Yemeni Youth Drowns Swimming in Well, Brother Thinks He’s Joking

Yemeni Youth Drowns Swimming in Well, Brother Thinks He's Joking

Yemeni Youth Drowns Swimming in Well, Brother Thinks Hes Joking

In the city of Ibb, Yemen, three youths were fooling around a well (that’s what they locally call the water hole) and one of them decided to jump in there and show off his swimming skills.

Everything went OK for a bit, but then the kid started to strike odd poses and make odd moves. He went under without screaming or making any noises, which makes me wonder if maybe he suffered a heart condition or something.

As the poor guy was drowning, his brother, who held the camera filming the video, laughed because he thought the kid was joking.

Best Gore member @3asbaaaa notes:

Some locals believe that the well is haunted by ghosts, and that’s why the kid didn’t make any sounds.

Many thanks for the video, @3asbaaaa. We just saw a similar case a few days ago. Must be a year for young men drowning while their friends (or in this case – family) laugh thinking they are joking:

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126 thoughts on “Yemeni Youth Drowns Swimming in Well, Brother Thinks He’s Joking”

          1. @insidge (HistoryIsViolent)

            If there was no ice present after getting out of the cold water, something tells me that your Heart Burn, probably melted the ice silly!

            But it was a Heart Warming story about your encounter, nevertheless.

      1. Could be that. But to me, it also looked like some form of seizure? My sister has epilepsy and makes the same movements as he did in the water.. But, I’m just a dumb woman, where’s that sandwich I made you?

    1. My gut instinct is peer pressure…

      None wanted to go in and save him, for fear of falling for a joke. The other would be fear itself of the water.

      I’m an avid swimmer, even in my early sixties. However, I never swim alone, and only with experienced swimmers.

      If I’m at a beach, I never swim w/o a lifeguard either. I learned a great lesson from my father, who almost drowned at an early age, trying to save his friend from drowning. His friend ended up drowning. I also wear a life jacket while fishing in a boat.

      If you’re afraid of the water, there’s a greater chance of dying in it.

      If you respect the water, you’ll have a greater chance of having fun in it.

  1. Like in old abandon mines standing water absorbs many gases. These gases will remain in the water until it is disturbed. This can happen when someone walks through it or dives deep enough to release these heavy gasses. As the gases are released, they rise to the surface where they remain as an unseen danger.

    Could there be an electric sump pump down there that electrocuted him?

    So, suffocation from disturbed gas bubbles deep down?

    Or, cold water shock?

    And, the fuck just doesn’t know how to swim, take a pick.

          1. I’ve always disliked the phrase “sink or swim.” I mean if you’ve already drowned, what other options are available?

            Watch safe porn and grab your Rubber Duckie?

    1. you’ll give some good possibilities, this is strange, the kid could clearly swim, what happened?, the way the well went so quiet after the boy was swallowed was haunting, almost like a trap.
      nice video

    2. Good point captain. I’m kind of intrigued by gasses that are heavier than air and stick around in places you wouldn’t expect. Apparently there are places on farms that accumulate waste and are very dangerous for this reason because the gases literally take your breath away and then suffocate you in seconds.

      It seems like that may have happened here. The guy probably succumbed to fumes and drowned as a result.

      1. I plunged my toilet recently and discovered gases unknown to mankind! I’m still recovering! But it’s definitely similar to covid! Or it just could be the draino (liquid) my girl poured down about an hour before I got home! Oh and for those who actually care… I think I found Jimmy Hoffa! Surprised what I pulled out after running a wire snake down the hole! But anyways the toilet is working now but NYC sanitation department better not go into the sewers for a week! Or else BG might get a new video upload- for the record I’m definitely guilty until proven innocent!
        Side note- my girl claims she didn’t know how to use the plunger!!!! Women Need Men or else they would be extinct!

    3. Excellent point re the gasses. If the soil was an “acid sulphate soil ” or had iron pyrites(Fool’sGold) in it ,even microscopically ,the water can quickly build up H2s gas which can kill in less than 15 secs of exposure.

      I dealt with a company that had two near deaths from H2S and was almost gassed to death myself from a gas that was never identified. I started choking within seconds and before i knew it gasping for air and my mind was sluggish as hell. I was initially too stupid to move from the area. Thankfully,my brain clicked over and i moved rapidly away and although still choking i recovered. Whatever it was had no smell and there was noone around to help me if it had been worse. One of the scariest times of my life.

        1. That’s what boggles my mind. Part of our evolution involved utilizing our senses to make us aware of threats. As humans we are often so cognizant of the dangers that stand out using our senses that we often aren’t aware that inconspicuous elements are even more dangerous. Such heavy gases are often odorless, colorless and tasteless so you won’t even know the nature of the beast until it’s too late.

          1. “Such heavy gases are often odorless, colorless and tasteless so you won’t even know the nature of the beast until it’s too late.”

            Exactly, so we haven’t quite evolved enough yet or if we did evolve to smell these too , it probably would interfere with staying alive in other ways.
            As you probs know, women rarely are colourblind, which may explain why men weren’t the main food preparers or gatherers -apart from hunting for meat; they’d poison the whole tribe by bringing home the wrong berry!

            Blessed be the Sandwich-Makers…

    4. So sad. This is the 2nd video we have seen lately where onlookers just watch, and watch, and watch……..
      That last jump of his into the water looked a lot deeper than the previous ones. I’m going with you The Captain, I’m thinking on the last jump he reached the heavier layers of water and or the thermocline, and disturbed that layer which released toxic water or gases. He may even have swallowed some toxic water.
      I have 2 friends who scuba dive in underwater caves and often take trips to Mexico (Yeah, I know, they want short lives by going to that land). They say that in some of the water holes, or cenotes I think they are called, when they dive down they reach and pass a a very cold layer that sometimes is so toxic it dissolves the metal plating on their diving gear! Often they also go through a hydrogen sulphide layer.
      Great sport they say.
      I’ll stick to land.

      1. I’ve always thought it was a mild seizure.
        I had an uncle who got them and some were very light, more like a convulsion and others he was flipping around like a fish.
        They’re some of the most creepiest things you could ever witness in person.

      2. A friend of mine told me that seizures are actually Jesus’ way of trying to shake people out of any loose change. (Actually I just made this up.). So if you see someone suffering a seizure look out for Jesus (and for Quarters). That guy has a pretty fucked up sense of humor tbh.

  2. My guess is he had a brain aneurysm, a type of stroke. He kept his head turned to the left and appeared to have trouble seeing to the right a condition called hemianopsia.
    Whatever it was thankfully he didn’t appear to suffer.

  3. This is what drowning looks like. They teach you in life guard duty to look for erratic movements like this. Drowning isn’t loud and crazy. That’s the movies. It’s actually quite calm.

  4. This is a grand mal seizure. The kid is probably an epileptic. A lot of the stimuli caused by jumping into water/swimming like that can trigger seizures, like flickering lights, hyper- or hypoventilation and sensory deprivation or overload (not to mention pressure changes). Think about when you are surfacing, the way the light flickers and reflects off the surface.

    The way a seizure starts is with vision fading to black. It feels identical to when you stand up too fast and your vision starts to narrow/go black. Almost everyone has experienced this. Most people stand still for a minute and it resolves, or they sit back down or squat and it resolves instantly. In older people (weaker hearts; harder arteries), this can lead lead to fainting. It’s called orthostatic hypotension.

    This is likely what he was experiencing as he surfaced and swam to the side (his vision closing in). You can see him pause, waiting for it to go away (like usual). When it doesn’t, he pushes off into a relaxed back stroke hoping it will stop. So at the point when he’s gliding on his back, he probably believes he is experiencing that harmless sensation of orthostatic hypotension and that it will go away momentarily.

    Except it’s not orthostatic hypotension, it’s a seizure, so his vision keeps worsening until it actually hits full black. He has probably never experienced this before. That’s when he panics and starts swimming for the side. The wrong side because he’s blind and panicked.

    Then you can see him enter the tonic phase. That’s where all his muscles go stiff and he looks like he’s hugging an invisible person. This is a common posture in the tonic phase of a seizure. Then the clonic phase hits, which is when he starts moving again. It’s not actually voluntary, or organized, movement. He’s not conscious.

    This kid didn’t stand a chance. I guess the only good news is that he lost consciousness before the drowning. The totality of his suffering was likely the short time of panic in between losing vision and losing consciousness. This is why they tell epileptics to not even walk along the water (or any high ledge).

      1. I am a medical professional. I’ve seen seizures many times, both in a hospital bed and on video (sometimes, if seizures are suspected but not definite, they put a camera in the patient’s room). However, a few years ago I had the misfortune of seeing a friend randomly have a seizure (30+ y/o with no history of seizures). That’s the first time I’ve ever seen one “in the wild”.

        I actually had to catch my friend. It was bizarre. I was talking to him about a dream he had. I asked a question, and he was walking towards me and answering. He stopped talking mid-sentence and looked up, but kept on walking (not quite a normal walk). I actually joked “is anybody in there?”. A step or two later, he started doing his best blind person/mime impression.

        I thought he was joking. Then he started with this crazy Frankenstein walk, with his arms straight out in front of him. It looked like if you were stumbling into a fall while blind. He had the most unusual, contorted and terrified facial expression and let out a guttural moan as he lumbered forward.

        By this point (obviously), I deduced that he was not joking and bear hugged him and took him to the ground. He proceeded to do that exact same weird posture in the video. He got super rigid with his hands out and up in front of him (almost like praying). That was the tonic phase. Under a minute later, he started convulsing like what you think of when you imagine a seizure (like in the movies). That was the clonic phase. It also lasted under a minute. When it stopped, he went completely limp and started snoring and drooling. He did this for about a minute before he cycled back through the tonic-clonic phases, and once again went limp/snoring/drooling.

        About 2 minutes later, he “woke up” confused as hell. It took 15 minutes for him just to know where he was, and about 30 before he could really understand what had happened. He said he had a terrible headache and felt “off” for about 2 days afterwards. He did go to the hospital (you should always go to the hospital for a seizure), and we eventually decided that the seizure was most likely caused by benzodiazepine withdrawal. He had stopped taking his long-term, prescribed Xanax a day or 2 earlier. He hasn’t a seizure since.

        I’m pretty confident that this kid had a seizure. He didn’t stand a chance. When he got to the unconscious/snoring/drooling phase, he would have just been sucking in big breaths of water. He either got extremely unlucky by having his first seizure in this setting. Or he had a known seizure history/epilepsy, and decided to play around in a death trap.

        1. That sounds terrifying. I always assumed that someone having a seizure would immediately lose consciousness, the scenario of someone still remaining upright and even walking to some degree is something I wouldn’t have been aware of. Very useful and interesting, thank you!

      1. Honestly this particular grammatical mistake drives me insane on a daily basis. I literally had a conversation with a friend about how we both correct those that put “of” instead of “have”, I just can’t. It’s such a lazy way of thinking.

  5. For those who are only bullying and meming about every fucking incident go FUCK yourself.
    Some people are trying to figure what the fuck happened to that kid, and then a motherfucker autistic one just comes and starts writing in a stupid ugly way, Imagine yourself being in that situation, or at least just shut the fuck up and let people discuss about reasons. >.<
    disgusting folks only setting at home 24/24 and see nothing of this dangerous world but only in a screen.

    1. You are dumb and This is false. It’s good to discuss things, true, but one shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking all points and considerations are intellectually equivalent. One of the problems in this world is when stupid people start passing their opinions off as fact and expect it to carry the same sense of weight as an argument from someone who actually knows what the hell they’re talking about. It happens all the time. You don’t need to be autistic to be an asshole. If that were the criteria, everyone on this forum would be autistic.

    2. What’s “24/24” ?
      Is that, like, twenty-four hours a day, twenty-four days a month ?
      I guess that would work.

      I thought “setting at home” might have been a typo but then the “E” char is way on the other side of the keyboard to the “I”

      Is it street slang ?

      Honestly, I can’t keep up.

  6. They saw to many deaths to react.
    Deep inside they knew he’s drowning but they are paralyzed to do anything. It is like movie effect by expecting miracle will happens and all will be good at the end.

    These kids are frozen zombies.

  7. Here is my theory. That last time he jumped under the water, he accidentally swallowed water and it got in his lungs. With the water in his lungs, he was no longer getting any oxygen, so he lost control of his body, and then sunk under the water and drowned.

    Here’s a new rule. Do you want to go swimming. Then go to a pool that has a lifeguard on duty. Don’t go jumping into strange holes that are filled with water. Go swimming under controlled conditions. That’s what pools are for, so you can safely go for a swim where there is someone looking over you and who will jump in if you run into problems, and they are also trained in CPR. Swimming is a risky activity. Go to the pool if you want to do it.

  8. Why is it that we can swim better that people in Countries that are often surrounded by oceans, and beautiful beaches, i could never understand. Cause us people that live in cold climates with snowy winters have a much higher percentage of able swimmers. Like W.T.F.??

  9. Well I finally got around to watching this damn video and it’s quite obvious why he drowned…..

    It had to happen…..there was simply no other logical conclusion to filming these goings on. If he hadn’t died then what?? Who the fuck would watch the video?? It was totally pointless. So in closing my case I formally blame the camera man for filming this mundane adventure and thus creating a perfect storm of sorts for a genuine calamity.

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