Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She’s Unconscious

Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She's Unconscious

Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She Is Unconscious

I calculate at least an 80% probability that the incident happened in Vietnam.

The CCTV video from in front of a spa shows two women sweeping the pavement, when a little girl eager to play enters the view. She moves around, and eventually grabs a hold of a low hanging power line. That doesn’t do anything, because she’s not grounded, but when she grabs a metal post with her other hand, the circuit is closed and she gets zapped.

The electric current causes her body to tense up and unable to release the grip on the cable and post. Motorcycles ride by, the two women continue to sweep, and as the girl is being electrocuted, nobody notices, until she apparently loses consciousness and her right hand lets go.

Eventually the preggo sweeper who’s the nearest the girl notices she’s not OK and comes to her aid, alerting the other woman and they hail down a motorcycle to get the girl to hospital.

I don’t know the outcome, but hopefully she survived it.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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217 thoughts on “Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She’s Unconscious”

    1. Phase to ground. Once she grabbed the steel pole she was done for. Electricity straight from her left hand to her right hand through the heart. Poor thing. I work with this stuff everyday. It isn’t forgiving and I’m wondering why the circuit was so low to the ground. Not many safety standards in other countries to prevent this.

        1. Good stuff!….Over 40 seconds of electricity zippin thru her Lil bitty body had me thinking the worst… but seeing what you provided helps me sleep well at nights! Once again thanks fam….

    2. Building code 1o2.6 paragraph 1
      If payoff meets or the exceeds inspector’s personal financial needs at the time of inspection a permit will be granted.
      Code 102.6 paragraph 2
      If no permit was obtained a retroactive permit can be issued provided the inspector, his boss and his boss’ boss are adequately convinced ($$$) the construction met code at time of construction.

      1. Especially in a communist state like vietnam the corruption is spread throughout the grape vine fron root to fruit. Even in a commie shithole you’d think her parent would be watching thier 5 yo. It just shows how much they give a shit about human life. Hey all they have to do is fuck and wait 9months and theyll have a new one. Poor little girl dead before even living.

          1. Well, I think it’s a brand of pasta lol… although I usually go with San Georgio’s

    3. basically what is happening once she grabbed the wire and the pole the electricity caused the muscles to contract griping the pole and the wire tighter and tighter making it almost impossible for her to let go. electrical burns do extensive damage to the skin muscles i don’t think she survived her injuries.

        1. Senor Piggy
          Yep,, you’re so right B G Bro, and as the musical living-legend Bob Dylan used to Say/Sing,,,
          **The Times,,, They Are A Changing** So yea,,, only a few of us originals left my man. 🙁

      1. These women sure do know how to kill time sweeping.
        And the men probably inside their house enjoying a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper too busy to notice the little girl in danger.
        I’m willing to bet that this is not the first time that this happens.

    1. what’s even more ironic is the fact that that little girl was waiting for her to look at her so she could say something to her the woman totally ignored her walked over to a dustpan and started doing the garbage and the woman across the street noticed anything way before the woman who was pregnant did she stop yelled pointed at the little girl and that’s when the pregnant lady decided to run over and pay the girl some attention when it was already way too lateI remember being that young and I remember waiting until an adult look at you until you spoke to them and the woman just ignored her had she turned around and asked her how she was doing or something to that effect maybe they would have had a conversation remember being that Bored n young sad to think that a pregnant woman wanted to sit there and ignore a little girl yet she’s about to have a child herself

        1. I didnt watch it either zero. Got anything for me?

          I saw it was 6 minutes, think it a bit much twitching for a kid. Usually if something is borderline icky I mute it but not going to work with this

          Headless kid birthed from crocodile? All day long

    1. Seeing different perspectives and understanding how people live their lives. We cannot be immune to the ravages of time, of old age, furthermore , however what is broken within us within us will remain, concealed. The broken have always been more evolved, because they have evolved through what is broken.

  1. The kid was dying with a fucking shock and the mother as a mentally retarded looking, instead of asking for help, went to touch the child, and this is the least recommended in these cases. Lucky bitch. These Asians are stupid, at least they know how to react to anything.

  2. ah yes, welcome to another episode of “Why im not a parent!”
    case in point; this fucking retard!
    god, i know its vietnam and all, but if i was the mother, i would pick up the child, and try to find someone who is able to preform CPR. but nope! im gonna sit around and call to my friend and not do jack shit!

  3. At least the concrete is safe and obviously more important than a little girl playing alone by a fucking rd…. for a really long time ……maybe only young boys are worthy attention in that country………

  4. Someone should have wrapped the wire around the kids throat and strangled her till she turns purple and dies and then show footage of her unresponsive naked body being molested by a hot thic Latina Milf

  5. She was sweeping her cares away now she’s pregnant…Pondering over which foreigner “boyfriend(s)” she could frame as “ Daddy Debit Machine”for the next 18 years to her little bundle of joy! How could people be so aloof of their surroundings?!
    I was waiting for someone from the crowd to test wire and metal pole to see if it actually worked! Hahaha
    All joking aside….she didn’t deserve that
    Rest In Peace little angel 🙁

  6. Theres just no way that kid was out of sight since she touched the pole, that pink dress retard saw her you can tell by the way her face is, and what shes doing, good chance her eyes are following close by and she would see the kid clearly in trouble long before she actually went over. That or im giving these sub humans too much credit for having any brains.

  7. Electricity supply in Vietnam is 220 Volts @ 50Hz AC
    US residential is 110-120 @ 60Hz AC
    When I was little I used to stick my metal house key in the wall socket.
    I thought it felt really neat, the way my body would “vibrate” with
    the 60hz AC.
    At the time I didn’t know why I “vibrated, I do now.
    It never did cause me to flex long or hard enough to cause
    muscle lock to the electrode.
    On a side note, one time I was cleaning a neon sign.
    Turn it off first? Na, I got this… just don’t touch the wires that
    connect the transformer & I’m all good.
    **Neon tubes require a high voltage at a low current to operate. This power is supplied by a specialized transformer. Secondary voltages typically range from 1,000 to 15,000 volts, and secondary currents range from 20 to 60 milliamps (and higher, for large diameter “cold cathode” tubing)
    Yes, that’s a voltage ~10x-100x above std. US residential.
    I completely forgot, that’s high enough voltage to “Arc” in standard “air”.
    It can “arc” a surprisingly long distance.
    That’s why std. US high voltage lines are more than 8′ apart.
    Any closer & they will arc between lines.
    Any who, after a 2″+ arc, to my hand, I literally felt like a car
    hit me, I was laying on my back with what I would call an adrenaline rush
    so strong I couldn’t move for 1-2 minutes. Even after I could move, my muscles
    were twitching for the next 2 hours. Think 5-10 individual tasers, at the
    same time.
    *This high voltage is obtained by lowering the amps in exchange for voltage.
    If the amps were even at 10% of std. outlet output, I guarantee I
    wouldn’t be here today.
    Maybe that’s what caused my current mental state, to enjoy this site.

      1. wow I don’t ever recall someone from India saying they want out like that

        we take everyone you just got to do it right.

        hmm India you are either filthy rich or dirt poor
        (neutral face)

          1. I know a bunch of people that just came in illegally like now. They told me it’s not as difficult as they make it seem he told me a wall is not going to stop anyone from coming in. You will always find ways if you pay the right people like coyotes to smuggle you in. And guess what one of the guys I know is from new Delhi. So he’s in already and your still stuck there

  8. The peasant(rural) – class in Asian countries are world -class morons .

    I remain unconvinced that the average East Asian is the most intelligent of the races. I really do believe we only test the subsection that make it to our shores and they are the creme de la creme of their nation anyway.

    I have seen many migrants come to Australia ,most from peasant backgrounds from Europe ,East Asia ,Subcontinent and Africa.

    The ones that learn to drive cars and function in society the fastest and best have always been the Europeans. From horse and cart to car in one generation whereas rich Asians ,owning cars for three generations come here and are still retarded.

  9. Just like i said before Guys/Gals,,, use A Broom Handle or break-off and old dry tree branch and push the off the damn wires. And as for The Member (who i refuse to name ) as to not embarrass him, that told me lately-enough that you cannot use Wood/Broom-Handle to dislodge a person from live electrical-wires because it conducts electricity, and you’d get electrocuted??? “So Please Do Not” Listen to him, as the proof is Yet-Again,,, in the pudding. Or In This Case,,, in this, and many other Best-Gore Video’s. 🙂

  10. Fuck em. She’s already pregnant there with another one anyway. I know these are gooks and not chinks but with how badly these filthy Asians have fucked this world up with their eating habits im glad to see this. 3 pandemics in 17 years. I want to see more shit against these people

    1. The Chinese capitol is being hit hard by Covid…even the officials are admitting it. Saying it’s an “emergency” and locking the city down.

      I’m torn between knowing that a lot of decent folks in China are the victims of their Gov. covering up the crud just as the rest of the world are, but I still can’t help hoping…well….

  11. I don’t think the poor one survived the electrocution. The current was passing for too long for her little heart to withstand the electricity. Darwin at its highest level.. Even if she didn’t die from electricity she was destined to fall from the edge of that driveway and break her neck. Destined for it.. I saw it coming…

  12. This was awful, it’s amazing how many adults go about their lives these days in a fog
    about what is happening in their immediate environment
    This was similar that dumb mole who let a kid drown in a pool, while she was texting
    with her back turned to the kids she was supervising

    1. Lots of fucked up people in this world become parents. The let their kids get run over by a car and then scream for hours disturbing everyone nearby. Condom was sent from heaven along with Jesus to stop these people from having kids. They fuck even while being 9 months pregnant. Every man who engages in fucking a pregnant woman is a pedophile, culpable serial rapist in my eyes. Hopefully Bad Jonny ain’t that bad.

      1. Oh hell, Jonny is no pedo
        The closest I came was peddling my trike

        I don’t sing in falsetto and own a chimp named ‘bubbles’ and marry Elvis’ daughter after my 1st lot of pedo charges, then leave Neverland after the 2nd lot

  13. VIETNAM. What a shithole country. I would rather stay at home and fist my own asshole than travel to Vietnam. No regards for public safety. No proper inspection and examinations of electrical lines, roads and buildings. A accurate definition of a ‘Third World Country.’ My country India ain’t no good either. Hail the amazing UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A Nation of civilised, responsible and amazing people. Fuck China.

  14. I’m apologizing to everyone on here, yes I’ve scorned the majority of you. There has to be a reason why you all make fun of such horrific tragedies. It is because I believe, you’ve all been like myself victims of severe inconsideration(s). Some may have come through the other-end and accepted life is just plain shit BUT “let’s not slog the innocent random(s)” yet others are still badly jaded.

    However I have great respects for those whom seek to heal their wounds……Disregarding the blood lusting terrorists, pedophiles & murderers..Let me remind you that adults that die were once in nappies too, they have people who loved them and cared about them and vice versa.

    For those that make fun of children / child(s) death,.. I truly hope you repent (not in a religious way) but discover remorse and dispel your hatred.. Cause right now you have a fucking long way to go.

    1. I do not find joy in people’s misfortunes. They are already dead or severely wounded. I really do not view the super horrific ones like I used to but I really don’t think it matters. Curiosity will forever switch it up and some stuff and many people here are very funny and that is what I like .

      What matters to me is how I live my life and treat others and my own integrity and at end of day how many babies I can run over with my car

      See howi did that. I would never run over baby intentionally, twice

      1. See, this is where it gets fucking weird .. most of my life I’ve heard people say:
        Ya can’t kill children or animals .. they’re innocent!
        No shit, Sherlock, but guess what? Alot of teens, adults and geriatrics are fucking innocent too .. For instance, if Jonny got rolled over by a steamroller, cunts would say : Good one, pancake to go! But if it was some snot nozed Chingy kid, cunts would come on here saying “Not da childrens matey … NOt da fugging childrens ….”
        Grow up, Punjabber!
        I, and alot of the adults on here, are AS INNOCENT AS FUCK
        So .. we deserve your same commiserations if we die as that pug faced, pie eating little Scottish cunt who got ran down or electrocuted or something
        Why do sheeple think that ‘innocence’ (Inn our Sense) starts and ends with fuck’d up little kids, and annoying fucked up animals
        I heard a story once of a guy that loved his weed so much he used to blow it down the snout of his pitbull, and once the pitbull even walked straight into a wall
        Is he a non-innocent?
        Or innocent like a child?
        I say the latter, because the cunt was not trying to ‘hurt’ the pitbull, he was just
        trying to share the only thing that makes him happy in his shitted ugly life
        And the pitbull used to come back for another ‘toke’ when it was ready
        So .. who gave you or anyone else the “Scroll of Innocence” that you can whip
        out, like whipping out your blob of a dick to wrap around some slant-eye kid,
        or some beady eyed beastie of a dog?
        So what I suggest is that you be equally as sadenned by the death of an innocent
        adult, as to a snot nosed 2 y/o brat (who will probably grow up to give your daughter Crack, or Smack, then rape her by uncircumcized non-lube buttfuck!
        Is he innocent now?
        Do you wanna hold the head of his dick while he does it? Saying
        “Aaah know you iz innocent boy, Aaaah jus’ know you iz ….”
        Grow the fuck up
        Jonny loves you (and the innocent)

        1. The alcoholic beverage I had, made me far too compassionate. I accidentally felt kindness for the abhorrent regurgitation. For a moment there I thought you angry rejects were actually worth something beyond manure: I do make mistakes on rare occasions.

          There isn’t a cure for stupid thus I won’t respond to excrement’s like you any further.

          1. “One man’s gold, another man’s excrement”
            If you don’t want Gore .. Don’t fuckin’ come (cum) here
            Fuck off, you Quaker

          1. It’s okay Nem,
            If I don’t hear from you for a while I figure you are either:

            -sick of being dead

            Or maybe you got Karma after you took a cop’s tazer off him
            and pointed it at him? .. Funny how you’re likely to be shot after this isnt’ it?


    2. JohnCalaway…

      You and most of the vile scums on here should upload videos of yourselves being aborted so the cycle of B.G making fun of others death continues. All you horridly disgusting cunts deserve to be mangled in a cartel camp.

      I won’t bother clicking on that link you sad angry reject. Making fun of any childs death is pathetic, maggots like you…

      Get yourself desexed at the vet.

      That’s the most stupidest thing I’ve seen, performing CPR on someone with their brains splattered. You know the ‘medic’is wanting to feel her tits on purpose.

      Internet couldn’t teach you to translate and spell correctly? Sum ting wong? Sum ting wery wong.
      Here’s an online translation English to mandarin: You idiot 白痴

      You’re the epitome of a dumb cunt. Any further response to you now is involuntary charitable education.

      Get back to sucking your mothers dick.

      Internet couldn’t teach you to translate and spell correctly? Sum ting wong? Sum ting wery wong.
      Here’s an online translation English to mandarin: You idiot 白痴


      I like your last one…

      It’s spelt “confirmed” you stupid splat. You even had a 4 minute window to edit your error dumb arse. LOL.


      And you had a bigger window to clean up your hypocrisy

      Boy, I felt the radiant flow of love in all your comments here.

      Victimizing other people for your false sense of moral integrity, is a sign of weakness and not strength.

      Having a bad day John?

      1. The alcoholic beverage I had, made me far too compassionate. I accidentally felt kindness for the abhorrent regurgitation. For a moment there I thought you angry rejects were actually worth something beyond manure: I do make mistakes on rare occasions.

        There isn’t a cure for stupid thus I won’t respond to excrement’s like you any further.

    3. The alcoholic beverage I had, made me far too compassionate, I accidentally felt kindness for the abhorrent regurgitation. For a moment there I thought you angry rejects were actually worth something beyond manure: I do make mistakes on rare occasions.

      There isn’t a cure for stupid thus I won’t respond to excrement’s like your kind any further.

  15. women are terrible mothers in general.
    someone needs to teach them that when you have a small child you should never take your eyes off them.
    it is hard to monitor a young child all the time, so many mothers facilitate their deaths …

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