Turkish Fishermen Recover Body of Syrian Child From Mediterranean Sea

Turkish Fishermen Recover Body of Syrian Child From Mediterranean Sea

Remember the perfect trifecta I told you about, whereby by attacking Syria and surrounding countries, Israel destabilized the region, fueled the rise of ISIS, and flooded Europe with immigrants? Now there are reports of the opposite trifecta, thanks to Russia’s anti-terrorism intervention in Syria – stability is en route to Syria, ISIS is losing ground, and Syrians are returning to their homeland.

Associated Press quoted a refugee as saying “I hope that with Russian pilots’ help, our military will advance and defeat terrorists so that we could return to our homes“.

Meanwhile, because ISIS no longer works as an effective boogieman, the US Department of Justice official said that domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda, and that to help combat them, the department has created a new counsel that will coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.

CIA/Mossad created refugee crisis however still continues. In Kuşadası, Turkey, fishermen recovered a floating body of an apparent Syrian child who must have fallen out of an overcrowded boat into the Mediterranean Sea while escaping war. The fishermen tried to resuscitate the child, but it looks like there wasn’t much anyone could do to bring the little one back.

Props to Best Gore member @Baby14 for the video:

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        1. Key west is beautiful but with the influx of Cubans since before 1950, bodies have been floating up in the Everglades for years. I miss the Everglades highway but kind of glad it’s no longer available for public use. Miami kidnappings to tossing them overboard into the glades

    1. Yes my friend that is sad.
      Still that is all their problem.
      Keep those refugees out here.
      For even women can make a bomb.
      And they will not hesitate to use it.
      Some say they are Syrian refugees.
      Who are only trying to flee the war.
      When they are just wolfs in sheeps clothing.
      Terrorists trying to get in.
      So they could go on a jihad.
      For their prophet Muhammad.
      And for their God allah.

      1. @Mr.Nightmare

        Their wide spread influx all over Europe is a serious cause of concern
        Even I’d rather be much happier to see the ones who have already set their foot to be herded away like goats and lambs and drowned forcibly in the middle of an ocean .

  1. It is quite ingenious really when you think about it, by destabilising the middle east you not only destroy one opponent but two because you send the first enemy fleeing into the lands of the second enemy and with a little help from human nature and the fact that there are not enough resources to go around you thus destabilise them as well.

    The Zionist Jews may be a lot of things but stupid they are not because they understand human nature well and how to manipulate that for their own purposes.

    What do I mean by human nature?; I mean the ability to care for others but also the ability to care for oneself as well.

    Those who care only for themselves are manipulated with bribes of money and power and those lower down the hierarchy are bombarded with empathic overtones.

    ?You must care for all people all around the world because that is what right-thinking do and if you don?t, well, that means you are filth?.

    Well guess what, I do not give a flying fuck about dead Syrians (or any other immigrants) on European beaches, I only care about dead Syrians in Syria because if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem and those invading Europe en masse are part of the problem.

    The traitorous fucking scum Europeans who want to help these invaders are part of the problem as well and should be treated as such.

    The fact that the US government says that domestic terror groups pose a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda proves that mass migration is to be used to create even more draconian laws and measures in order to control the populace.

    The world is sleepwalking into a police state and the people are doing it gladly because they are too stupid to realise otherwise.

    If people are too sloth like to protect that which they hold dear you might as well surrender it now because the future is looking more and more fucked as time goes by and so now is the time to step up or shut up as they say.

    1. Well said but Europe will be overrun unless there is war on your borders to keep them out. just like The Walking Dead they all look like Walkers. the vids on YT should open people’s eyes. somehow they do not precisely for your stated reasons.

    2. Now comes the time of fear management. I really, really hope, that there are enough people, who will stand up, but by the looks of it are the most too easily scared, and they will do everything just to ease the situation. I?ve tried and tried to inform some within my reach, but the most didnt WANT to know. So, its like pushing sheep into the slaughterhouse, leaving no other choices than the imposed ones. Its the old inciting-all-factions-by-a-hidden-kraken game…

        1. People would wake up if the real sheeple didn’t stand in their way. Worshipers of Israel prevent the change from taking place, because Muslims are merely the effect of Zionist actions, but not the root of the problem. The effect will not go away if the cause is being nurtured. Perhaps the first important step in stopping the destruction of Europe is destruction of idiot Europeans who support the cause of problems.

          1. Persuading those people to delve for the root cause is difficult. They see only the effect due to their collective complacency, coupled with idleness and apathy.
            Too late will be the cry.

    3. @Empty.

      That was profound my friend and sadly I have to agree. We vastly outnumber those pulling the strings but nobody really gives a shit. When it’s in your face kicking down your door for having an opinion then it’s over.

      They are making us ask for it through fear, genius really.

  2. Better keep looking their should be a couple of parents floating too.
    Know if it was mine that’s where me and the wife could be found.
    Can’t imagine I’d let my kid outta my sight an trust to Gods Will whether he stays in the boat or not.

  3. R.I.P. little man… he doesn?t have to witness more shit at least. Yep, domestic terrorist, saw that coming from a mile, cause at the latest since Bush the Dumb stated “either you?re with us or with the terrorists” after 9/11, it was perfectly clear to me, that the meaning of that was ment in a far broader sense. EVERYONE who opposes the NWO or just is a sane human being is a terrorist for them. So, nothing new under the sun, and there is much more in their drawers, scary and really fucked up stuff…

  4. A victim of a cruel world that he never got the chance to comprehend. Not the first, won’t be the last.

    Syrians seem to be the only displaced people whom wish to return home, the rest, well, they are as much a part of the charade as any sly politician.

  5. It is easier to get sympathy from a dead baby toss overboard then to get sympathy form adults tossed overboard. The adults can always make more babies to suck off the new country they are going to, where a baby would take 15 yrs (maybe younger) to start the baby making process.

  6. Regardless of all the refugee problems let’s remember a child has died in one of the most terrifying ways well I would imagne so anyway so yes refugee situation is a big problem but this kid didn’t ask to be born in to it he just found him self in a warzone and his family trying to escape for a better life and he like many other both documented and many others that go not found has payed the ultimate price in a terrifying way R.I.P

  7. The fishermen are trying to ‘revive’ the child? They must have seen him fall overboard then, if they hoped a revival was possible? A kid that age cannot swim at all so it’s not like he was ‘floating’ in the sea for a while, hoping to be rescued. He would have drowned straight away.

  8. frankly, i always wonder why the italians never get more of this on the coast.. when i see all dat fucking overcharged boats fulll of nigga imigrate that reach the italian coast….

    and the fucking bad size of this is somewhere, they are one or maybe multiples peoples that get money for that, those guy who make those peoples pay for allow them to “die” on sea and reach the “paradise” other land promised.

    fucking shit

  9. Yeah, I just checked this story and the little blighter is in hospital, in Turkey.

    As sad as this story is, I’m glad that he and his family didn’t reach Europe because what ever country ended up having them is going to be stuck with a life time of paying for 24/7 care for him as no doubt he has brain damage from apoxia.

    Why do these ‘refugees’ only ever seem to end up in the same countries? Canada, Australia, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany are usually the ones guilted into taking in swarms of these Muslims.

    Why the fuck do Japan, China, Taiwan, Chile, brazil, Iceland, Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the other 150 countries on this planet NEVER put up their hands to take in a few hundred thousand of these Muslims?

    Why is it ALWAYS us? I’m fucking over it.

    Reject ISLAMIFICATION of your country. Stand up and be counted because when our countries are over run with Muslims and we have Molotov cocktails flying through the streets, suicide bombers in our towns, mosques built in every suburb, Muslim schools that don’t even teach English, brainwashed religious freaks beheqding good innocent Australians in broad daylight and grim reapers covered in black from head to toe even on our 42
    degree days and the Australian way of life we hold so dear is but a recent memory, I guarantee we are all going to scratch our heads and ask :

    “Who in the hell let these dirty blood thirsty violent mother fuckers in ? The place is ruined “………

    1. Yeah, Sweden is indeed doomed aswell, spineless government who fails to see the problems that lies ahead with these swarms of muslims taking over our country.
      I actually thought that Australia had a real good policy when it came to immigrants? Well, i have to think of some other country to flee to then, when shit hits the fan here..

  10. I dont even really believe this shit, just like they found that lil refugee kid on the shores of Greece it turned out to be a fake, breaks my heart..lol I just dont give a fuck about sand niggers! They should show more of European blond kids getting beat & mobbed on a daily basis from moslims,niggers so who cares about that?? NOBODY… nice try JEWS…. lol

  11. Here is the english translation;

    Oh poor you, there is a baby too!
    Okey hold on hold on!
    Bro, there are more people at there.
    *Don’t afraid, don’t afraid.*
    Bro, i see dead bodies at there.
    He is alive, he is alive! Bro! He is alive! x2
    Oh my god he is alive
    Alive, quick get off the water from his lungs.
    Rotate him down, hold his legs and rotate him down.
    Oh god where the hell is this coast guard?
    Poor baby, flip him flip.
    Owgh! Don’t smash his head, careful! Bro don’t smash him head pls. Oh lord.
    We delivered the baby (to coast guard) with help of the god they will reach him to health center. He was alive.
    God please help him.

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