Women Wimp as Men Recover Decomposing Corpse from River

Women Wimp as Men Recover Decomposing Corpse from River

I believe the video is from Brazil. It shows men recovering a decomposing corpse from the river, as women watch from a safe distance and wimp behind the camera.

I half expected the Candiru fish (pesky fishes that can swim up the pee stream and into the penis pee hole) to start jumping out of the cadaver by the dozens.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Women Wimp as Men Recover Decomposing Corpse from River”

      1. Yes, but more importantly, it’s also about a fish that actually loves cock so much, that it takes it all in, Urethra & all that is, with no complaints & no charge, lol. On a more serious note, Mark, do they have these annoying little “Urethra-hole cruising” fish in Dominica Bro,???

    1. I dunno how this mark guy always gotta make everything a gender issue. These guys r professionals, they were called in to bring the body out. The fish can’t eat through what their wearing. When u call the cops, do u go ahead and give the cops a helping hand to arrest sum1?

      1. He does get a bit over board with it when there is definitive proof about some things and still chooses to believe a woman is to blame in some form or way and loves pointing out that more women abuse children then men but forgets that the statistic is world wide and not confined to fist world where it is veRyan different and doesn’t seem to realise more men rape children which is equally if not ,present disgusting but none of that matters anyway because every person is an individual and shouldn’t be judged on gender in either way

        1. Opinions are like assssssholes. WE ALL GOT ONE. Seriously open minded is prob best in any situation. If I don’t like something I hear or read. i listen, let it process and just move on. Term called powerless that I use. example. I’m powerless over the fact Brazil has no prison guards that work. Nothing I can do but watch the madness or not. I have to watch it. Which makes me say thank god I LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES!! Powerless over statistics. What I’m not is reading what it is and trying not to become one. Right now I’m being dr Phil. Lmao. You’re powerless over this. Your blood pressure will be lower not worrying about shit you have zero control over. Narcotics anon. Is one amazing program

          1. Kevin – It doesn’t affect you. Of course, you feel no need to care about it. But the radical feminist agenda that says ALL men are potential rapists does. If that message is spread enough, you could end up pepper-strayed just because some paranoid woman is near you on the street. Just like that, we feel targeted. Judging on here, the things we “deserve” a bit more harsh than pepper-spray. Spread that message enough and we have problems.

          2. @dethbyplaster. If I get pepper sprayed. I’m gonna ask her name is plaster. Here I am minding my own business and u come along w your pistol, biting vag and pepper spray. I feel ya w the rape statistic you being a woman. Idk I never needed to force myself on anyone and we live in New York. I see here what is going on in other parts of the world. So Im trying to Understand everyone’s point.

          3. Kevin – I worded that wrong. What I meant is enough radical feminists say all men are rapists, you could be pepper-sprayed or worse for no reason.
            With that in mind, if women are stereotyped enough, bad shit could happen to us as well.
            Radical feminists are dangerous to men and radical misogynists are dangerous to women. When either/both spread untruthful information, it’s rough on both genders.

        2. quite honestly makes me chuckle as us girls are definitely the Magillicuddys of the He-ManWoman-Haters site.

          He obviously has been scorned, burned or blatantly fucked over many or just that once neveragain hardcore time

          sometimes he is so blatantly vile with his female disgust I laugh out loud to myself , alonewicked and creepy all the while squeezing my tits..

          bottom line I feel he is a good guy and I gotta admire his consistency and women, in my experience, are wacked. alot
          I am bias as well.

          Mark hates on women, not puppies and somehow makes it all ok for me. and quite frankly it’s his home and he can shit on the carpet if he wants to

    2. I honestly believe if the women started trying to help, the guys would run them off. Because a lot of times women get in the way trying to help. If you’re picking up something heavy, a woman will probably be the weak link. That’s no insult. It’s just almost always women aren’t as a physically strong and hinder more than help.

      1. If women begin to help, us men often wonder what the fuck for? It’s kind of like a salesman smiling in your face while they try to rob you of your money. It’s not worth the gamble, so most of us who have been through more shit than anything depicted on this site (or it’s competitors), just respectfully decline female help. To us, there’s an agenda. No thanks.

        The men that decline said help who spit vitriol are usually the ones that are bitter, unhappy, and ruined. Body language helps, but that’s hard to show when so many people on here are fucking shut-ins. I’m all for brutal ball busting and humor, but when it’s consistent, it’s generally a good sign they need psychiatric intervention.

        Food for thought.

  1. I believe she is crying because she believes it is her missing brother.
    She says the word ‘brother’ several times in the video. Spoken in portuguese.
    This an usual case of drowning in a lake, it happens all the fucking time with people who do not know the difference between the sea and a lake. The body goes missing and is found days later.

      1. i don’t see a difference either,there both bodies of water you can drown in, and i don’t imagine someone that drowned in a lake would say(if they could,lol) “fuck i wish i’d have drowned in the sea instead”,so i must be stupid too,cause i assumed drowning in any type of water would fuck up your day!!

        1. I agree with you both, as it would be much safer to swim in a Lake than the Sea, or Ocean, with all the dangerous, and venomous creatures cruising the shores. So knowing the difference to me, does not make sense whatsoever, Maybe our B-G Friend @poporia did not explain himself properly ? but either way, it’s all good. Maybe, they did not know how to swim to begin with, and just fell off his boat, & drownded, lol. 😉

          1. I think it is way more dangerous to swim in a lake or river than the sea. Maybe it is because of the rivers and lakes that I’ve been in my life. The water is way more darker and if you drown there it is nearly impossible to find you.
            Most people do not know how to swim, and the beach has the advantage of always be pushing you to the shore, of course this dos not apply everywhere.

      2. I’ll take a stab at this one.
        Perhaps the thinking is that the ocean has a higher salt content and makes the swimmer more boyant and also that waves can be ‘ridden’ in towards shore?
        A lake has no waves or current and is usually freshwater. Also, lakes tend to build up a layer of debris and decomposition on their bottom and if the lake isn’t deep it would be very easy to get tangled up or mired in the muck.
        Personally, I wouldn’t go out on either by myself. I’m a decent swimmer but that’s just asking for something to go wrong.
        … or I could be on an unrelated tangent and just wagging my jaw.

        1. A 3 yr old kid and his dad were swept off the beach and carried into the sea the other day close by. Coast Guard looked for 24 hours before they called off the search. Bodies definitely did not float, and did not return to shore.

  2. im heavy INTO the show the first 48. THESE detectives better hurry cause the looks of it this things been in the river for a while. Wait a minute. This happ in Brazil ?? Ahhh the detectives are prob hanging w the prison guards in some strip club. No one gives a shit in this country. Seriously its sad shit but true.

      1. @nig. i saw that. They were at a Taco Bell. Episode happ in Dallas. I dunno if ur serious Lol. You’re funny. I get u though. Best part is you don’t give a Taco SHIT if you offend anyone. For a while I use to say what a fucking screen name !! This guys A FUCKING douche. Now I’m like there he is. LMFAO. Much respect cause when others come at you. You don’t respond. Say your fucking insanity and move on. You’re alright nuuuuucka!!! Keep us laughing. Keep me laughing. Humor is priceless. Especially on a gore site.

  3. So nobodys gonna say anything about the fact they took his pants off?? Hmmm?? Well i guess at that point it dont matter but when i die i dont want my dick plastered all over bestgore…maybe…i do have good looking dick though

  4. There is nothing wrong with women to weep at the loss of life even if they are not even related to the deceased. During 911, I have seen many people in both genders cry. It’s a matter of compassion.
    These women who do cry generally, do not rely on a “pussy pass”. There are some of us that do exist.

  5. That is a myth about the candiru, or Vandellia cirrhosa. It does not swim up the stream of urine from humans, and swimming up a humans urethra would be just as damaging to the fish. They are a type of parasitic catfish that attach to the gills of larger fish and feed on their blood. Part of the myth that they are attracted to urea comes from the fact urea is expelled through the gills of fish. It’s basically one story that has been repeated over and over with no eyewitnesses or scientific proof. There may be one case every hundred years of something like thus actually happening. I know my fishes lol.

  6. i saw a documentary by michael tsarion about why the ancient civilizations had to keep the feminine under lock and key and would never let it flourish its basically the same reasons society is abit fucked today, they recognised that characteristics such as vanity, selfishness, childlike, emotional instability, delusions of power are the at the core of the feminine when it isnt raising offspring. they recognised that this was detrimental to their societys overall and would always keep their females under strict rules. you can sort of see this today it sort of describes what feminism has exposed in females today. so the ancients recognised that to keep a strong society the feminine was to be utilised for its main purpose which is breeding and rearing the next generation. by the way i know this never would happen now we have gone way past the strong family unit life women prefer money to their own children now but doesnt that tell you in itself that the ancients had some good points about the selfish nature etc of the feminine. i think mark passio has covered this topic too but not the ancients but just the modern day feminine and effects on societys.

    1. @haydolf_hittler You choose to hate women. If there have been women who have been good to you, listened to your problems, listened to your ideas with an open mind and never made fun of you, been a friend, at some point you must decide because they are a female and the enemy; you trash them. Don’t ever forget that she wasn’t selfish or cruel or a liar. That’s just something you believe about women and always will. But don’t ever look to them for any support or a kind ear again. Ever.

          1. if i would i would be a spree killer type, i wouldnt just kill one that would be boring and you might not even do it right, id take as many down as i could before doing myself. why do all that jail your life would be over as it is so you may aswel go out in style. what kind of killer would you be plaster? i think you would poison someone and leave no evidence you seem quite cunning and intelligent. yeah you would be the cyanide type.

          2. You do know me. Indeed, I’d try to put ground up apricot pits in their food. It takes about 3 pits to kill someone – 3 pits contain enough cyanide. I was thinking about this very intently only two days ago. But I’d only kill out of revenge. I’d never thrill kill. I get a thrill out of grudges and revenge though.

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