Brazilian Man Electrocuted While Climbing Utility Pole to Get View of Dilma Rousseff

Brazilian Man Electrocuted While Climbing Utility Pole to Get View of Dilma Rousseff

A Brazilian man climbed a utility pole to get a better view of ousted president Dilma Rousseff who was giving a speech, but touched the wrong wires and got electrocuted.

The incident happened in the city of Aracaju in the northern state of Sergipe. The man who only wore shorts ignored warnings and pleas of bystanders to give it up and climb back on the ground before the worst happens, kept climbing higher, until what he was being warned about happened.

The video recorded on a mobile phone shows the man turn into a flash of light as sparks and his limp body falls to the ground. The man was still taken to hospital but died en route. According to local media he was a beggar aged between 20 and 25 years. He suffered a heart attack and had severe head injuries.

Dilma Rousseff was ousted in a CIA coup that saw her replaced with an Israel puppet and a former CIA informant Michel Temer. Control of Brazil’s money was given to Ilan Goldfajn – a Zionist born in Israel. Yes, it was a Jew who said “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.”

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116 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Electrocuted While Climbing Utility Pole to Get View of Dilma Rousseff”

    1. BestGore Dilma was a corrupt crooked Socialist that was impeatched for good. Nothing, absolutely nothing justifies her crimes and indirects crimes, and atempts to sensor the midia in her favor, and Michel Temer (new President) is Arab ascending I don’t think he like jews at all, Ilan Goldfajn is just worker on the Central Bank, not the economy minister that he has to obey (the economy Minister which is Ian’s superior is Henrique Meirelles, he controls the whole economy now).

      I usually like your different points of views of the world politics, but as a Brazilian that suffered from Dilma’s government ridiculous atempts to dictatorship after her party was 13 years in power, controlling and draining every chance of making Brazil a dictatorship, I really feel offended. This is just non sense.

  1. a foolish reason to climb he wasnt thinking it cost him his life. wires 880 volts or higher a touch will kill instantly. if your 3 to 5 feet away power can arc and kill stay away.

      1. volts is nothing… thousand millions volts will not kill you .. only ampere will kill you, based on the movafoka small shitty ohm resistance the human body have 😀 (due to his 80% of water btw)

  2. That’s the most dumbass reason to climb a power pole, I mean, shit, if a tiger is chasing you or the running of the bulls… but to see some dickwad politician ?? fuck you idiot

  3. he must have had head injuries even before this happened because there is no way someone who is mentally stable would even think to climb on electric wires like that, he deserved to get zapped like a mosquito would get into an electric mosquito trap..

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