Clumsy Dutchman Dies After Falling into Jacuzzi with Electric Lamp

Clumsy Dutchman Dies After Falling into Jacuzzi with Electric Lamp

CCTV video from Hua Hin in Thailand shows 66 year old Dutchman Horst Holger electrocuting himself after his clumsy ass fell into jacuzzi with an electric lamp. The Dutchman died in the tub after the not so impressive aquatics routine.

Strange to see a foreigner die in Thailand not by the hand of a Thai. What’s this world coming to?

Either way, remember guys – don’t hold on to portable electrical appliances while standing in water.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Clumsy Dutchman Dies After Falling into Jacuzzi with Electric Lamp”

    1. If this was in the guy’s hotel room, why is there surveillance video of it? Do the Thais have hidden cameras in hotel rooms to catch you porking the 12 year olds?

      If it was in some sort of public space, though, why the fuck was a guest hauling a heater around?

    2. What do niggers have to do with this one? Idiot

      I thought you were going to say something a bit smarter like: “Besides having the lamp so nearby the water, they were quite thoughtful to have CCTV camera watching a Jacuzzi”

          1. LOL at least someone hear has a sense of humour, only problem would probably be that you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week that’s if you don’t die from major Anal damage and internal bleeding. But Coke and XTC are the best in that situation:):):):):)

  1. As painfully slowly as he was struggling to get into that pool, I think it was safe to assume he was already past his date of expiration.

    Maybe the reason for his clumsiness was due to the fact that he was already suffering a heart attack or stroke, in which this must have been a hell of a way to die.

  2. I have my jacuzzi lamp on a short cord and bolted down hard like because everbody needs to see the strange that gets off on this shit. Joking. I don’t need to see my particular and such. -951-

  3. He had plenty of time to realize that he was getting into a hot tub with, apparently a VERY slippery bottom, and that he had something electric embraced in his arms/hands. People need to take an extra second of their time when they are doing their daily routine things. It quite often seems as if a lot of terrible things happen when you’d least expect it. This was 100% unavoidable if only he placed the boombox further away from the jacuzzi and not have touched it once he was getting into, or about to get into the tub.

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  6. Who gets into a tub of water with an electrical object anywhere NEAR them?!?!? NOT ME!!!!!!! I would have seen that lamp and said no flipping way I’m getting in that tub of death

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