Three Year Old Girl Dies After Being Repeatedly Thrown Into Swimming Pool

Three Year Old Girl Dies After Being Repeatedly Thrown Into Swimming Pool

Three year old girl drowned after being repeatedly thrown into a hotel swimming pool in Morelia, state of Michoacan, Mexico. Shocking images of girl’s exhausting battle to keep afloat were caught on the hotel’s CCTV camera. Each time she’s thrown in, her effort to keep head above water became weaker than the previous.

As other hotel guessed dropped by to soak in the pool, the man submerged the out-of breath girl several times. None of the guests intervened. The toddler’s mother was reportedly sleeping in the hotel room when the incident occurred. The thrower is reportedly her stepfather.

The man has been arrested and charged with homicide. A post-mortem examination of the girl determined she had died from mechanical asphyxia by drowning.

Props to Best Gore member SrbijaBgd for the video:

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  1. Worst swimming teacher I’ve ever seen. πŸ™ I’ll never understand single parents who trust their very young children with ‘step-parents’, I would suggest many don’t love or even like your kids?

          1. @tray … Wrong place for thin skin, bro. Let it go. You’re not exactly celebrating the deceased with your name, but who cares? It’s the internet. News & entertainment central. (racism falling under the latter)

          2. Sadist tortured her for 3.5 hrs……0900-1230. And the bubs old girl was sleeping ? Yeah right……recovering from a drug an grog fueled bender, don’t you agree ?

          3. @atucker31 Thanks, and that is true. There are many good mexican men, as many bad ones. Think people in here watching a lot of cartel and sicarios videos are getting it wrong and stereotyping all of us. I guess you meant hispanic when talked about your mom’s boyfriend, because spanish people is from spain. But even “wetbacks” in U.S. are hardworking honest people that work very hard for their families. Many people say they are dirty, but if they are is because they are always working the jobs others won’t do for the minimum wage, even getting paid the same hourly rate after 8 hours. Greetings.

          4. comeon tray, with a name like tray von martin you would think your asking for attention , so wetbacks brown illegals, whatever once Trump is in your gonna see your U.S. family again real soon

          5. RS1 You seriously are one of the most patient people. I mean come on you read countless things and sit back and take it all in w/o seriously going ballistic. I really admire that in a person

          6. The term wetback refers to the oily hair to combat curls. Wops were considered wetbacks during the railroad building days. You’re on a site highlighting death. Drop your skirt and strap on a sack already.

      1. I knew it…Even before I read the article. Obviously, he was the step-father. Always is. Like this africain kid, who got boiled water thrown to his face by his step-mother, because she was mad at him, and didn’t want to have one more mouth to feed that wasn’t hers…I saw this one here, on BG…And this mother, who was jealous of the attention that the dad paid to his own child. The step-mom got jealous, because in her opinion, he cared more about the child he’d had with his previous wife. And to her, the child they had together didn’t receive as much affection as the older. So, she simply killed the kid. Step-mothers and step-fathers can be devils, really…Should be tortured, in my opinion, for hurting (sometimes, murdering…) defenseless small human beings. I hate them. Hopefully, he’s gonna get his ass done by his mates in prison. That’s all they deserves, these scumbags. Sorry, but when it involves kids, my bloods immediately starts boiling >_<

          1. there isn’t any emotional attachment there especially if the step parents have mental health issues. Anger issues etc. I also feel that the omen have a good idea that they are like that but lack the self esteem to leave them because they feel they can’t do anything on their own. A lot of the abusers continue to keep doing what they do because the other parent allows them to

          2. very sorry for your experience with your step-father, but I raised 3 boys from my beautiful brides previous marriage. Today, all 3 of them are adults and consider me the best thing their mother could have done for them and call me their dad.

          3. @trainwreck, horrible situation to face, I am so sorry that a horrible man like that was in your life. I hope you had the man convicted. Look up the statute or limitations for your state for sex crimes, be strong about it. No child molesters or rapists deserve to walk free, and I speak from experience. @Buttons728, men like you are a rare kind, and I am happy to say I am married to a man who loves my son like his own (my first love died a long time ago) and I am so grateful to have him. Keep doing what you’re doing, like Brad Paisley said, keep being the man “You didn’t have to be.” Other note, to the people wa-wa-wa-ing, stop being so sensitive about crap if someone says something about a Mexican or wetback. If it isn’t directly directed at you personally, calm down. Stop letting petty things like that bug you. But damn, this video was horrible to watch. That poor baby.

          4. Same here, @sandjoy54…
            I’ve heard so many stories, from friends, who have been abused by a step-mother or father. It makes my blood boil, for personal reasons…
            @trainwreck: I agree with you too. They are jealous, sometimes, about the attention given to a child that isn’t their own. Scumbags…

      2. This definitely ranks up there in the Top 3 Most Disturbing Videos of all time., seeing that poor child repeatedly trying to cling to that Dirty SOB for solitude, only to be repeatedly thrown back in the pool to drown. Heart wrenching.

    1. It’s not a matter of leaving your child with a step parent, it’s more about what type of person you’re leaving them with. That label alone doesn’t automatically mean that the likelihood of abuse goes up. If you’re choosing shitty people to leave your child around, then you’re just plain retarded. In my case, my daughter’s father is a pretty horrible person. He didn’t start that way, but turned into someone I didn’t even recognize. He was a quiet kid, but was fun loving and just enjoyed life. It was a combo of his father dying (someone he admired greatly), having a shitty and enabling mother who blatantly ignored his atrocities, developing a drug problem (the main personality changer), his family not only condoning abuse, but encouraged him for years to “show me whose boss and if she won’t give it, you take it”, and much more. His family is beyond crooked and all he ever talked about was getting away from them, but it seems that it caught up. All in all, I got the hell out of dodge as soon as I had enough money to. My daughter’s step-father is a great man who does anything and everything for her. Overall, it’s about who and what type of person you put your children around, regardless of their title within your family unit. Just don’t be an idiot, have common sense, be logical and objective and you should be fine. If not, they should do us all a favor and cease to exist.

      1. Hello BGs. I’m a step-dad and, aside from their mother, I am the best thing to ever happen to OUR 3 kids. I adore them. I stopped trying to build my own biz, went out and got a union job and work damn damn damn hard, just for their sake. So they can have a culture-filled, educational, love- filled, comfortable life. I’m dedicated. Solidly. I literally live for the kids and my lady. Every thought, plan and action are for their benefit. Not all men are like me, I know. And most men don’t want other men’s kids. But I’m helping to raise 2 gentlemen and one young lady who wants nothing more than a gentleman like me as her husband when she grows up. The opposite of her bio-dad, the real scumbag and literal threat to their well-being. He sucks so fukn much. But they have me. And I’m proud. And fuk this guy for killing this baby. Now, show me more Mexican gang torture, murder and dismemberment vids!!!!!!

        1. I totally agree and you are an awesome parent to have continued on where someone left off. It isnt right for anyone to stereotype anyone as a whole. You’re doing a great thing. You didn’t have to take them as a package but you did. And you did with grace and understanding. I wanted to tell you this because you’ve heard enough negativity.

          1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I knew it wouldn’t be right to approach her romantically unless I was ready to be a dad to the kids. She’s a mom first. For her to be important to me, her being a mom first has to be important to me also. I grasped the gravity of the situation and was an adult about it. Doing a hit and run wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. And now, a few years later, we’re a happy family.

      2. @newmedicines88: I know, that’s why I wrote, in one of my previous posts, that those situations shouldn’t be generalized.
        Of course, there are good step-dads and moms…Sometimes, as you said, this is even the best thing that can happen to a kid. And I’m happy for you and your daughter πŸ™‚
        Unfortunately for this little one, it wasn’t the case…
        @s2Dillinger: well, you’re a good person, great to hear this…I wish you all the happiness that you and your family deserve, both of you guys πŸ™‚

    2. I have a step monster and if i had a kid i wouldnt trust her to keep them. This man held the child under the water at times. Im surprised the kids neck didnt break from being tossed in the water so crazily. He seemed to enjoy the toture.

      1. This makes me sick to the pit of my stomach…the panic that poor baby must have experienced every time that fat piece of shit picked her up must have been horrible .
        I’m a stepdad myself , and I’ve brought my stepson up from 3 , I’ve fed him , clothed him , never had him go without and protected him from the world as if he was mine . He’s 17 now and to be honest he’s a miserable ungrateful little fucker but at no time have I ever thought about harming him . I hope this fat ugly cunt gets the child killer treatment in prison , hopefully we gonna be watching it soon

        1. Good on you @goreman, can’t be easy bringing up another’s child.
          The terrible teens mate, those years are no picnic either, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate you more as he gets older.

          This Mexican scum bag should have thought harder before committing to a woman with a child. Or maybe he wanted it that way so he could carry out his sick deed !. Who knows, but as you say, let’s hope he cops for his while stewing in the nick.

          1. Cheers Stomps…nothing in this world gets my blood boiling like a shitbag hurting a baby , I’ve been nicked in Matthew St for stopping a skinny little prick from smacking his little girl , it was during the festival , she must have been 5, he hit her like she was a man .
            I had to say something so I stepped in , he give the usual ‘I’m hard’ bullshit so I saw red , and I’m the one who ended up in Wavertree Nick overnight . To me , people that hurt kids are the lowest

      2. @atucker31
        He seemed to me a sadist and this poor kid isn’t the only one who suffered and died because this son of bitch was throwing her on purpose and he had made up his mind torturing because that kid wasn’t biologically his .There are many stories you may have already known about cruel behavior meted out by these so called step mothers and step father s.
        The couple who were there in the pool just paid scant regard and were oblivious to the entire episode. Another despicable duo for who nothing else mattered but romance.
        Based on the footage the police mustn’t spare those scumbags either.

        1. Yea this prick was a total sadistic bully. I mean yea fine ya wanna teach the kid to swim and get over any fear of deep water,but fuck whatever happen to holding the kid horizontally and let them kick and hold them not toss the kid over and over. I mean shit kid was only 3 and was exhausted,and frightened prolly begging to stop and get out.

      3. Sorry to hear this @atucker31…Be happy, have a good life, because if you don’t, he wins…
        I wish you all the good things in life that you deserve. Hope you’re alright πŸ™‚

        @goreman77: he’s 17, as you said, this is not an easy period to go through…But I totally understand you. All that you did for him, and now, he’s so ungrateful, because you did your best for him, to be a good dad to him, and I’m sure you were…Makes me sick too. So sad…Hopefully, things will get better. At least I hope so. Keep smiling, there’s hope, ok πŸ™‚

    3. Disguised too appear as fun and games however this Stepmonster just proved persistence gets the job done. She was obviously exhausted and terrified after the 2nd attempt to escape the water but “oh no back you go!”

    4. I wish I could have been there so I could have hit that punk in the mouth! He deserves ass whipping 1st for throwing that poor kid who had no chance with that fat oger 2nd he deserved beating for wearing those hideous pants shorts swimming trunks in public!! Hope they treat child killers bad in whatever prison he ends up in! Also I can’t believe the few people that were there didn’t say something or call for help.

    5. I agree, @tas tiger. You need to take care of your child, and be very careful about them. What goes through their minds? I’ll never know how a mom (or dad…), can give enough trust to let their kid with someone that could be violent. Or kill the baby…You can never really trust a step-father, or step-mother. I’m not generalizing, here: in some families, everything goes for the best. But in some cases, just like here, the man was obviously mentally unstable. So, how could the mum ignore it? Maybe he was hiding his game, acting like an angel in front of the mum…We’ll never know, but it’s so sad. This is my soft spot. I have to admit, all the videos about child abuse, violence and murders just drive me crazy. So mad, that I’d kill them with my bare hands…

    6. He?s got more fat rolls than there are DaSilvas in Brazil. Likely he’s marginally retarded. When I was a kid this slow-jam, yellow bus helmet head did similar shit to me. Kept nearly drowning me, meanwhile all the adults around were like ‘isn’t that nice of that young child to play with that doofy retarded motherfucker’. I kept trying to get away but retard would chase me down and toss me back in the water and dunk me. Like hey lifeguard, do your fucking job! When I got away finally and ran to my mom, I told my mom the deal, and she was like ‘oh, I thought you were having fun’. I wanted to bite her finger off. I never asked my mom to go to the pool again.

      Point is, stupidity reigns supreme.

          1. The mother had to have some kind of idea that the man was bador atleast know he didnt like her kid. There had to be a previousincident or something to let her know that she should not be with that fucker.

          2. @atucker – yeah I know all about live-in boyfriends of mothers, step parents, step grandparents, etc. while biological parents can be just as neglectful and hateful, the ones not related deserve an extra critical eye before being left alone with children that aren’t theirs. Too many single parents are selfish and dump their kids off with just about anyone that breathes. Great respect to those stepmothers/fathers who treat the kids like their own. πŸ˜€

  2. She married a fucking idiot, he needs to die. This points up the incidence of step fathers abusing the woman’s kid, even a little toddler. I have to wonder why no one helped her after that asshole kept pushing her under the water. What kind of people just sit by and watch such things?

        1. @DOS, well the way he’s throwing her in looks quite rough, but it’s because we know she can’t swim makes it worse. A child who can swim would love to be chucked into the water repeatedly, but this little toddler would have been exhausted and terrified. πŸ™

      1. Lmfao I was thinking Ezio myself, funny you mention assassins creed cause I’m playing one of the games right now, just paused it to check BG lol. Btw it’s Edward Kenway, Connors got some crazy Native American name that I have no idea how to pronounce or spell

        1. @Jack, hahaha I don’t play computer games myself but I just yelled out to one of my kids, “what’s the name of the Assassins Creed guy” This was the answer “aww mum, which one, there’s about 10 of ’em”! πŸ˜‰

          1. Im trying to finish that one right now too so i can free some space from my pc. πŸ˜† Im probably at the middle of the Dead Kings DLC, finished the main story already… And yeah theres one on its way, AC: Syndicate.

          2. lol same here, I’m doing the DLC right now and yes that’s the one, syndicate. The only one I haven’t played is liberation

    1. Dave4595, I thought that I was too, for most of my life…The scientific / medical term is misanthrope…But, dont make my mistake and isolate yourself from humankind in response…Despite appearances, as SrbijaBgd says, the large majority of people DO have a kind heart….Good luck Dave.

    1. Totally agree, how could they not be aware the little girl was taking so long to surface, even when they had their backs turned they would have heard the splash and then silence every time for ages. I keep saying this, it’s not enough to just be aware of your own kids, you have to keep your eye’s peeled for all little children, I don’t care if you find kids annoying little brats as adults we have a responsibility.

      1. @WM, I don’t understand it when people, especially young women, sat that they ‘hate’ babies and children in general. Also they think it’s real cool to call mum’s ‘breeder’s’, I say fuck off and play with your cat! Most of them will end up having a kid or too anyway, AND probably enjoy it.

        1. @tas – you’ve described my mother until the last part. After having 4 children (unwanted & unplanned, even tho she was married) she still hated kids and babies. Anyway thanks to my grandfather we still managed to survive her abuse and neglect. I say for those girls/women – better not even get a pet, they can’t even handle THAT much responsibility. Too selfish and hateful. πŸ™

  3. I’m sure he didn’t want a baby from another man. And thought a accidentally drowning was the perfect way to get rid of the poor baby. Thank god for the CCTV or he would have gotten away with it. I hope we see this motherfucker in a video in a few months in prison. Getting his ass beaten.

      1. I agree, the fucker knew exactly what he was doing and as for the mother, unless that c**** boyfriend was a brilliant actor and was waiting for the perfect opportunity, she should have realized there was something wrong.

        1. I can’t understand women that can’t pick up on the fact that their boyfriend doesn’t like their baby/toddler/child? Do they have no perception of other human’s feelings? I can usually tell if somebody likes ME, let alone one of my children. How any mum puts their boyfriends feelings over their own children sickens me to my stomach.

          1. Too true tiges, unfortunately some women have such a need for a man the children come second, I believe that on some level there is often an element of complicity in allowing a man around your children and ignoring your protective motherly instincts. (Although heart breakingly some women have the protective motherly instincts of a rattlesnake).

          2. @Mama, I know where my kids are at all times! I just love mine so much it hurts. I was never a maternal girl either, none of that “I can’t wait to get married and have a family” I have 3 kids, at least they all have the same dad! lol

          3. @WM, how’s that ‘woman’ Susan Smith, she drowned her 2 little boys in their car, because her new boyfriend didn’t want a girlfriend with kids, truly unbelievable? I think she then said a “black man” stole them, made it even worse (if possible)

    1. @kink Agree completely. Homicide? This is straight up murder, who knows maybe the mother was in on it as well. Absolutely sickening. And nobody was around or gave a shit to do anything about it? Unreal…

      1. @user-X, frogs? that’s awful, they didn’t do anything wrong (unless croaking under your bedroom window counts?) torturing animals just to eat them is a horrid thing to do, people should have respect for the animals that lose their lives for some fancy dish. πŸ™

    1. IKR.., You Know what Really Burns me.., is Why cant I run into this fucker in a dark ally.., if there is a god. I hope my friends in the big house know what he did.., and they get the chance I would Love.

    1. If a woman had a mixed black and white baby I would never date her in the first place so would never be in a position to be step father to one.

      Personally I have never understood how a white person(mostly always white women) could be physically attracted to black people, the physical features of black people are totally different for a start.

      People usually want to have children that resemble themselves because our children are our genetic reincarnation so it boggles the mind as to why the above happens.

      The answer usually given is that it is ?love? which is no answer at all because even with love there are psychological factors in play and those psychological factors have precursors etc.

      The fact that far more white women do it than white men runs parallel with the fact that women in general operate emotionally rather than logically and thus love becomes an emotional experience influenced less by the internal and more by external factors such as social/financial/political/religious settings ect.

      The above is why women in general are chosen as the select target by those who operate in the trend setting market because women, on average, follow and go along with trends as a result of the above.

      The ?modern family? trend, (black man with white woman, mixed kids ect), often depicted by our media therefore can and does have an effect on the average woman who then goes on to follow that trend.

      Anyhow, sorry for straying from the topic. I shall stop ranting on now.

          1. You do know that there is a difference between a black person and a nigger right? Black people hate niggers too. Frankly anyone can be a nigger, forget the color of their skin. Its kind of of like all muslims terrorists because of ISIS or the other factions. Its just plain untrue…BUT is there a potential for one of those muslims to become a terrorist..FUCK YEA!!…same way as its possible for a black person to have a nigger moment. Its the full-time niggers that are despised.

          2. @ penispie – you can help who you fall in love with. If you don’t hang out with certain races or types of people, you can’t fall in love with them or be reeled in by their fake interest in you.

          3. I actually used to have a half cast fuck buddy back in the clubbing days.She was fucking gorgeous, beautiful body.I loved those tight little curls on that pussy.We used to fuck on every possible occasion…We never dated properly, but it wasn’t the colour of her skin,we were just young horny slut’s,it had nothing to do with colour.

        1. @Veterem Deleturos, I did factor it in and that is why I said ?less? rather than ?not?.

          Most women do experience external influences as emotional experiences and that is why they get personally involved in the world around them whereas men usually view things in a hard, cold manner.

          An example of the above is that far more women than men support mass immigration because, in their own words, they feel sad for those people only wishing to have a better life for themselves. Men on the other hand usually call those immigrants parasites and wish to see more of their boats capsized and drowned before they reach our shores.

          Interestingly enough black men also tend to be just like women in the above regard because they tend to operate emotionally rather than logically, evidenced by their anger issues and propensity towards violence rather than reasoned response.

          It is no coincidence that black men and white women are the depicted group for the modern family trend considering the above because propaganda only works on those who think and act emotionally rather than logically, It is also why the interracial statistics for white men with black women are so low.

          1. @Empty Soul, have you heard the song ‘Brother Louie’ by Hot Chocolate? A song about a white man and a black woman. Hilarious lyrics, one line goes “I don’t want no honky in my family, you dig? No honky in my family”

          2. @tas tiger, I know the song and whereas it is humorous and musically not bad either the lyrics were designed to justify the lead singer of Hot Chocolate?s sexual preferences because he loved white women.

            It is quite simple really, if you are born a certain race into a family of that same race and grow up in a neighbourhood with people of that same race you normally develop a sexual interest in people of that race and so if it is the opposite and they spend most their time chasing after different races despite the above they clearly suffer from self hatred because by their very actions they?re completely rejecting their own background, their own self in effect.

            I would say a normal person dates their own race the majority of the time whilst dating outside sometimes, however if it is the opposite and they date predominantly outside of their own race despite members of their own race being available they clearly have psychological problems and thus Brother Louie becomes a simplification of what is otherwise a complicated matter.

            Therefore the notion of “is it not just love” becomes a twisted image in a broken mirror because the person staring into it hates their own reflection.

          3. @Empty soul, awesome answer (as usual) you’re right, the band is of mixed races, so that would probably spill over into their private life. I think the lead singer died recently? this year? I do love Hot Chocolate music though, very under-rated, despite being the 3rd highest selling band in the 70’s. “I don’t want no spook in my family, you hear? No spook in my family”

  4. Not too many things make me cringe…but this is one of the very very few short videos here on best gore that i couldn’t watch all the way to the end. Its 4 mins with like a min of intro and i couldn’t make it…looking at that little girl…disoriented from the sudden splash, no time to take a breath, getting thrown in backwards, dragged underwater, spun like a boomerang….
    Jail is too good for this this guy, I vote execution, front of the line, right after they boomerang him into a pool filled with sharks or piranhas he is tired from trying to get away. or they should tie him upside down and dip him just to the neck in that same swimming pool, as soon as he begins to lose oxygen, they should raise him up, pause, then dip him again. Fucking douchebag.
    I can’t even express how furious i was getting watching that video.

        1. @Penispie, that sounds like a line Lawrence ‘Pliers’ Bitticker would use. He is an American serial killer (a particularly nasty one, he smashed one teenage girl repeatedly on the elbow with a hammer, so she would scream) He had a partner in crime Roy Norris and their van was called Murder Mack. He gets the knickname ‘pliers’ because he used to torture his young victims (very young teens 13, 14 +) with pliers. I bet you didn’t think your romantic little poem was going to get THAT response? Well there’s to be less flirting on the site, it’s not a dating site, etc. are you up to date with that? Anyway I’m glad to hear from you, don’t be shy, PP.

          1. I actually got two.I showed my Mrs,thinking it was hilarious.. She thought I was a complete c#nt.???I’m pretty sure one of them was a mad cat lady and the other looked like a niggers cast off.(fat as fuck and looked like she put her make up on with a super squirter)

          2. @PP, ahaha, “niggers cast-off” so funny, I’ve never been on a dating site, I’ve been told even ‘taken’ people go on Tinder, just to talk to people I guess, with no intentions of meeting someone. I can’t imagine some partners would like that much? I mean it’s sorta tempting fate? People seem to fall in love on the internet.

      1. @tas tiger
        yeah he had that kid lose breath and she was seen physically exhausted add to that ; that kid looked pretty run down and when he saw to his nefarious designs working he tried to save her by which time she hardly had any senses left to get revived.

        1. @blucon, that little girl was out there for over 3 hours! that is too long for a kid of 3 yrs old. The swimming lessons at my local pool go for 45 minutes, even for strong swimming 11-12 yr olds (they can do another 45 min lesson if mum agrees and pays) He really hated this little girl, to do this to her. @blucon, can I ask where you live? I have a feeling English is not your first language? It’s very good though, you must have done well at school with your spelling, reading etc.?

          1. @blucon, it’s just that you are very poetic with your words, there are other things I can’t put into words why I thought English was your second language, can anyone else help me explain? Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not bullying you in any way, I like you.

    1. @boozer, I’d like to see one of those big, aggressive horny male dolphins try too ‘mate’ with him in open water, then he’d know what it’s like to be chucked around like a rag doll, half drowning, to get a few breaths and start again. With no-one rescuing him, just standing around in boats watching, laughing.

        1. “hel..glub glub… help m… glub gargle…somebo…gargle cough….plea…cough glub glub…help me somebody plea….cough choke….please *scream it BIT me HELP…. gargle cough choke….somebody help meeee……@boozer, us on a nice boat, “oh look here comes a pilot whale, and is that… yes, here comes a killer whale too” everyone claps.

      1. @tas tiger
        there you go changing your skin again never mind but as long as its you and the tigress in you lusting for a kill so be it babe. Go for it !
        But talk about horny male dolphins picking up on this dirtbag ,
        I have to tell you that when dolphins feel hot and horny they still won’t be after this fucker
        they may negotiate and leave the job to white sharks although they both are at loggerheads
        but for this assignment sharks will be too happy to oblige .
        I hope with this I don’t nearly get bullied down to the point
        blah blah blah blah blah blah
        hey just a whimper

        1. @blucon, amorous dolphins can be a danger to human swimmers, humans can nearly be drowned if they don’t get out of the water quick smart. Also google ‘dolphins humping humans’ if you need a good laugh. πŸ™‚

        2. @blucon, you can see that my new user pic is a thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) NOT a big cat tiger? A thylacine is (sadly made extinct in the 1930’s) a large carnivorous marsupial (pouched), so it was closely related to a kangaroo. That’s where I get my user name – tas tiger. πŸ˜‰

    1. The mum looks like she might have been a right lazy bitch, still asleep after noon while her boyfriend is ‘looking after’ her daughter. Bitch, didn’t you get the memo,? You don’t get to lie in bed half the day when you have a small child to look after.

          1. oops actually what am i saying, I don’t think that’s a good idea, she’ll come to realise very quickly that if she wakes up in the middle of the night it’s going to be fun. You have to make it really boring if she wakes up, if she knows nothing happens during the night she won’t bother to wake up, honestly your only going to be making a rod for your back otherwise.

  5. “Woopsadaisy! Woopsadaisy! Whats that? Youre tired? Nahhh its your mermaid training kicking in! Now for the next lesson, you must learn how to breathe under water! Alewoop!” πŸ˜†

    Geeeesh… the more i see from “people” like this, the more sane i think i am… 😐

  6. Fat lazy fucking slob this fucker neads beheading cruelty to kids and animals it lowest you can go that was just a slow torture to a innocent 3 year old ffs slit this fuckers throat then let him bleed out slowly let him feel the fear of a slow painfull death

        1. Aw, thanks LF. My abuser died last year of brain cancer (glioblastoma). She had absolutely no empathy for anyone. She loved to humiliate me, along with the physical abuse. One example, I didn’t put my dirty clothes in hamper, so she made me walk around the block with dirty underwear on my head. Kinda funny when I say it…but it did embarrass me. She also threw me in a bathtub full of cold water after I had gone to bed and was sleeping. Then there was the physical abuse…I still loved her, as she was all I had. I hadn’t seen her for 20 years when she was diagnosed, she did not want to see me before she died. Then, she left me one dollar in her will. Thankfully, my sister was with her in her last few weeks,(she died within one month of diagnosis) and sis told her she better make a new will up or she could
          die alone. My sister is my angel. Sorry, didn’t mean to drone on…but it feels good to sometimes let it out! Karma finally caught up with her.

          Nice to your beautiful face! I do understand your hesitation to put it out here though! Maybe I will follow suit and put mine up!

        1. I only have to see the caption for things like this and straight away I picture it being one of mine. Imagining mine going through such a terrifying ordeal, unable to fight back or keep afloat… literally makes me want to cry. I know if I watched this I’d just be dwelling on it for days.

          1. Bastard deserves to have his hands and feet bound and thrown in a pool for 3 hours, just for starters. Let him panic and struggle and gasp. Not normallyone four vigilantejustice but in this circumstance I’d happily oblige.

      1. Exactly, this isn’t about teaching a little girl to swim. This asshole was trying to kill her and make it look accidental. I remember as a kid I went to swim lessons and the instructor told me to jump in and he would catch me but instead he let me sink to the bottom. That shit terrified me and I refused to trust him or anyone else trying to teach me to swim so I taught myself. I can’t imagine how scared this poor little girl was slowly drowning like that.

    1. Little Foot he really did earn his wages of committing that dastardly sinful act and jail is where he’s gonna rot . But if I was to pass a sentence it would only be a capital punishment in equal measures where he is caged and drowned in water and then once dead … later chopped to pieces and thrown to vultures and hyenas

        1. Thats the main thing I think about with kids being tortured/killed,its those last moments of terror and fear,and worst of all, the confusion they must feel.With adults I seem to be able to get past this,but kids,I just can’t.

          1. I feel the same way. I know there are plenty of innocent adults who die in horrendous ways but with kids it’s different. They’re all so innocent and trusting and seeing one put through this torture for no reason other than being born (because I refuse to believe this was an accident) is infuriating. We’re suppose to protect kids and this kind of thing is sickening.

          2. @Penispie
            Boy oh boy ! no one knew until this post came forth that you are one real smart head with an avi tilted ” Penispie “!!!.way to comment Penispie! to the point and nifty and I am tripped !

  7. Anita loves spending time with her dad. One time when he came over to visit, they decided to play “Marco Polo” without the scuba. –

    On a side note, the only person I want to behead right now is the asshole that searches “open pussy of 10 aged girl”. Their probably the ones that do this shit!

  8. We had two Mormons come round yesterday,my missus told me to get rid of them,but I wanted to amuse myself,so invited them in.First of all I made them tea ,which I wouldn’t of even drank.Then I ranted about corruption, paedophiles and brainwashing people.Haha,they couldn’t leave fast enough.I wonder if they come back?

        1. @user-X
          execution awaits series of cuts and slashes to the man and thereafter a sac of sea salt made available for those sliced open flesh and meat laced and rubbed hard with some acids poured and and……….

          I do declare to the assemblage that I am the judge ,juror and wanna be his executioner and that’s about it !

  9. I wonder if the Mexican government will ban swimming pools… Because this incident is clearly not the stepfather’s fault…
    If the pool wasn’t there… The little girl wouldn’t have drowned…

    Yes… I’m being sarcastic…

      1. That’s to easy @mama…
        I’d tear his skin from his body… With my beak of course…
        Then I’d let out my mating call to all my females – “Come and get it!…”
        Then I’d tell them to deflesh this motherfucker as slow as possible…

        Then after everything is said and done… Let the mating commence!…

        An emu can dream… Right?…

        1. An emu’s mating call or just general ‘voice’ is this sort of drumming or booming sound, it’s like a deep rumbling in their throat, you can here it from miles away and it sounds ‘thrown’ – you think it’s coming from one direction but it’s from the other way!

    1. @PrietaChiple
      Here is a rejoinder to “Hijo de puta.”

      Cut him three times below his ass too short to shit
      Son of a bitch!
      Hijo de puta.
      Ha, ha, ha, ha!
      Son of a bitch!
      Hijo de puta.
      That Two-timing son of a dog!
      Son of a bitch!
      Hijo de puta.
      Son of a bitch!
      Hijo de puta.
      Oh yeah!
      Son of a bitch!
      Hijo de puta.
      Yooou son of a bitch!
      Oh yeah
      He’s Mother fucking… son of a bitch!
      Son of a bitch!
      Hijo de puta.

  10. There may have a possibility that this bastard wanted to ice this child, so he could start a family based on his own gene pool. Lions will kill offspring of others, so they can start a family of their own as well.

    Hopefully, this guy will spend enough time in prison, so that other prisoners will have the opportunity to deposit their gene pool in him, instead of his mate.

  11. He was trying to murder the kid and make it look like an accident. Probably would have gotten away with it were it not for the camera. Even criminals have a sense of honor and a child murderer is going to have a really rough go of it in Mexican prison. Hopefully he gets murdered before his sentence is over.

  12. That’s about how my step-mother treated me, too.
    My suggestion is to sentence him to a year in prison, then show this video to his fellow inmates every day starting about a week before he arrives. They’ll know what to do.

  13. It’s interesting, albeit predictable, that everyone is so outraged at what this guy did but there is no outrage about the fact that 3500 babies are murdered EVERY DAY in abortion clinics across the U.S. every day. That’s more human lives than died at the WTC on 9-11 and it happens EVERY DAY. No outrage. No one cares because it’s not politically correct to admit that it is murder, instead it’s neatly called “choice”.

    1. So you would rather have 3500 more abuse, torture, homelessness, abandonment, and starvation cases every day? Because that is probably what most of those children would have gone through if born. This would result in a higher composition of criminals/murderers/rapists once they grow up as well. Lovely, right?

  14. @tastiger
    I said, “I can’t explain”
    I’m feeling good enough baby
    I’m dizzy in my head
    And I’m feeling blue
    Things you say but maybe they’re true
    Getting funny dreams again and again
    I know what it means but

    I can’t explain

      1. @tas tiger
        The way you come about so quick witted makes me want to say You have got wild ways of the cat and you can Purr, meow, hiss, & fight as well .
        Just Kidding ! there tas tiger
        And I know the skin worn that of thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) well compliments your persona but what about the orange tank top .
        Tell me where it is so I can pick that up
        and KEEP IN MY CLOSET .

        Sound in knowledge is what you are.

        Thanks for conferring me with that title but the others must agree too. but that seems an exaggeration at this point in time as there are
        more smart asses than me on the site.
        You’ve got me elated ! nevertheless

  15. At first it looked like he was teaching her to swim. I’m thinking, maybe he’s trying to make her get tired so she’ll sleep well tonight and they can have some alone time. Next, he’s carelessly throwing her like she’s the dogs toy, which has been left in his recliner. It appears he’s growing bored and aggravated. Then he appears to just be playing with her out of boredom, like when you tap a pencil on a table.

    Why could he not just let her out of the water? She probably would have fallen asleep and not have been a problem at all. Someone earlier said he was like a cat playing with a mouse until it died, I have to agreed that is what it ended up like.

    Poor baby. I wonder how the mother is taking it all. The asshole probably tried to convince her it was all an accident. I hope she watches this video, as hard as it would be, so she can see him for what he truly is.

  16. I could only watch the first 25 seconds. The terror that little girl must have felt, I cannot believe there are people that evil in this world. I really hope that motherfucker will get raped and beaten everyday in prison for the rest of his fucking life!

    1. Let alone it probably knocked her breath out landing face down in the wate. I couldn’t watch it all either. My heart hurts for her. And he was deliberately drowning her by holding her under like that. Ibet she was crying too . I am a swim instructor and there is no way on this earth I would do that to a kid let alone an adult. That is not teaching someone how to swim nor is it being a good parent. I hope he gets beatin and rots in jail too.

      1. @Check Meowt
        Bars of Jail is where he now seems belonged to because the that captured footage is enough hard core evidence to nail him down and let him not go off the long arms of the law . He will rot and perish and there will always be that remorseful feeling which is even more brutal than the act he went committing. it kills the criminal night and day .\
        And you know what these bastards die under the weight of that sinful load of baggage they go buying sooner than later.

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