Copper Cable Thief Lost His Balls and More in Electrocution

Copper Cable Thief Lost His Balls and More in Electrocution

Copper Cable Thief Lost His Balls and More in Electrocution

A dreadlocked copper cable thief was electrocuted in South Africa. Languages spoken, according to Best Gore member @african-angel are all typical South African.

The presumed thief appears to be still alive in the video, so the electrocution did not kill him, at least not yet, but it sure did fry his dick and balls. Karma probably wanted to make sure he’s unlikely to reproduce.

Funny how he geared up for the heist with gloves and all, but it did him little good.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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  1. Leaving to one side the death aspect, I wonder if this would ‘short’ the brain out? What with the electrical impulses coursing through the body, would this overload the senses and – were you to survive – you’d be a vegetable?

  2. He may still be able to reproduce doesn’t seem to be beyond recovery indeed the extent of roastness is severe however doesn’t appear to have completely destroyed his reproductive system.

    Have I just invented a new word – roastness?

    1. Yeah, his dick, balls, prostate and bladder are probably all cooked up and I’d say his sperm days are done! Hey, another breeder kept from breeding any future niglets. Probably at least five less criminals the world won’t have to deal with and countless lives saved!

  3. Looks like he could have been straddling the wire seeing that most of the damage is below the waist. I’d say it blew Deez Nuts off and traveled down both legs to ground!!

    I wouldn’t be surprised either to find out he did in fact survive. Granted there are major arteries and veins down there and he looks like he got some bad burns but there aren’t any major organs down there necessary for life so he’s probably gonna live a nice long life of agony and scarring!

      1. LOFL!! I know I know. All I meant was that this guy could very have lived because it’s not like having a jolt travel through your heart or burn your lungs or blow out your liver. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to live without a dick! Sometimes it’s my only friend!!

  4. .. From the desktop of Johannesburn PD: 14 Aug-2018, as follows…

    Suspect identified as: Shocka Con, 32, was arrested on scene, w/o incident, and will be CHARGED with infractions listed below …

    Arrest ZAPidavit – 110v

    For not delivering on the order for stolen copper, suspect S. C. will be CHARGED with… Wire Fraud.

    For having his burning torch out in public, suspect S. C. will be CHARGED with… Incandescent exposure.

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