Two Russian Guys Jump Into Volga River from Bridge, Both Die

Two Russian Guys Jump Into Volga River from Bridge, Both Die

This video is from a Russian TV. A group of youths frolicked on a bridge across the Volga River in the city of Saratov and one decided to jump. He surfaced and swam toward the riverbank, but after a few seconds froze up and became unresponsive. His friends on the bridge realized that he was in trouble so one decided to jump after him. But his jump went wrong as well and as soon as he surfaced, he was unresponsive.

The youths called the emergency and river rescue teams were sent in to recover the boys. One they found right away and handed him over to the medics who tried to resuscitate him but to no avail. The other one took a while to find and as the first one, could not be revived. Two senseless deaths in one day.

The plunge from the bridge to the river was only 25 meters (82 feet) which is rather high, but not all that high. I’ve seen people easily handling higher drops to water. These guys must have both screwed up on the landing. Maybe they landed flat and the impact knocked the wind out of them and if you can’t breathe properly in water, you’re screwed. Another possibility is that the kinetic energy of their fall forced water into their body orifices, resulting in fast drowning.

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    1. This is typical macho game to show who is the biggest boss. If there was some floating debris or piece of grass it’s enough to inflicting devastating cuts on your limbs. If someone is about to make such high jump, it has to be done professionally since there is no room for error.

        1. It’s hard to believe, but try a 20m jump to the water while hitting a single straw of grass on the surface. You will bleed all over the place. I’ve seen it by my my own eyes. In the Easter Europe many dams have hydrologic control stations in the water and I’ve seen many guys doing such jumps. Some of them ended being paraplegic.

    2. You’re correct about the kinetic energy and water possibly entering through the body orifices, and also how you say they could’ve fallen in the water the wrong way and knocked the wind out of them. When I did a long jump into the watefalls here in Australia, I was taught to do a pin drop. That meant a strong stiff body with my arms pressed firmly against my sides and to clench my ass cheeks as hard as I could to prevent 1, landing the wrong way 2, prevent water from entering my body. So yes you know what you are talking about. Cudos to you my friend.

      1. 1 ore bit f advice, if you throw a rock in the water it breaks the water surface and its alot softer to land in. Whereas if the water is still and and the surface isn’t broken it can be like landing on cement. Make sense?

    3. They died because both these young men were smoking. Lungs loose capacity and shrink with the toxic fumes. Now add this fresh water temperature and they will automatically collapse. The went dizzy and unresponsive. Have you guys ever been in a bar smoking and its cold outside? When you come out and breathe you get LIGHT headed? and throw up? Well this is the same thing. The other fella was also smoking. I am a RRT. The height was fine. No broken bones, just a dizzy spell.

      1. You might be a respiratory therapist but they died instantaneously from an aortic dissection…high impact and the front of their chest absorbed the impact. The rapid deceleration caused their aorta to rupture which WILL KILL YOU IN SECONDS!!!!!!!!! Prob should go back to school to learn about the KILLER DOZEN.

    1. I felt the same way…maybe from heights like this, you need to orient yourself vertically and pencil in. That’s the only thing I can think of. Since his arms were out to the sides, and his knees bent, some of his body’s surfaces probably “slapped” the water. From heights like that…might as well dive into concrete.

      1. You are exactly right and that is the mistake they both made. They were both so intent on seeing where they were going, they didn’t have their head over their body and their faces hit the water. Shattered facial bones and likely traumatic brain injury.

        Like you said, gotta pencil in so the impact with the water is minimized and your body penetrates the water for your head….and clench your butt cheeks.

      1. 82 feet is high enough to experience a good kick in the chest/head the way the first kid landed. This could lead to heart failure or a tear in the lungs, besides broken bones in my opinion. Any of those things are not causes for instant death but it quickly did its trick as we saw.

        No clue what happened to the second kid although he also appears to be landing with his feet first but leaning a little bit forward.
        His landing should have been easier on the body than the first one. Although the second kid looks a little bit skinny and the impact just was too hard for the body. Hi might have just been KO’ed from the impact and then unfortunately drowned because he wasn’t recovered fast enough.

        When jumping from such heights it’s imperative to provide the smallest area possible entering the water surface to minimize the resistance when the rest of the body enters the water. That means being exactly at a 90 degree angle with either toes or fingers (whichever part enters the water first) pointing straight down. The body has be under strong tension for the first few feet entering the water to prevent torn muscles or other effects of intense forces to specific limbs or parts of the body.

        When I look at it again and think about how they jumped – kind of froggy style with their legs apart – they must have gotten a massive kick to their family jewels as well, besides the anal cleansing.

        1. Your advice is good except for the toes down. Never point your toes. Hit flat-footed sot that your body enters through the “hole” created by your feet. Exactly what divers do, but with their hands. They stretch their arms over their heads and flatten their palms. Judging by the splashes these idiots made, neither landed well, and at 82 feet they would have been travelling fast enough to do serious damage. Water is NOT soft.

  1. “Another possibility is that the kinetic energy of their fall forced water into their body orifices, resulting in fast drowning.”- yet something else I’ve learned here! Had no idea that could even happen!

    I’m baffled by this. I could see if one of them broke their necks or something, but damn! I’m going to start showing these type of videos to my kids! While they’re young and impressionable! My son is a freaking loose cannon and I could see him doing shit like this! Maybe showing him this stuff now will prevent him from doing crazy shit later! It’ll just scare my girls- and that works too.

    Does EVERY Russian smoke?!

    1. You got to tame that child, juicy. When I was younger, I saw my devil brothers getting a good ass whooping for getting out of control and doing stupid shit. Because of that, I always tried not to do stupid things in front of my mom, or at least she never found out. 🙂
      And yes, it has already been scientifically confirmed that every Russian smokes.

      1. @myjewminator- He’s still pretty controllable because he’s a child but I see it in him to be that one kid that does the crazy shit first- think about it later! I’m looking into dirt biking for him right now. A cross-fit instructor recommended it because of his impeccable balance and coordination at his age. You’re right though, I need to get his ass calmed down at a young age. He’s going to be the death of me because his energy level is through the damn roof and beyond!

        I guess every Russian does smoke! Lol. Even while swimming. Nicce. Lol

    2. Here are two possibilities I can think of:
      1, the water is dense due to the fact that it’s ocean water, in that situation, the water doesn’t displace fast enough. When jumping from a distance that high, the impact can be dangerous, enough to cause you to lose consciousness.
      2, as Mark mentioned, people do jump from higher drops and survive, but that’s because they know how to. By diving in, your hands spread the water, causing it to break before the rest of your body falls in. However, jumping in spread Eagle allows water to, as aforementioned, enter your orifices, washing your anus clean before drowning you.

      1. One night while visiting some friends in San Diego, being drunk and stupid Some friends and I decided to jump off the Mission Bay bridge into that filthy stagnant bay brine, We estimated it to be around 65 feet, everyone made the drop without any immediate injury, But, or Butt one guy tried to one-up the rest of us by shedding his trunks and his attempt at holding his nuts while free-falling threw his body out of keel, causing him to correct himself by “opening up”. Pun intended. now with arms rolling down the windows and legs spread, his testicles and anus were now exposed to participate with the rest of his extremities in the breaking of the surface tension and displacement of the polluted bay water. Although his nuts caused him some immediate temporary pain, the next day he was sick as a dog and had to go to the proctologist. I ‘m not sure what his diagnosis was, as I left town the next morning. But something really unpleasant had infected his colon or something.

  2. WTF, that’s not high at all. I’m clueless to how they died. But again, its how you land . Some fat moron did a belly flop off a Olympic height diving platform( the highest one) and his guts were spew all over the pool while kids were swimming with family.I’m sure those kids were traumatised for life that day. Gotta love how the second guy still had his smoke clinched in his hands while his pal is in trouble.

    1. Lol- you and your bluntness @Tundra! I’m with you on the not understanding part, but I guess it’s like what others said. The way they hit the water. I’m just kinda surprised too that the second dude didn’t think twice when he saw what the outcome was for his friend. No common sense obviously though in the first place. The guy exploding in the pool full of kids sounds rather dandy! Lol Barf! =X

  3. The first kid hit the water almost flat on his torso . He might have ripped open his aorta on impact , the same thing that kills you when you crash and hit the steering wheel with your chest . The second kid probably had water forced inside the colon ripping his inside when hitting the water . It had happened before and was shown in a “1000 ways to die” show .

    1. Legs closed, toes pointed downward to break the water. arms at your side. Your head and neck straight as possible aligned with your legs/feet. That’s what I would assume. Look at how they landed. their faces/ chests hit the water. That is asking to die from such a high fall. Water becomes almost like a solid from hitting it with such force. They were obviously drunk and not thinking.

    1. In the case here the kid said yes and paid the ultimate price.

      This should be shown to kids to make them understand why parents try to “control” them so much.

      As kids we always knew it better, didn’t we? We hated the control of our parents and didn’t understand why we can’t just have fun.

      It does pay off making it past 20-25 years to start appreciating the neurotic behavior of our parents…

          1. i cant even be a bystander. i would not dare to step on that Bridge or to look down . i tried once, and my knees got weak and my Body started to shake. hell no, heights are not made for me

  4. The first jumper looked as if he took quite an impact to the chest/face… And the second jumper, if you watch closely, twists while nearing the river and also looks to have taken similar impact as the first jumper…

  5. Watched the vid just a moment ago, the first jumper should have thinked more then twice before doing this.
    It’s risky to try a jump from this height. It’s sad though to see a young men die like this for a stupid jump but he made this choice and every action there is a reaction. RIP. The the second young men, thats more sad he jumped because he wanted to safe the first person and then dies to. Thats sad :-(.
    Wierd that the first person was moving/swimming abit before loosing consiesnes. And the second stopped moving on impact. Iagree with those above that the first didnt jump good, the second was not bad at all, i think thou that the g forces on the body on impact were to big. Maybe the water was cold to. Rip for the second male also.

  6. amazing video, that second cat was dead on impact. the first guy you can tell somethin was wrong by how he paddled frantically for about two strokes (id imagine it was involuntary) and then he goes into shock from the trauma

  7. I like the way this site explains in as much detail as possible what is going on in the video clips. My guess is the force of the water broke many bones. Notice the first guys legs (when he moved for a second) they looked mishapen.
    I would like to point out that cigarette smoking had nothing to do with their death.

  8. So 82 ft is basically jumping off an 8 story building. Like one of the posters said it’s like hitting concrete at that height. Reminds me of the documentary “The Bridge” that showed people who jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and died. Outstanding movie. Violent way to die. You don’t just slip under the waves and go to sleep. Well eventually you do, but not before you destroy your organs.

    1. I watched that too!! Just ouch! Now that I know it’s compared to an 8 story building.. makes more sense. How was he able to swim for a bit though.

      I also gotta tell you @luddite- I’ve fallen in love with whatever that thing in your avatar is! Lol.

  9. The Russian judge game them both a 6.5
    Am wondering if the shallowness of the water may have broken their backs when they landed as I’ve seen that happen before but the jumper survived. So close to the shoreline, maybe the water was only a few feet high and they didn’t realize or check first.

  10. I once jumped off a 60′ bridge over a river in the summer …That shit was scary enough and adding another 20′ doest seem like much really but it is. As has already been posted you must keep your arms at your side and your feet pointed…..if your arms aren’t at your side when you first jump forget about it, You’re not going to be able to pull them down in the air. Stupid (most likely drunk) kids made just about every mistake they could’ve made.

    1. Actually you should use your arms and legs to establish proper balance as you accelerate towards the water. Once you are oriented , it is much easier to hold yourself in the correct position. If you Jump and immediately stiffen up with arms to the side legs straight, you’ll end up landing on your side.

  11. Well my take on this tragedy is they both got concussions (A.K.A. getting Knocked out) when they inpacted the water, seeing how both of them seemed to have the heads more sideways then vertical when they hit. When you jump into water from that high you need to cross your arms and feet and inpact the water in a vertical pin drop way.

    Ive jumped into water from 70′ foot drop, pin drop styal like i metioned. When i hit my feet were flat (parallel to the suface of the water) and they slaped so hard they went numb. (just like when i used to jump off of tall fences onto the ground when i was a little kid)

    I could definitly see if the force of the impact that made my feet go numb, was taken to the head would for sure knock you out cold, and i think this is what happen to the 2nd boy. the first boy prolly just got a sort of a flash knock out that he tryed to shake off, but being dazed as well as having the wind knocked out of him seemed to be too much too recover from when trying to not drowned.

    1. This ia A very interesting,about exactly how they passed.Obviously it had something to do with the height and how they landed.Bcause they definately were not pros.Mark,please let us know of any updates on this one.o

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