Three Year Old Girl Dies After Being Repeatedly Thrown Into Swimming Pool

Three Year Old Girl Dies After Being Repeatedly Thrown Into Swimming Pool

Three year old girl drowned after being repeatedly thrown into a hotel swimming pool in Morelia, state of Michoacan, Mexico. Shocking images of girl’s exhausting battle to keep afloat were caught on the hotel’s CCTV camera. Each time she’s thrown in, her effort to keep head above water became weaker than the previous.

As other hotel guessed dropped by to soak in the pool, the man submerged the out-of breath girl several times. None of the guests intervened. The toddler’s mother was reportedly sleeping in the hotel room when the incident occurred. The thrower is reportedly her stepfather.

The man has been arrested and charged with homicide. A post-mortem examination of the girl determined she had died from mechanical asphyxia by drowning.

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    1. Why would he rot in hell?

      God is certainly does not have bias and he does not look into your past.

      If this man accepts God, he is going to heaven.

      Is no reason to assume that every single person in the world has the exact same opinion as you .

      Because believe it or not not everybody likes kids. Stop acting like such a bigot making assumptions that every single prisoner he likes kids and is going to be mad at this person for killing one

  1. Just LEAVE MOVE ON and find somebody without a kid. If the kid seems to be in the way for your happiness with the mother then GO AWAY. This pile of shit killed a baby thinking he would be happy afterward with the mother? WHAT? The mother would be forever somebody else, somebody that could NEVER stop thinking about her child. This idiot is HIS OWN WORST ENEMY even if he had got away with this murder. There has to be special punishment for this around the world if there isn’t right now.

    1. There be a special punishment there is no difference between killing a kid and killing a grown man I’ve seen many posts were grown men have their brain blown all over the road and her testicle smeared all over the pavement but nobody gives a shit.

      Ranting about your special punishments over in ices videos were people are getting run over by tanks ?

      Back to my point there is no difference between killing a kid and killing a grown man you’re taking a life either way and there’s no reason to react stronger one case then there is to the other

  2. Sorry but I love watching children being tortured or dead. It’s 8:10am and this was an excellent way to start my morning. Not looking for attention, if you dont like crude commnts from a crude webpage go see pictures of cats. Btw Im Mexican lol Have a good day <3

    1. Not to be rude, but I dont think you understand the essence of This isn’t a site to get one’s jollies going because they’re into dead things and torture. Its to expose the truth and be the media we need to see. Best gore isn’t some site thats used to “start your morning” but rather make sure you know the truth and not some fucking news crew hiding shit from you.

    2. I applaud you for having your own opinion and not letting it’s been shaped by the societies ideas of a good opinion . I also totally fucking agree.

      This is no site for you to be a wimp it’s clearly stated in the description of the site that this site is for people with balls and if you come on these types of posts and you expect everything to be fun and games then you’re wrong .

    3. And also you do not have to say sorry for stating your opinion it’s your opinion and the only reason other people think that it’s so wrong because they let their opinions be shaped by society. I also absolutely hate kids and I love these types of posts where I can see them die and also maybe find somebody like you who shares the opinion that I have

  3. I am of Hispanic origins and I find this utterly disgusting. I remember my bastard step-father would treat me like a “step-child” than an actual kid. I hate spineless fucks such as this and how heartless one can be to torture an innocent kid just because they aren’t their flesh and blood.

  4. That is so sad. My husband has a little 3 year old daughter with an ex girlfriend. It is unknown if he is the biological father due to the fact that she looks nothing like him and the woman several times has claimed he is Not the father, and to be honest I don’t like the little girl,she is very annoying and bratty. I avoid her constantly,but I would never hurt her. I say this because if this is how I feel towards another child, I bet many would feel the same towards mine, so bottom line is don’t trust anyone with your children. I just happen to have very little patience and I don’t deal great with children raised spoiled and with no discipline. That’s all.

  5. Very hard to watch?
    You can watch people get chopped up, mass executions, and someone getting run over by a tank, you can watch this.

    This is no fucking different. You think it’s all sad when a Three year old dies, but when watching a grown man get his brains spread all over the road, it’s all funny and cute, huh?

    Shows how society has its opinion straight.

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