Four Painters Electrocuted Pushing Scaffold Into Overhead Powerlines

Four Painters Electrocuted Pushing Scaffold Into Overhead Powerlines

Why bother paying attention to overhead power lines when you’re pushing a 2 storey high scaffold tower, right? Shit happens everywhere, but Chinese workplace safety is just as stellar as their driving.

I feel awfully sorry for these four painters. Disassembling and reassembling a scaffold tower is a pain in the arse – that’s why they put wheels on it so they could easily move it around. That keeps their workflow smooth but disregarding the danger of overhead power lines when handling anything high enough to touch them and capable of conducting electricity is nothing short of a death sentence. Might as well strap oneself onto an electric chair and have the timer turn on the power switch.

The painters fried instantly. You can see fire and smoke coming out of their body within instance. As soon as the scaff touched the power lines, they were all paralyzed and from there it just kept getting worse. Magically, one of the painters came to after 2 minutes of electrocution and started crawling his way out of there – with one extra collapse along the way. The other three died – two on the spot, one later in a hospital. The stench of burning flesh must have been horrid.

Chinese news site reported that scaffold’s rubber wheels melted from the contact with high tension wires and were stuck to the ground. One of the painters had face burned black with his hair standing up.

Easily one of the creepiest videos I’ve seen. The electricity makes them completely powerless and unable to escape its deadly grasp. Always said to see working people die trying to make money to feed their family:

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186 thoughts on “Four Painters Electrocuted Pushing Scaffold Into Overhead Powerlines”

    1. Very sad, just a bunch of workers trying to provide for their family and shit just happens.
      Note to self: Don’t always be observe power lines or exposed wires. Just like that one brazilian eletricution.

      1. Just think of how confused he must have been. One second your pushing a scaffold and zap you’re unconscious and you wake up not realizing what happenee and all three of your buddies are laying there on fire and twitching and shit.

  1. There’s a sayin in the FD that goes LOOK UP TO LIVE when moving extension ladders around,this video shows what happens when you don’t.. the guy far left and front right made better contact after falling, think that’s why they got TOASTY! Vid put me in the mood for some fried wontons..

  2. ok, now i finally have admitted to myself after watching 202 pages of best gore, that there is just too many ways to die. so i give up, fuck it!!!
    no sense in trying to be careful all the time.

    1. This is what I am thinking too. Someone I had met, a late twenties fit guy with a bright future apparently fell from his twenty floor building because he has had too much alcohol and sat on the ledge. We can choke to death the next time we eat fish balls. Who knows?

  3. Being tased is not only incapacitating but it causes all your muscles to tense up, these guys couldn’t let go even if they knew what was going on. I wonder though with this kind of severe electricution at witch point do you lose consciousness.

    1. I think the ground was pretty wet , conducting electricity to whomever is in contact with the water ,even if the scaffolding had rubber non conducting wheels , just one of the chinks still holding on to the scaffolding would act as a conductor to the lot of them even more so as the water soaked into their clothing.
      It was the perfect storm.

    1. I agree. Seeing their movement just stop and hang there while getting zapped was priceless. Reminds me of the time I grabbed an arcing spark plug wire on a running car and could’nt let go. It’s a scary feeling.l

  4. Absolutely the worst time to die… While working. Yeah, that’s what I want my last experience in life to be; doing some shitty job instead of enjoying myself. That’s what I call being cheated. I hope I die on my couch with an empty beer can next to me as the credits roll for some cheap ass movie like Conan the Destroyer. That’s what I call winning.

  5. Has’nt anyone ever told these guys that smoking is not permitted in the work place?
    For a second there I thought my computer froze because there was no movement going on but then I saw the flames dancing about and realized it was just the men who stopped moving. If you’ve ever been zapped by electricity for any amount of time you know that it’s hard if not impossible to let go of whatever is zapping you. Your muscles just lock up and can’t do what your mind is telling them so you just kinda hang on for the ride and hope it stops soon.

    1. One time when I was a child at an amusement park I grabbed ahold of one of those ,” see how much power you can take” macho games ,cranked it to full blast ,but nothing happened…. I couldn’t figure it out….then a bystander reached over jiggled the coin insert knob and “plink” the dime was freed and dropped in and switched the mother fucker on while I had it cranked to the max…. Shocked the shit out of me…. Its like that , you wanna let go but you can’t….. You just hope it stops. Stupid fucking kid.

  6. This is when you are somewhat happy with your job being in Canada. Our strict Ministry of Labour laws, even though they are a pain in my ass , save lives every day. I myself climb scaffolding on a regular basis performing quality check inspections. I would be hard pressed to climb that fuckin (K-TEL ) , Mickey Mouse outfit they call a scaffold . It is sad to see these poor guys not make it home for dinner. R.I.P.

  7. With ALL the people in China where the heck were they to help these poor sods?
    And what did they think that putrid smell was… the local restaurant’s daily special?!
    Amazing to see the one walk away from it though.

  8. A similar incident happened this weekend in the Los Angeles area. I guy ran into a fire hydrant and something caused power lines to drop down into the flood of water. Two women ran to help the driver and walked into the water and were immediately electrocuted and died. To add insult to injury, I read today that the city will bill the two women’s families for the ambulance services. Be a Good Samaritan, and get billed for it for your trouble and death.

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