Two Men Drowned and Got Half Their Skulls Exposed

Two Men Drowned and Got Half Their Skulls Exposed

I have little background information on these photos, since they were sent to me by a Brazilian friend and all he knew was that that the victims were two middle aged men who went for a swim, somewhere in Brazil, and drowned.

Possibly their faces were chewed off by some piranhas or some other vicious fish. Like in the case of the camper, their bodies seem reasonably intact, indicating that either they were found not long after the drowning, or their meat wasn’t that good. All that race-mixing over in Brazil is not having fruitful results, apparently. But I guess that’s what’s intended.

Author: Portuguese Dude

From Portugal, thats all.

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    1. They could be, but even for amateur hitmen, that’s a little high for your standard execution to the chest wounds.

      Most likely, that was the area accessible for meat eating fish to gain access into the torso.

      There is a video on this site from when they pull a body from the river and a shit ton of fish come out one single hole. Fish prefer the meat, they tend to skip the fat or blubber so-to-speak.

      Speaking of that fish video, it’s on the animal category I believe, I find it fascinating actually. I’ve actually mailed that out of more than any others on this site.

      1. ahh that would make sense it would be the most accessible area..the video is interesting I haven’t seen it before proberbly because I stay clear of the animal section but I can see now how a fish would get inside the torso now.thanks for that x x

    2. @smittenkitten, that chick in your avatar is fucking hot. I agree with you, those look like GSWs. Plus there is a ligature mark on the guy’s wrist in the fourth pic. Also, you can see a rope patterned imprint on the other guy’s right chest, pic 2. What seems odd to me is the facial decomp doesn’t match the hand. The hand looks way too “fresh” to me. I think the bodies were weighted, and the heads were upright and slopping around in the water like buoys.

      1. @jewbaiter..thanks for the compliment 😉 there is something not quite right about this maybe its the fact that its in brazil and you dont just drown in brazil if you know what I mean…
        im sure somewhere in that river there are some floating flipflops 🙂

      1. hehe , when the ice caps melt all land dwelling gill-less heathens will meet their watery doom , the only remaining sign of human existence will be a few scattered rubber ducks bobbing in the waters , and finding these yellow rubber ducks will be a total head fuck for any passing extra terrestrials

        1. Ice caps are growing dude. Don’t buy into the all gore pseudo science. He’s just fear mongering and trying to profit. Something like 14 out if 17 of their prediction models were WRONG lol. Past 17 years the climate has been pretty much plateaued. If fact we are in a minor ice age.

          1. When I arrived here in June 2012 there were 167 pages…
            Not even 2 years later we have almost 300 more pages!
            A testament of Mark’s dedication and hard work.
            Thank you to you Portuguese Dude and all the others for carrying the torch in Mark’s absence.

        1. The torch belongs to all of us. In the end, it’s for the freedom of everyone we’re fighting for. And Mark’s tenacity and altruism at which he faces all the adversities put in front of him, is an example to follow.

          He is paying the price for exposing hidden truths, but what they didn’t expect was the many many people who support him and are keeping his creation alive.

          We are still attacked, we still suffer reprisals Zioland, but they cannot stop an ideology once it’s started.

          1. Speak loud, and often, and then repeat it loud, strong and often!

            Hold true to what you speak, defend that speech, change your views if needed, but only by speech that is both loud and strong and free.

  1. It would seem, and I could be wrong here (like normal), that they were both partially in the water; their upper torso and head. The holes in the upper chest would be where fish, possible piranha, had access into the torso.

    The stick in the first two photos is a little odd though. Me thinks maybe that was put there to hold up his head maybe?

    The thing on the one dudes leg almost looks like a huge tumor maybe? No clue, idea or guesstimation on that one at all.

    1. Forgot: The teeth missing cleanly would suggest he simply had partial dentures. They were removed professionally, if they were broken, you wouldn’t have such clean removal at all. I’m guessing his dentures (or maybe he was a toothless hick), are at the bottom of the river, lake or where ever they were found bobbing.

        1. Thanks! The best part I’ve gained from this site is the mystery photos in order to come up with a possibly story so-to-speak.

          When I first college at 17, I was going to major in criminal justice. I wanted to become a crime scene investigator. The standard cop thing sucked in my opinion, arresting pot smokers and shit, so I wanted to by pass that horrible thought. Unfortunately, the criminal justice head in the school I was attending, and the professor in one of my classes, was arrested on child molestation charges; which he was convicted two year later. That fucked me up big time at my age. So I said fuck that, and went with the next plan of action; music and engineering.

          I think this is why this site for me anyways is so badass. There’s still that problem solving aspect so-to-speak; and I still cannot shake my fascination of death, crime and the emotional story involved in all of that. So posts like this one are the ones I enjoy the most. The mystery ones brings out some of the best comments on this site.

          1. You had some pretty good ambitions.

            I do believe that articles that have little background information are the ones who are more thought provoking and generate the best debates.

            Death fascinates me because it’s the only certainty we have in life. Everything else can be molded by our actions, but death is inevitable, so wondering what will cause ours is extremely interesting, since I don’t see death necessarily as a bad thing, rather, I see life as a big dream, and dying as the waking up.

            I’m an Atheist but I still can’t deny my curiosity for things like reincarnation (I always found it interesting the concept that the Hindus and Buddhists have that life is a continuous reincarnation, that in your next life you can be reborn as any other living being, and science can’t refute this, so it’s still within the realm of possibilities) which may be a possibility. So yes, death and the circumstances around it are really interesting. Not something to be afraid of, but to accept and, to the best of our abilities, try to comprehend.

          2. @ P. Dude

            Well said, amazing. I’m the same way and as a life long atheist, reincarnation is incredibly fascinating. It’s the whole energy thing that gets me. And as you know, our energy does not die, it has to simply go “somewhere”. Do I believe in that? Not really, do I wish that were the case, and a potential possibility? For sure!

            Some famous, or not so famous person coined this phrase: “There’s no cure for birth or death, save to enjoy the interval”, and that is the way it is really. Gods, God, no God or Gods, or god or god, or reincarnation, or the great emptiness, it’s 100% the way shit really is. The two things in our lives that is absolute: Birth and death, so fuck it, enjoy the crap in the middle.

            Awesome, God, I love this site and the comments, discussion and debates. Some of the best people, opinions, thoughts, arguments and all that shit. The good, bad and ugly, it’s all so respectful and intriguing.

          3. Actually, the notion of living forever isn’t captivating for me.

            Eventually, life gets too monotonous. Everything has a beginning and an end. Even this universe one day will become dark and cold, when all the hydrogen of all stars runs out, and when universe stops shinning, life becomes impossible.

            But it is like you said. Enjoy it all while it still exists. While we exist.

            There is a famous quote by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, one of the best things I’ve ever heard: “live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.”

          4. @ P. Dude

            But if you could live forever, as opposed to dying, but yet, keep it real, fun and exciting, that monotony probably would not be an issue would it?

            I could totally find thousands of years to kill the time, find new shit and live to the fullest.

            Granted, the whole loved ones dying off would suck, but eh, I’m sure one could find ways to embrace the time they gave. Hell, it would suck more for them I think? LOL

            Maybe I’m just being selfish again! 🙂

        2. Forgot to add yet again: Though I accept death, it still scares the fuck out of me for some reason. I want to live forever, I would embrace that possibility.

          With that fear, it makes it interesting for me. I know it will happen. Hopefully not for 40 more years. But in the mean time, studying it, trying to figure it out, with site like this, connections I have in real life, I can certainly try to come up with a “happy pill” so-to-speak in order to make it easier in the event it’s not a sudden bullet to the head quick type of death.

          1. one could argue that death is our natural state.
            the universe can be seen as an entity. it is conscious energy. and all living things are an individual projection of this same energy. these bodies die, we return to the universe only to be recreated as something/someone else.
            i believe we are here for a purpose. and that purpose is to create. we are meant to be creators. we create life, art, poetry machines, everything imaginable. think about it, a person is never happier than when they have created something. be it life(children) or art or some other medium where a person has set out to do something and then accomplished that task. these physical bodies are the best way to be creators. without a body and without the ability to manipulate the physical reality we were only left as mental energy.

            the universe will one day die an contract only to be reborn again as something similar yet different. as it probably has thousands of times. only man has a concept of time. out in the void and outside of the body there is no such thing as time. no beginning and no end. there is no edge or end of the universe. to say that there is an edge or end suggests that there is something beyond and i don’t believe that is possible unless you want to start getting into parallel universes and alternate dimensions. worlds on top of worlds behind worlds ad infinitum…

            i also believe our purpose for acquiring such an extreme level of sentience and intelligence is that we were to be stewards of this planet, of this physical reality….and we have strayed so so so far.

          2. @Frodogore – I heard the fuck outa that! I think we share the same interests of life and death. Death scares the shit out of me too but I think that my issues with it are far more complexed because I tend to stress over it much of the time which is becoming a serious problem. A problem that is progressing and will eventually need serious help. It sucks, it really does! It’s the unknown of after death that plagues and agonizes me to the point of multiple assumptions. One of which, brings the huge question of – do we remain spiritually aware inside our dead body while laying in a dark coffin as the worms feast on our decomp.? I mean, who really knows?

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            Thanks handsome!

          3. Third time is the charm hey Mikey 🙂
            @ alicatt… slider previously went by wealthy huge penis, or as I like to call him – poor little pee-pee.

          1. @wickedlady
            Jeah, that scene with skeleton was one of best scenes in movie, very artistic and sexy, but im not going to start fapping on that lol

          2. Lolz..I’m not really fapping off to that hun….Rob zombies wifes face is more my target…ugh..Ineeda stop talking about her…I’m busy today….no time to rub one out…DAMNIT!!!… 🙁

  2. The bullet type wounds are likely created by a species of the candiru fish, which have been known to burrow inside dead bodies, and feast on the insides, only leaving gunshot wound type entries in the body… There’s an episode about em in the River Monsters show. Along with the pacu fish… Which chomps testicles

  3. Fascinating how that rod is stuck in his chest. There’s fishing thread wrapped around his head. I don’t know what happened there, but I picture him lying on the ocean floor, gently rocked by the current, with the fishing rod underneath him . Possibly, through the movement of the water , overtime the wire might have caught around his skull and the rod slipped into the hole in his chest.

    Why the facial flesh goes away first, is a mystery to me. Do fish eat it? What’s so tasty about a face? Wouldn’t fingers be just as nice to nibble on?

    There is also topical adipocere ( corpse wax ) on this cadaver. I’ve read bodies can stay under water up to a year while still looking fresh when corpse wax has formed all over the skin.

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