Young Girl Found Floating in Ubaitaba, Brazil

The Tongue and the Munched On by Fish Eye Socket Make This Photo Pretty Creepy

It may look like a boy at first sight, but it’s a girl. She was found floating in Rio de Contas (River of Auditors – what a name for a river) at the end of Ruinha, in popular tourist town of Ubaitaba, Brazil on Thursday April 19, 2012. The age and identity of the girl are unknown. While investigation is underway, the police are treating the case as accidental drowning, but have not ruled out the possibility of rape followed by murder.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. For people I REALLY don’t like, I have told them to go to Thailand and tell the locals that their tourists, and that the local whores give “special rates” to travelers……most have no idea, and the rest don’t like gooks.

        Watched an episode of The Amazing Race awhile back, and one of the first place winners on one of the legs (of the race) got a “vacation” in thailand, courtesy of Travelocity…….what assholes.
        I couldn’t help by laugh, nearly hysterically

        1. @Rotten, going to Thailand is like a great Aussie past-time, I’m NOT kidding when I say probably half the people I know have been to Thailand! ALL the school mum’s I know etc, they ALL take their families to Thailand. Second only to Bali, it’s one of the most popular holiday destinations of Aussies, (I don’t mean dirty old men tourists either!) The ONLY thing the kids don’t like about going is the smell! Kids say it STINKS! It probably does, compared to Aust. the ONLY stinky place here is the dump! Personally I haven’t been as I don’t like real ‘touristy’ places!

          1. Seeing as you can’t leave the country (which is gay) looks like I’ll have to come to you, to hang out in a not-so-touristy place.
            I, also, hate these sub-species of Fleshy Virus that infest a location that’s nice enough to be called a “tourist destination” just to demonstrate a MONUMENTAL amount of apithy.
            Lake Tahoe is where I have personally lived for a few years, and have seen it with m own eyes many, many times.

            They are there, from where ever they are from, do wahtever they want, leave behind their trash and wake, and up and leave.
            100,000 people a year, and sometimes 50x more than that, can really take a toll on a place that has no chance to recover.

            This “race” of things that we are, I can’t beleive we aren’t covered in slime.

          2. @RS, I CAN leave the country, it’s the US I think I’d have a hard time getting into? 🙁 I would LOVE to come to America, I’m definitely NOT anti-American. So many people bad mouth the US, it’s like it’s cool to hate Americans? I don’t understand it, it’s ignorance I think? Someone will say “Oh, bloody Yanks” I will say “why don’t you like Americans?” they’ll be like, “oh, um, er, hang on, oh yeah they ALL have guns! That’s it!” NO they don’t, you shit-rivit! You’re ‘hating’ on a whole country which is most similar to our own!

      1. @Rotten, I come back to BG after 24 hours away (I had a ‘boot market’ at a local park, I sold old clothes, DVD’s, toys etc, I made $260) kids were on the computer all arvo (afternoon) anyway it feels like I’ve been missing out on shit (conversations) but HOLD THE PHONE, who is on your new gravatar?? IS THAT YOU???

      1. You’re scarin’ me @tiger, the way you said that, welllllll, it seems you really know what killers like to do to their victims bodies. Tell me it ain’t so. WAIT, better yet tell me it IS so, and post some pictures of your masterpieces!!

        1. lunatic, ha ha it’s just that ‘true crime’ is my favourite reading subject, there’s not too many killers I haven’t heard about! Some keep the bodies for days (or when they get too smelly) in the house or apartment,longer if they live alone, washing hair, changing underwear. Total weirdo’s, who don’t want their ‘guest’s’ to leave, ever!

          1. Tulio already teached you guys that the f**ed up part of brazil is the north, and most big cities, but southern brazil is still a cool place, and for the racist gorelings, it has a huge population of german descended people, with the only difference that brazilian-german chicks are soooo much hotter than original germans….

          2. You will never convince me to go to brazil @tulio
            You might be working incognito for brazil.
            I’m sure this kind of gore is the outcome of poverty/boredom

    1. go figure, a mexican that would put it’s dick into ABSOUTLY ANYTHING……sure about that?
      Doesn’t look like it has enough MEXICAN BACK FAT there jose-juan-faliape-shitrivet-mugule-haasus-jesus-maria-juanita-perez Sr.

  1. HEY MOUSE!!!
    I see you have rat-climbed up the charts to #4!
    That’s awesome, White Chapple has been PARKED at 1415 for the longest time.
    Soon, it will be a 3-some of Tiger, You and some butthole that won’t shut up

  2. Honestly Brazil has raised the bar so high now I seldom even look at post that are just floating dead bodies…that’s not even gore anymore for Brazil…I like the Brazil action shots like camera catches man shooting woman type shit…Any place that gets more gore postings then Mexico deserve their won spin off…I second the

  3. For those who are curious, yes that is a somewhat recent picture of me.

    Tiger, just so You know, that’s the zipper to my welding jacket.
    I have never, nor will I ever ware a cross or ANY other type of religious paraphnalia.

    I have been pretty busy trying to do life-things around here, so it’s been hit & miss geting to the site to vomit words.

    Tiger, do the same thing.
    A face picture for a day.
    If I miss it, I can just fuck off.
    I showed You mine, now it’s Your turn.

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