Brazilian Man Keeps Being Fried by Electricity on Top of Utility Post for Minute

Brazilian Man Keeps Being Fried by Electricity on Top of Utility Post for Minute

In Brazil, a presumably suicidal man climbed up a utility pole and messed around the live wires. Eventually, he made a shortcut with his body and got zapped.

We’ve seen similar situations multiple times before, but in the previous cases, the person got zapped for a second and fell to the ground. The fellow in this video however got lit up and sparkled for a whole minute.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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173 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Keeps Being Fried by Electricity on Top of Utility Post for Minute”

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          1. If it were a new episode of Family Guy I’d be ultra pissy, but finding out later that this jackass ate all that high voltage causing the disruption … I would have smiled, and been right with the world agin…

    1. Qwerty, how the hell have you survived all these years? Let me guess, you look both ways before crossing, don’t ride/drive a bicycle or moped, stay away from train tracks AND are not the self appointed, village electrician?

  1. Does anyone else find the choice of suicide by pole electrocution a bit odd? I understand electricians in accidents and construction workers being careless, but someone with no reason to be up there, you’d think they’d resort to something easier and readily available. I don’t know, it’s just the amount of effort you have to make to get up there is a tad bit confusing, considering there’s at least like 5 much easier and readily available methods of suicide. Either way, if the guy was suicidal, well I guess preference plays a role till death. If the guy wasn’t suicidal, well one less idiot rewarded the Darwin Award.

  2. In Brazil when people have to eat pop corns they either look out to the theaters or next best alternative being any of the scalable utility pole .
    Actually the dude atop the pole was munching on to his basket of salted pop corns feeling like a fiddler on the roof touching whatever naked he could see ..that’s when the lightening bolt struck ..
    Forensics have determined that he died because of electrocution beside the half popped pop corns he joyfully munched on to were also not cooked and popped up ,but thankfully that zapper of a bolt did the magic , although the hunt is on for the missing bottle of coke the fiddler was last seen with ; only its crown has been found so far.

  3. If I get to be president someday I will make a special International TV show where all suicidal people and mass shooting murderers crammed in a single room together, where we can all enjoy at the comfort at our own cable TVs. What an amazing entertainment that would be.

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