CCTV – Barefoot Man Electrocuted in Meat Shop

Barefoot Man Electrocuted in Meat Shop

Barefoot Man Electrocuted in Meat Shop

Allegedly in Pakistan, two workers in an unsanitary work place, presumably a meat shop, experience electric slide.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the electrifying video:

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126 thoughts on “CCTV – Barefoot Man Electrocuted in Meat Shop”

    1. Hahaha this shit was funny. Not the guy being electrocuted just the whole build up to it with its own soundtrack. Very solid video. I work with electricity on a daily basis and I am trying to figure out how the heck the stainless tables got energized. Can’t see it, smell it, taste it, but when you’re bit… you sure as heck feel it! It’s electric!! And eff the Falklands.

      1. It wasn’t the Tables that electrocuted them, it was the bar that the guy standing in the foreground was holding. Then after betting electrocuted, like a complete idiot his friend grabs the same bar which electrocuted him too.

    1. Those people are filthy, disgusting rotten stinky pakis. How anyone can eat from their “restaurants” is beyond me. if people actually knew what they are like they would never go near the filth. Actually your average african nigger is cleaner than paki filth.
      i’m glad he got fried. Just a few million more to go and we’re making progress. We do need to make up for the do gooders who vaccinated them against their filthy deseases in the first place.

        1. the populations of Bangladesh plus Pakistan equal THREE HUNDRED SIXTY SEVEN MILLION, and this is from areas that have a carrying capacity of perhaps 45 million TOPS. if you truly want to combat “global warming” here is the way to do it: EUGENICS NOW

          1. Really the electrified prep table is more like a bug zapper. Those people breed like cockroaches and need some major disaster or plague to thin out the population.

      1. That was terrible !
        Why kill one Muzza or Curry dead when you can kill all 5?
        And what were they doing all hanging round like flies round a turd watching that discusting Muzza pour shit in that tray.
        Was it drugs?
        And how discusting the Muzza standing on the bench with his smelly foot near the meat/food bowl.
        Discusting coffee coloured pigs!
        I just wish they all got buzzed.
        Where is Buzz LIghtyear when you need him?

  1. Oh, those funny little hindus and their feeble attempts at running a civilization. They’re like lemmings.

    On the other side of that wall, some guy probably grounded a high-voltage wire on that pipe, and without giving two fucks about it, continued on his business.

      1. @honkeykong
        Yea me too brother, as i love good fresh fish also, yummy!
        If I Say that You live in England would i be right brother???
        Cause you know with my memory, that you can tell me
        Something today, and i will ask you the same question
        A couple days Later being completely lost! But yea,,,
        all this cause i was going to say that They are known
        For Making The Worlds Best Fish, & Chips are they not?

          1. @Honkeykong
            Ha,ha,ha dude, messed-up Teeth, and England do Sometimes/Oftentimes go hand, in hand Along With Bleach-White Skin, lol. Fack, That Was Funny Man, lol. 😉

            North Carolina eh??? God I’m Jealous as the weather there as opposed to here in Ottawa, is So Beautiful this time of years, as it’s like the weather we get on a Warm Day in May. You Guys will Have a beautiful week averaging between 15 & 16 sunny degrees from Monday to Friday! And Sunday,,, 21 degrees man, with light rain possible, but 21 bud! 🙂

            You’s are lucky.

          1. The weather here is all over the place. A couple weeks ago it was sunny and eighty degrees. This week it has been cold and rainy. There aren’t any salmon around here. The closest thing we have is rainbow trout. I haven’t been fishing in years, but I would like to get back into it, if I can catch them for food. Apparently there are a lot of sharks off the coast. Some years there are multiple attacks. Fucking Great Whites have started showing up now too.

          2. @Honkeykong
            Wow,,, *Great Whites*??? They Creep Me A Da-Fuck Out Man, and are Things Of Terrible Nightmares for me. And i would never, Ever Swim Out past Knee deep there bro. Rainbow trout are real tasty fish right up there with brook Trout, or Speckle Trout as we call them in Canada.

            And Yea brother you should get back to fishing as it is so calming, and serene to be out there enjoying peace quiet tranquility. It’s actually one of the very best stress relievers, and it’s truly good for your very soul my man. 🙂

          3. @honkeykong

            That was “INSANE” Brother Fucking Insane Man!!!! 🙂 🙁 🙂
            Please promise me brother tat You Will NEVER Go Swimming In That Little Canal With 8 Ft. Bull Sharks, like Holy-Shit Man that will rip you apart in two-Bites Man, Whoa!!!

            Actually, i just paused-it just when his huge mouth opened, and it’s a fucking smaller/younger Great White Brother Holy-Shit Man Creepy Murky-Waters. 🙁

            Well Smaller, lol it was like 7 to 8 fucking feet long dude!

          4. You don’t have to worry about me Dre. You won’t catch me swimming in the ocean, unless it’s St John, in the virgin islands. Crystal clear, and no shark attacks. Plus, there are searching turtles you can pet, and reef squid that change colors right in front of you.

          5. Wow,,, St-Johns sounds like a beautiful place brother. And thanks for getting my mind off of deep murky waters that you cannot see the bottom. I Feel better, lol, funny eh? I Love going to what seams like a similar environment, that’s in Cuba. It’s called Cayo-Coco. A Small beautiful tropical Island with Chrystal clear white sandy beaches, and shallow warm turquoise colored waters. At low tide you can walk-out for at least 1/2 to 3/4 miles out with the warm/hot water only being at your knees.

            It sounds a lot like St-Johns in the virgin Islands. I Am happy to hear that you stay out of the Atlantic Ocean where many of the worlds shark attacks happen. Man,,, i would love to swim with sea turtles brother. Do you travel there often, or just once every 2 or 3 years? Cause it sounds so truly beautiful, and like paradise bud. 🙂

  2. That was somewhere in Pakistan taking note of their clothing and the way they are handling the meat and not wearing shoes. At least the hindus wear sandals and make the women work. They were all bare footed and the one that got the big jolt wasn’t doing a damn thing until show time. What a sad way to live and even a sadder way to die.

    1. Complacency got the better of ’em because of booming
      business in turn ya have people disregarding all aspects of safety because the cash registers never stop
      Lucky for them as they both walked away unscathed
      except for a jolt as a reminder for them to be cautious
      the next time over . A pair of flips -flops worn by each would have warded of the danger .

  3. This is off topic a bit, but I’ve been traveling lately and noticed every god damned independently owned motel in the USA is owned by a paki or Hindu.
    They’re rude, unkept, unintelligible, and the office stinks of god knows what. But the main thing is how they look at you. Like you’re an untouchable, a thief, trash.
    I could wring their scrawny necks, and envision stuffing beef down their throats while bludgeoning them to death.
    Anyone else notice how these fuckers have taken over the motel industry in the US.?

    1. That is what happens when you allow unrestricted amounts of caste- believers into the country.
      No doubt they bought their residency with big bucks and the gov says nothing, eager to fill their now -empty coffers since they gave big business freekicks in taxation.
      New migrants need stringent checking to ensure compatible values and morals. If i had my way there would be mass shootings of current and past politicians of both major parties. A disgrace!

    2. Not only the U.S its the whole of Europe , ya ask me where these paki virus has not taken a hold of and its just the tip of the iceberg and spreading fast through out the globe .
      They are in all sorts of businesses and reigning supreme because the immigration laws are bendable in
      most of the first world nations allowing them to make hey. This reality is an eye opener but the politicians hardly do care as long as they have their way & keep making merry . Plight of the real citizens is unfathomable …….their jobs are not theirs any more cause its them who are there for grabs. I wonder what their presence is serving as except turning the clock to medieval times . Tell me of an educational field they have a contribution to or for that matter is there a figure you can identify who has excelled and done something worthwhile for the sake of mankind .Its some sundry businesses they are with but the nations where they reside now are bearing the brunt and crying wolf but its all too late as the graph is only soaring alarmingly .

      1. Haven’t noticed the problem? You must either live on Mars or be part of the problem.
        No, I don’t need a shrink, or classes on PC. I’m just used to common courtesy, and respect when interacting with others, especially when doing business.
        If you think i’m wrong to expect these things, maybe it’s you who needs better insight, perhaps some classes that teach interpersonal dynamics, or maybe you can find a third grade book on citizenship.

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  5. HAHAHAHAHA LMAO DUDE! this was way too funny, I lauighed so fucking much! the way that faggot is electrocuted and then the other stupid cunt touching the same thing. That was one of the filthiest and shittiest kitchens ever, imagine eating that crap prepared for those indian cunts

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