Two Teenage Boys Drown, Their Stiff Corpses Are Recovered from Water Hole

Two Teenage Boys Drown, Their Stiff Corpses Are Recovered from Water Hole

Two Teenage Boys Drown, Their Stiff Corpses Are Recovered from Water Hole

Two 17-year-old boys drowned while they bathed a horse. The tragic incident happened on September 21, 2018 in a water hole known as Cacimba, in the rural area of José da Penha, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.

The video shows the recovery of their stiff corpses from the body of water. There’s a bit of weeping going on behind the camera.

Props to Best Gore member @luciferking for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. @cabelo

        It took me a moment to realize that you tried to write ‘swamp’. That makes a bit more sense if they went out expecting the water to be waist-high and finding over their heads instead. The really important question is this: Is the horse okay?

          1. Yep,,, cause this Cock Cousteau Dude,,, he invented the Jacques-Strap. Something they should have put on the Horse to not hit his cock when bathing him.

  1. Two boys sang while washing a horse… The first had drowned before singing one course.
    The second went on to finish the job…but got kicked in the head after touching it’s knob.
    If there’s one thing to learn from this tragic story… It’s that washing a horse can get awfully gory.

    1. @brokeback

      *applause* You should write a book of nursery rhymes for adults. It would be a good way to ‘kill’ some time when you’re stuck in that ‘okay, I think he’s asleep but if I try to leave the room before he’s definitely out cold he’ll wake up screaming’ situation.

          1. The horse kicking them is possible, actually. There is this thing where getting hit in the chest can coincide with your heart beating in a certain way and it can cause cardiac arrest but it happening to the both of them is a bit rare I think.

          2. You are right. I have heard of it but both being hit in the heart and both dying is a bit far-fetched. Very interesting case indeed. That was the initial reason i came to Bg. I love trying to analyse the forensics of the death.

            Talking about that. We have had some bullying in the Forensic gov labs of my country with at least one suicide. How ironic is that!

            One guess which sex the culprits and victims belong to?

    1. I’d say they got shocked by an electric eel or bitten by a poisonous snake. There are problems, however. If there were electric eels probably they should have known that and not ventured into the water. If they were bitten by a snake probably they could’ve ran far away from the water before succumbing to the poison.

        1. I had thought about that actually. But probably it’s because of the size of a horse. It’s harder to kill a horse through venom because it is bigger. In fact antidote for snake poison has to pass through a bigger animal first because a person’s body can actually fight a poison but for some potent kinds the antibodies are not enough that’s why a person dies. Probably that’s the same with being shocked by an eel but I’m not sure. Probably they got hit by lightning as well. Maybe the horse ran away when it sensed danger but I guess we would never know until there is a proper investigation.

          1. i had no idea about the antidote thing, thank you for sharing that! i hope that the horse is okay. at least one outta three survives. do you think they did a proper investigation? i hope so.

        2. @xunseenx

          I think they would do a proper investigation. I just hope it is not a superstitious part of Brazil where it will be put under “death caused by evil spirits”. Here in my country people believe in all sorts of nonsense and if it happened here people will talk about it and there will be a surge in “paranormal encounters”.

  2. You just cant beat these brazilian at darwin awards, how the fuck 2 guys drown while bathing a horse.

    It beats any logic, did the horse kick both of them unconscious because they didnt wash his horse cock good enough, or they dive in to clean the hooves never coming back for air even tho horses “bend the knee to anyone” if you ask them.

    My best guess is that since brazilians dont shower on a daily basis they develop a genetic hydrophobia causing them an instant narcolepsy, you could see all the fucking onlookers and only 2 guys pulling the bodies out, brazil must spend thousands of dollars teaching those rescuers to shower on a daily basis along with basic swimming lessons.

    1. If they had known in advance of their new found shape then the “rescuers” could have brought Chairs to sit them in. It would have been fun to see them sitting perfectly upright on Chairs whilst dead.

      I would have done that & left them there for a passer-by to find them. Their deaths would forever be a mystery. I would fucking love to see the face on the person that finds them LMFAO

        1. Yeah, those South Americans always have to go one step further. One Bernie would simply not be enough for them and they would be actual dead people “playing” the parts instead of lame actors.

          The South Americans are very conscientious like that. No half-ass business there.

  3. This is pure Darwinism. I mean, how the fuck does a grown man drown in 18 inches of water? And what the fuck were they bathing a horse for? They were probably trying to fuck it and the horse gave them whats what.

  4. Hooo boy they’re like two by four stiff wow!! Doesn’t look like they were in the water long at all either but damn, it isn’t deep. How the hell did TWO guys drown in a foot of water? In Brazil, as usual, I’m a bit suspicious of the circumstances.

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