Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She’s Unconscious

Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She's Unconscious

Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She Is Unconscious

I calculate at least an 80% probability that the incident happened in Vietnam.

The CCTV video from in front of a spa shows two women sweeping the pavement, when a little girl eager to play enters the view. She moves around, and eventually grabs a hold of a low hanging power line. That doesn’t do anything, because she’s not grounded, but when she grabs a metal post with her other hand, the circuit is closed and she gets zapped.

The electric current causes her body to tense up and unable to release the grip on the cable and post. Motorcycles ride by, the two women continue to sweep, and as the girl is being electrocuted, nobody notices, until she apparently loses consciousness and her right hand lets go.

Eventually the preggo sweeper who’s the nearest the girl notices she’s not OK and comes to her aid, alerting the other woman and they hail down a motorcycle to get the girl to hospital.

I don’t know the outcome, but hopefully she survived it.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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214 thoughts on “Little Girl Accidentally Electrocutes, Nobody Notices Until She’s Unconscious”

  1. Fk Mac it gets me so angry .. I ain’t perfect yet these people deserve stupid care of the year award smh.. it’s like she literally had her whole life ahead of her and plus she was just a baby and very adorable minding her own business and this tragedy.. >=| .. sigh I pray that she’ll be just okay .. videos don’t get to me but this one just broke me heart m8 ;,(

  2. The alcoholic beverage I had, made me far too compassionate. I accidentally felt kindness for the abhorrent regurgitation. For a moment there I thought you angry rejects were actually worth something beyond manure: I do make mistakes on rare occasions.

    There isn’t a cure for stupid thus I won’t respond to excrement’s like you any further.

  3. Ya know…all our first-world regulations, requirements, certifications and inspections ARE a pain…but it’s all for a real purpose. Electricity isn’t anything to take lightly.

  4. The twat in pink acted like she was working herself to death on that tiny little pile of sand. Hopefully she pays more attention to her next meatwad. Its sad to see a child get hurt, hey are not evil and corrupt like crooked ass lazy adults.

  5. Regardless of where unprecedented situations take place. People must be aware and specially meticulously observant when kids are around. I pray that this situation was a learning experience to those who lived it and watch it, and that it’s taken by heart to prevent unforgivable heartbreaking situation conclusions.

  6. I am an electrician and received electricity through the heart, lasted a millisecond. It’s a tingling and funny experience, it was only 230 volts and I was sent to the doctor right away. Hope safety becomes more important in developing countries.

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