Emmure Singer Frankie Palmeri Electrocuted During Live Show in Moscow

Emmure Singer Frankie Palmeri Electrocuted During Live Show in Moscow

Emmure is a deathcore band from Queens, New York. On May 7, 2013 while performing live in Moscow, Russia, the band’s frontman Frankie Palmeri was electrocuted, seized up and fell on stage. As can be seen from the video, the guy who tried to help him received a jolt as well.

The electroshock was powerful enough to incapacitate Frankie Palmeri, rendering the band unable to finish out their set. They apologized profusely to their fans on Twitter and promised to make up for the botched concert soon.

Apparently the stage wasn’t wired safely, which resulted in the singer’s electrocution.

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71 thoughts on “Emmure Singer Frankie Palmeri Electrocuted During Live Show in Moscow”

  1. 馃榾 looks like something out of a cartoon. Though I don’t like that sort of music its good he wasn’t seriously injured sadly I wont say the same if it happened to someone from the pop shit “singers”..

          1. It’s the DEVILS music I tell you.

            OK maybe not, but that noise sucks just the same. I’d rather listen to Justin Bieber and that’s pretty sad.

  2. Are my ears playing tricks or does the main singer (can this be considered singing?) still continue to sing after electrocution and collapse and also the other band members are still trying to pretend to play their instruments so that it still appears to be live until the plug is pulled, I guess it is not only pop groups that mime.

    It always struck me to be odd in that I consider myself to be a decent guitarist and yet I cannot play a lot of these heavy metal type guitar solos whilst jumping up and down like they do, I have to keep still otherwise I start hitting the wrong strings, maybe I’m just shit.

    1. nah dude just depends how you learn to play, if you get used to playing live or with people eventually you’ll be able to jump around while soloing, maybe not too much sweeping though never seen a guitarist go crazy while sweeping, anyway that video was quite funny added a nice touch to what looked like a fairly shit show in my opinion not that i have anything in particular against ‘core’ they just looked a bit boring imo,

    2. Well if you’re trying to play in a shit band like Emmure, all you need to learn is 0 and 1 on the fretboard. Its not hard to jump around while playing guitar when all your really doing is playing binary code on your instrument. This band is awful.

    3. many years ago i watched a prog on the tv called the oxford roadshow, filmed of course in oxford, a singer, toni basil, had a song ‘mickey’, she used to perform with a guitarist called spazz, he used to do front flips whilst playing, i thought they were both a couple of spazzers.

  3. That was a shocking performance. Nothing short of spectacular!!

    When he actually went down, he reminded me of when we used to play that game- “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. He totally went down- “stiff as a board”!!

      1. I like tons of music! Heavy metal is great stuff too! But oddly enough you can catch me with bb king in the tape deck. Or some classical on the radio while im drivin. I like it all besides most modern country:O

  4. hahahaha awesome. I listen to many kinds of extreme metal bands, but I fucking hate Emmure! The vocalist reminds me of that dipshit “turtle” in Entourage. Can’t stand that “deathcore” scene, so many fucking dipshits who dress and act like hip hoppers. They sound exactly the same as 90% of the other shitty deathcore bands out there. /End rant…. puts on “Kampfar – D?dens Vee” \m/

  5. One of the jobs that I have is working backstage at a theater where concerts are also held, and the work and effort that is required just for an hour performance takes roughly 10 hours of behind the scenes work (at least) making it rather easy to over look some things like that. But even still it is a 1 in a 10000 chance to actually miss something that bad

  6. That talentless fuck Frankie had better luck after this – he somehow started dating mega-boobed Japanese AV actress Hitomi Tanaka. He even wrote a “song” about her.
    Thankfully, they recently (2018) broke up: the dumb-ass was cheating on her!
    Note: I know this because I follow Hitomi, not Emmure!

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