy – not the same hole. He had the hubris to think he’s done it before, he can again-unaided. He was completely submerged. That last bubble was mud displacing any remaining air in his lungs / sinus / stomach.

      1. Nope. It could have been someone wandering by who saw a tripod-mounted digital camera pointing to the bog. And that person took the camera home and messed about with it, and came across the clip and played it back, was shocked to see a fellow drowning in the bog and then gave it to whomever.

        Having said that, I did think the video was a bit fake because of the length. A real death would have been filmed for a long while after.

        1. Again, it’s called EDITING, people!!!! Even if it was real, do you think anyone would wanna see nothing but minutes/hours of silence after the action is over?
          For example, if a store robbery was caught on cctv, do you think the police would show the entire night’s footage to the court, or just the short time before/after, and during, the robbery?

          Use common sense people… damn….

      2. Maybe the people who came across the camera. People film their own deaths unknowingly all the time. Is the same as the young couple who set the camera up to film themselve playing in the river and drowned on the video. That video went on well after the both went under. Shit happens all the time. If this was so fucking stupid that he didn’t have a backup plan in case shit went wrong he was asking for it. Feel for him tough.

    1. F.A.K.E , a dying guy won’t be so chill. Not when you fully buried in quick sand. Someone must be standing next to him. They stop recording right when he can’t take it anymore. Remember that I’m sorry, hanged herself pretty girl? Now thats real.Coz She hanged there like hours till Sunsets.

        1. I did it for the ‘sinking’. My English sucks, so I can’t pick on anyone’s grammar. But it would certainly work better. The message was for everyone. I’m glad I made you laugh. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

      1. Maybe put him in a sack with some holes in it with a few racoons then throw him in. Fuck wasting my time. Never hardly get to see any Americans die anymore. Just Brazilians and dot heads, and Sand niggers killing each other. White Power by the way

  1. Tbh, I was on the fence with this one. However, after reading several of the comments and viewing the link ‘sidders2’ sent, realized it is fake. It truly looked quite real though.

  2. “Quick, somebody throw me a line!”

    “Uh…what’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?”
    “On a scale from 1-5 You’re a 10.”
    “Have we met before cuz I’m sure I’ve seen you in my dreams.”

    “Arrrg! Glug glug glug…”

  3. People don’t normally drown in quicksand, but you can get permanent trapped on it and without help die of dehydration or perish when the tide comes in.

    1. @1purple8
      I thought it was even harder being the sperm cell that swims across your Dad’s cum and fertilizes that egg, 9 months earlier.
      That would be like a man swimming across the Atlantic against other Olympic swimmers and winning the gold medal.

      (I’m glad I won that race on that fateful evening).

  4. If someone was really drowning, they would be more pitiful, desperate and assertive as they drown.
    The first thing that disappears is your self assurance. Then your sense of humour. Then your self-respect:
    Help me….help me please!!!! Help… oh Fuck!! I’m stuck!!! OMG!! Help!!!

    This dude had WAYYYYY to much self respect for it to be real.

  5. Ah shit…im an ass. How disappointing, sorry guys I did not realize it was fugazi. Was super busy today. I saw this was freshly uploaded, watched it and sent it in quick while I had a few minutes. I should have looked into it before the send, usually I give my best attempt to check shit out before I send. Dearest apologies my friends. Kudos to all that pointed out the fake.

      1. Hey MasterPlan,
        Fake or real, it is quite stressful to be covered in mud, and that video will not have gone as well as planned.
        Ya reckon he vacated his bowels and soiled his pants?

        After all, nobody will know the difference between poo and mud.
        In that position, I’d just let myself go.

  6. I think your not sopposed to struggle, but a breast stroke type would be the best attempt to get out or if that ain’t it you should have done the butterfly or if you really don’t want to die but want to play in the mud a rope tied good or something strong to pull your monkey ass out and back to jerking off to the sears catalog, or some shit you do. -951-

  7. It’s a fetish thing , these guys are fucking perverts ,it’s like those people that wrap themselves in plastic and pretend to suffocate, it makes them jizz.. NO way am I going to a mud bath retreat if that horny perverted scat brotha been jizzing in the mud pit !! just sayin.

    1. You’re a fucking pervert. You are the one imagining this guy jizzing in the mud pit! Offended by your own imagination.

      You sit here jizzing on blood gore and guts watching these vids here on best gore right? and you judge someone for being kinky in a different way?

      What moral high ground do you really have to be such a judgmental shit?

      Or are you one of those pussies who judges harshly what he feels threatened by? Something outside of your comfort zone. Everything in the world must be according to what you feel comfortable with.

      Yeah I’m betting that’s it.

      Be glad he isn’t fucking children you dumb shit.

  8. Just a single glance and ya can tell its faked up and a made up video .Why somebody in their right senses will walk in to quick sandy mud bed .
    He did act well though played his part but that’s all unreal from the moment ‘go ‘
    He is gonna laugh his arse out thinking he just fooled people mad taking everyone for a fuck ride .

  9. I’m glad I’m not the only one that called bullshit on this from the beginning. I love my fellow Gorians, most people would have thrown a bitch fit about “filming rather than helping”.

  10. What you wanna do is DO NOT PANIC that never helps. The more you fight and move, the faster you sink.
    Gotta use only your forearms and inch your way forward. Then you will find yourself either on the edge of land or you’ll be waist up. Then it will get easier from there.

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