Man Drowns Himself in Quicksand Trying to Film Escape Type Video

Man Drowns Himself in Quicksand Trying to Film Escape Type Video

A man apparently trying to film an escape type video ended up receiving unintended outcome when he realized he’s unable to get out. The video suggests he essentially drowned himself in quicksand.

The harrowing video of the last moments of his life shows him struggling with unbearably thick mud, as he kept sinking deeper and deeper without any safety line to pull himself out. You can tell he was running out of strength and out of breath, as that merciless mud kept slowly but surely sucking him in.

I’m not thoroughly sure if the video is real or a fugazi. It looks pretty real, so if fake, it’s a hella good fake.

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220 thoughts on “Man Drowns Himself in Quicksand Trying to Film Escape Type Video”

  1. There are some videos ill never watch like the prison jelly arms or the necklacing or lynching … stuff that is inflicting purpose pain I find hard to watch.

    On the other hand videos just as this and the title also, I just know it is going to bring smile of anticipation to my face and Im going to enjoy it as I know its just going to be the funny demise of one less stupid arsehole who bashes around this mortal coil amogst us all.

    1. This was intense but it looks fake they left him a few seconds to let out a few bubbles then they cut the video probably to pull him out. Jelly arms are not hard to watch it’s actually funny how it jiggles.

  2. Just on the back right, he has ground very close where he can reach with his hand. He moved his hand all over the place, but he didn’t touched that place, also he didn’t even shouted for help. So for me it’s fake!

  3. After watching this now, I was really hoping for a Terminator style thumbs up as he goes under. That would have brought a tear to my eye.

    Except the ending we got was only a little underwater fart type effect.

  4. fake or not what he is doing is pretty stupid unless hes just showing the people how not to move in a quicksand that way. The more you move the mud underneath you the more you will sink why, because you are making the mud loose by moving it. So the way he tries to push down the mud is stupid, as much as possible you should move slowly as possible and not try to loosen up the mud below you. If at all you should just move the mud on the surface like you are doing a butterfly stroke while trying to lean your body forward or doing a back stroke is much better

  5. I think enough links have been posted to prove this is not real. The author should really remove this post since it has nothing to do with gore or death, or at least update the post description.

  6. “Turdpuddling” is a very niche fetish created by a singular “quicksand” forum fan. This guy “Boggyman” has been filling a pit with his own turds since 2011. Initially started as a labour of love to his own digestive system, his slurrypit of stool-love became his own tomb. This would be complete if two self-obsessed “Ukranian” skanks crashed their car into it and live-streamed it at the same time. It would be a truly great stroke of Darwinism…

  7. It’s a fake, he made it out alive. But, I would have to dissagree with some of the comments saying the solid ground was close enough and he could have grabbed it. That stuff is not quicksand, in the US we call it quagmire or swamp pits. I almost died as a child when I got trapped up to my neck in one. My brothers heard me screaming and rescued me. The solid ground was only a couple of feet from me. Once that mud has you, it will not let go.

  8. 100% fake. Watch close, there are very quick slices where the video is edited.
    Not to mention, someone just happened to be cruising along by quick sand bear Grylls style and copped a video camera and tossed it online?

  9. If this was real i dont think he would be as calm as he is he would know he was in trouble early on and would cry for help not making him self sink even more and the video cuts off just as he sinks great fake i would have to say

  10. Ya know its sad how low Humans have went to where everyone gets a high off of watching the last minutes of a persons life and jumping for joy when he dies….Humanity is going to be their own destruction

  11. This video is 100% fake. Apparently drowning in quick sand is a type of fetish that people have in some parts of the world such as South East Asia. I only learned this after researching this video today.

  12. I think it’s fake because:
    At the very beginning he didn’t make much effort to grasp the sides. He was almost within reach of the grass behind him but he just looked around. To be honest I believe that he would’ve managed to get out but he chose not to / to make a thrilling video.

    Also, if he was alone, the video would continue recording and we should’ve seen who found it /
    him being pulled out.

  13. It’s fake. You can find him on YouTube. There’s also another video of him on YouTube claiming the same thing except the only difference is, there’s a cameraman. Same hole, same person. Different angle, he sinks a hell of a lot faster, and someone is holding the camera.

  14. The other video clip everybody keeps posting is at a different time he sinks way faster and is able to get out with fairly quickly. The video posted here he has his camera on a Tri-Pod and got in alone and was not able to get out as he was saying its not working. And then obviously someone found his camera at a later date.

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