India – Man on Top of Train Grabs Live Cable, Gets Electrocuted

India - Man on Top of Train Grabs Live Cable, Gets Electrocuted

Props to archamedes for the video and this awesome description:

It’s another Indian dancing the lightning while standing on top of a train. I say another one, because it’s not uncommon for trains in India to be completely overloaded with passengers and more often than not, someone always grabs the live cable. Anyway, after they pull him down, you can really see the damage caused by high voltage, he looks like a chicken leg over microwaved with flaps of charred clothing attached/fused to the body.

It’s true that it’s not uncommon for trains in India to be overload as it’s not uncommon to see Indians take a ride atop the trains. Some of you may remember the video of another Indian guy who grabbed the live cable on top of a train and took a fiery zap from hell. If one thing leads to another, then there is no wonder trains in India are overloaded. If you ride on the train roof and get electrocuted, it’s bound to cause delays and confusion which in turn results in fewer people reaching their destination in time so they have to take next available train which is – as a result – guaranteed to be overloaded.

Another thing about India – as seen from the video below – if someone gets electrocuted, they don’t bring stretcher to the victim, they drag the victim to the stretcher.

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127 thoughts on “India – Man on Top of Train Grabs Live Cable, Gets Electrocuted”

  1. Hahahahahahahahahaha

    Sorry, I was just so shocked to see that……….. that poor…………… stupid fuckstick do one of the dumbest things a human can do ( I did say one of ).

    hahahahahahahahahahaha……….. that video was just pure GOLD……………. watching him do the ‘boogie’ before grabbing the wire cracked me up.

    1. I used to be an electrician and got zapped with just 240 volts. That hurt like a muthafuk!! I couldn’t imagine grabbing hold of that kind of voltage. BTW….it’s the current that kills ya, not the voltage. Koodos to him for doing that for us all ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. stupid Indian bastards need to stop ridin around on top of trains. where is do you see this except in shithole overpopulated countries? took a good look at an overpopulated world coming soon to a country near you. at this point humans are more prolific at breeding than us rats and ironicaly it will be the end of them when they consume every natural resource and have to live in a mad max world.

    1. some people from EU ride on top of the trains i’ve watched special news reports about that some get away with it some get arrested and i’m not talking about shitty trains like that one i’m talking about those fast modern trains fuck ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  3. amazing how most of these commenters leave shitty, stupid 2 line comments. all meaningless. i actually spend some time and thoughts into my pontifications which i post here for the benefit of you retards. take heed and learn from the wisdom of the mouse!

    1. ‘Mouse-trap’ I noticed you had a look at the earlier posting of the ‘Indian train electrocution’, don’t even worry about replying to BG member ‘Angie’, she’s long gone & I doubt many miss her, she was like the Gestapo for BG! I’ve NEVER come across someone so self-righteous as her, GOD help you if you even slightly disagreed with her.

    2. Yes Master Mouse I will endeavor to make comments as eloquent and wonderfully chock full of insight as you have previously done so. I shall follow your whim and cleverly craft my own postings in the future!

  4. I hope in a few years all vids like these will be in high-res because of shitty phones like this going extinct.

    I liked the other vid better, dat sound!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ZAP

    This guy is lucky to be alive but lol look at his clothing, just like a cartoon.

  5. It’s a common suicide method over there. There’s a bunch of cases, and a handful of vids around. He probably got tired of the constant yapping. If I had to live with that noise around all the time, I’d do the same.

  6. stupid Indian bastards! at what point do you decide theres too many motherfuckers in your shithole country and decide to stop breeding because it brings down the standard of living for everybody. a recent 60 minutes story said all these indian fucks love gold. it is a status symbol to them. there isn’t enough gold in the UNIVERSE to satisfy these greedy bastards. no hope for them as their breeding is out of control. think about that you Best Gore retards.

  7. Indians are so dumb. 55 Indians fighting for 1 Cubic squared yard of a moving train top attatched to live cable screams STOOOPID!! . When I want to travel from A to B I just go buy a ‘Go Trains Super Tripper’ and I get to ride all day inside a nice comfortable cabin as opposed to on the roof. I suppose they are a bit like the mexicans taking flight to the US. Dumb. Robert

  8. I thoroughly imagined Christopher Titus doing his “zapping” impression of when he put a penny in a light socket from Rockwell is Bleeding. So naturally, as I do in most this vids, I giggled
    My girl is Indian. Should I be concerned about this behavior?

  9. until we know the backstory of this suicide attempt we cant really judge. he probs has a good reason, so we just sit back and enjoy this shocking video.
    oh wait…he’s indian
    good riddence.

      1. no, i never heard of that dude and this is really the only gore site i visit anymore because it is the best and there is a community of retards here where i fell at home, including you jack. the other sites like crazy shit, theync, pretty much suck and that is why this is best gore.

    1. theres also another good electrocution one, from Brazil. some guy falls out of a tree & one of the rescuers slightly touches a live wire & just keels over, smoking. Its at the end of this posts video, when its finished & related vids come up.

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