Three Year Old Almost Drowns After His Floating Device Flips Backwards

Three Year Old Almost Drowns After His Floating Device Flips Backwards

Three Year Old Almost Drowns After His Floating Device Flips Backwards

A three year old almost drowned in a pool after the floating device that he’s on flips backwards. According to sources, it took the caretakers almost two minutes to notice him. The child is currently in intensive care unit.

The incident happened in China. The CCTV footage of it shows the general disregard for others from adults and youngsters alike.

Props to Best Gore member @bello36 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. This is typical dumb shit China. Great idea! Water day care! We can buy this little shitty floaties for the kids to float around in and make money. We have no training and don’t really watch the kids. Bring’em on over!

    1. Its all good, there’s 1.4 billion people living in china, that country is in need of even more irresponsibility so that maybe they can bring that huge number down. jeez imagine trying to find a job in a country like that

      1. I’m looking at the pool construction, water depth, floor clearances, entry and exit, the area and organization around the pool, the quality of the life vests, and the number of day care staff.

        Just guessing the hiring standards are probably just as fucked up as the facility.

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  1. Why doesnt ANY of the carers think to fucking take a look around the pool every 2 seconds to make sure this DOESNT FUCKING happen? As a father of 2 this was really shitty to watch and I feel so sorry for the little man.

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    2. @dankton
      I raised three of my nephews and that video makes me want to go on a worldwide crusade to make sure that every child-care facility is properly equipped (including properly trained staff) to actually take care of kids.

      The standard rule of thumb when responsible for a kiddo or three (technically my rule for playgrounds but could totally apply to pools) is the 30-second-scan.
      I’d put them in obnoxiously bright T-shirts and no matter what I was doing, I’d routinely flick my eyes up for a moment just to make sure I could locate the right colors/patterns before going right back to what I’d been doing (usually reading) without missing a beat, and I’d only have to stop if I couldn’t spot them in that quick glance.
      This is common sense for most parents/babysitters/etc. and a quick flick of the eye would have been enough for the people in the video to register that they could see legs up in the air where there should have been a head.
      The layout of that pool area (curved pool, towel station across the room, no ‘deck’ to keep the ‘dry’ lady’s view unblocked by the wall) guaranteed that even with two attendees there would always be a blind spot, meaning a glance around was even more important.
      There was physically no way for those two to keep a constant eye on every kid, but there’s a big difference between a kid having to hold their breath for 30 seconds and one whose lungs are full of water.
      (Sorry for the novel, BG-ers, but my godson Danny fell into a swimming pool during a party when he was two and no one noticed for several minutes. All his parents could figure was that one of the partiers unlatched the gate, but no one ever admitted to it. He was on life support for years before they finally accepted that they had to pull the plug, so this one hit especially hard.)

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  9. I would have to say this is on management, they hired this incompetent woman. Who is obviously Ill Qualified to tend to the lives of small children? There is probably a poorly structured set of safety guide lines if any…Well, hopefully, this incident will bring about some strickt amendments to their safety board.

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