Colombian Female Drug Addict Dangling from Wire Falls to Her Death

Colombian Female Drug Addict Dangling from Wire Falls to Her Death

Colombian Female Drug Addict Dangling from Wire Falls to Her Death

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows a female drug addict who climbed a utility pole and then dangled from an overhead powerline. Somehow she held onto it in a way that avoided her electrocution.

Eventually, after a period of monkeying, she lost her grip and fell down. She got impressively wedged in the branched out trunk of the tree, before gradually rolling to the ground. The fall, according to the backinfo I got, was fatal for her, which lead me to a speculation that perhaps it was the wedge that snapped her neck.

The incident happened in Medellin, Colombia. Props to Best Gore member @maziati for the video:

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  2. Someone I used to know used a lot of meth. He became extremely paranoid with hallucinations/delusions of being chased by Very Scary People.
    In the middle of the night, a couple of years ago, he climbed up this enormous Douglass Fir tree (Tacoma WA) and fell. He lay in cold temps for almost three days, with fractured cervical vertebrae. He didn’t die because of mild hypothermia…But he won’t walk again, let alone run from Very Scary People or even walk to the next corner to score some more of that shit.

    That flattened addict won’t be using anymore either…I wonder if she climbed up there to “escape” her paranoid delusions?

  3. This video makes me really sad. She seems to be a young person who should not have died in such a terrible way. It looks like there is some type of a rescue truck parked in the street with rescue men there on the scene, but they seem to be taking their time, just looking up at her instead of trying to rush really fast and setup some type of a rescue attempt down below. They appear to be just watching her struggle as she hangs on the wire. It’s a miracle that she was not electrocuted hanging on that dangerous very high voltage live wire. It doesn’t even matter if she was high on drugs, depressed or suicidal, the rescue men down below should have been working much faster to make an attempt to save this girl. Her initial fall she might have survived but when her head and neck got wedged into the fork in the tree, it was over. That second violent impact can be seen and heard as her neck and head collide with the tree. No doubt her skull was broken as well as her neck.

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