Faulty Wiring on Store Beverage Cooler Door Shocks Dad Holding Child

Faulty Wiring on Store Beverage Cooler Door Shocks Dad Holding Child

On CCTV, a man walks into store barefooted, while holding child. The dad heads towards the beverage cooler to grab a drink.

The door to the cooler has faulty wiring, so when he grabs the handle to the door he gets an electric charge. The less than deadly shock lock his muscles onto the door, resulting in the dropping of child.

An old man in Red shirt is the store owner and knew his shit was faulty but was too cheap to repair it. Which is why he was standing by the door and already knew what was happening.

Its the amps that will kill you not the voltage.

There isn’t enough amps to kill him. Anything less than 50 volts will typically not kill but can still shock.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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    1. Yup, I would sue the fucking shit out of him. Good thing the girl was old/big enough to get away with a bruise. Imagine if that was an infant and he hit his head on the floor…

      Usually I don’t say that, but this is a rare example when the victim is not at fault.

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  1. Now That’s how it’s done,,, And how it should be done every time somebody needs help. Jump into the action,,, kick-ass,,, and save a life. Ain’t no better feeling in the world, Trust Me. 🙂

  2. The dad from the stoneage era perhaps, looked to be quite an idiot of a sort walking in to the Beverage store barefeet; carrying a child not realizing what sorta havoc electricity can cause when the earthing is improper and what electricity can do when no footwear is worn . Taking it too lightly he helps complete the circuit with less impedance between him and the ground where already the appliance had gone erratic and the voltaic zap obliges surgefully . The shock was so intense that he let go the child from his arm .
    For the present he is electrified with all hair standing at the back of his neck and doesn’t need no ZIPFIZZ nor any candies for his child.

  3. The oft repeated statement “it’s the amps that kill you not the volts..” is not entirely correct. Electric current, measured in amperes (amps) is the product of the voltage (in volts) and the resistance (in ohms). If you have a complete circuit between an electrified appliance and ground then current will flow. One amp of current flowing from one hand to one foot may not kill you but if that current is from hand to hand then it will cross your heart area and could cause atrial fibrillation which could result in death if not disconnected in time.

  4. Thank you, this clip was great, watching electricity take control of the body its a concept associated with demonic forces but thus witnessing it during these situation where electricity coursing through the body “possessing them” making them do actions such as hold on to the thing thats killing them in the first place or drop something you care about although if he had control he would’ve dropped the child anyway assuming he had common sense.

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