Man Being Electrocuted Dangles Up Utility Pole in Portland

Man Being Electrocuted Dangles Up Utility Pole in Portland

In Portland, Oregon, a man was filmed dangling up a utility pole while being electrocuted. The incident occurred at the intersection of Southeast 122nd Avenue and Stark Street on Wednesday June 28, 2017.

Callers to 911 reported the man climbed the pole, threw items from his pocket and was pulling at wires until a zap. He was pronounced dead at the scene. It is not clear why he climbed up the pole.

Props to Best Gore member @AppledicticPrinciples for the videos:

Different video of the same electrocution:

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168 thoughts on “Man Being Electrocuted Dangles Up Utility Pole in Portland”

        1. I dunno, but he must be excited for the 4th of July here this year and wanted to make it impossible for the firework shows around the nation to upstage him by making some early sparks of his own!

        2. Ride the lightning baby!! God we’re a bunch of damaged I honestly was happy for the guy. He got his Ten seconds of fame as his head burst into flames. And he no longer has to be in this miserable world. And on top of that he entertained me as I got high. That guys a hero

          1. Ohm I God. His discharge from the electrical field proved terminal. He always had a bad amplitude and a short temper.

      1. When that was said it obviously wasn’t over cause he was still moving. Lol. Kinda looked like at one point he was trying to free himself just so he could fall and get it over with. I bet he thought it’d be a quick death. But technically he was still alive for quite awhile. Lol.

  1. No you stupid cunt, he’s Not comitting suicude. This dude’s a fucking methhead! Those idiots do crazy stuff while they’re on drugs. There are plenty of them in Portland Oregon.
    And the other guy in the first Vidjayo: Stupid motherfucker, god won’t help you! So stop calling hin all the time. I’smack Simeone right in the face, if he’d piss me off with that. When i see something great like a stupid drugabusing idiot hanging from a utility pole, i don’t want to be disturbed by such assholes.

  2. After sending out smoke signals to the near by villages of Multnomah, Kathlamet, Clackamas, Chinook, Tualatin Kalapuya and Molalla, that surround the Portland area, chief “Dances With Wires” decided to call it a day by hanging around town and getting a tan.

  3. Alright… so in one video we have one annoying typical ‘murican shouting “O MAI GAD!” more times during that video than a fucking muslim ever says “ALAH SNACKBAR!!” in his entire lifetime… and in the other we have a whimper crying for no reason because someone she doesnt know killed himself…

    What the fuck is wrong with you burger-people?… Get your shit toguether! 😐

    1. I agree. It’s so fucking annoying when people wail over suicide jerkoffs whom they don’t even know.

      Shit happens everyday. It ain’t a good world. Some people are just mollycoddled in first world countries.

      Why doesn’t she wail for starving children in Africa dying every day?

  4. Thought this looked familiar, I live like 40 mins away from here. Can’t tell when the tweaking stopped and the electrocution began, Crazy shit like this happens all the time in Portland I try to stay the hell out on account of I just might end up showcased on this site like this poor soul!

    1. @whiteslavery,And I’m calling you out on this one,I too hail from Portland and this kind of shit doesn’t happen all the time! Care to elaborate on the last time before this that someone became a flaming torch before this one??? As far as just plain bat-shit crazy stuff going on around here,I’ll give ya that one but, it seems to be happening everywhere in recent years.

  5. The crying woman filming the second video is the exact reason why women shouldn’t be allowed to fight in combat. Also “the cops ain’t doing shit”..What were they supposed to do climb the pole? They were waiting on the lazy/slow union fire department.

    1. True that lady in second video couldn’t think logically. The only thing first responders etc. could do is try to talk the man out of doing it and come down. Only other option would be to tranquilize him like an animal and have him fall down (into inflatable).

      Hell, the ‘OMG dude’ in first video wasn’t thinking rationally either. God, if he exists, doesn’t give a care about us and is malevolent. God would most likely be roasting marshmallows over his flaming corpse.

  6. Fair dinkum bloody Americans, is that the only exclamation they have in their vocabulary: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!!! I replayed it a couple of times and I think that I heard that stupid bastard say Oh my God ten times in the first video and I heard someone else say it a couple of times in the second video. We get flooded with American television here in Australia and you can bet any news commentary or even television program coming out of the United States will have it’s fair share of “Oh my Gods” in it. And on top of that because we are so inundated with their garbage we’re starting to talk like them… Ahhhhh yeah there was also some poor bugger getting grilled in the background of that video. I don’t often comment on much but bloody hell American culture is bloody sickening and our younger generation is soaking it up like a dry sponge. But after that you have to feel for that poor bloke’s family seeing their son, brother father or whatever dieing like that. If he was an addict he would have been a poor, wretched tormented soul. I lost a son from an overdose and it was a horror living with him,trying to get on with him, and not one thing happened to the arsehole who sold him the drugs. I hope that that bloke up the pole is in peace now.

        1. Is that all your british/aussie or whatever the fucks say is BLOODY, YOU CAN BET ANY BRITISH/AUSSIE SHOW I PUT ON WILL HAVE ITS SHARE OF “BLOODY”! It’s called cultural norms, retard

      1. I can’t just leave this. I thought this post was a joke. Then I saw the username and I’m thinking it’s true. I can’t just be mean to be mean. So if this wasn’t a joke, I’m sorry. Yeah I had to say that.

  7. I couldn’t continue watching either vids because the first one I kept hearing Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, in the same tone. Second video was some fatty having trouble watching a crackhead get fried and crying about it.

    O…..MAI GAWD

    fuckin cameraman should have slapped that fuck, damnit it really disrupted my viewing experience of a sizzling dumbass.

    As for the second vid, stay away, its a crying vagina.

    Good footage overall minus the “noise” of annoying people.

  9. Ok. Dude in the first video that keeps saying “Omg” repeatedly, shut the fuck up. And the second video, stupid bitch “And the cops arent doing anything to help him” you stupid waste of oxygen, neither are you. what are they supposed to do? You grab him you also get electrocuted. If you can hear the power saw in the second video, that is the fire dept. Cutting open the power box to shut the power off. All the cops could have done was shoot him (supprised they didnt) and put him outta his misery.

  10. “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”
    “Hot Stuff”
    “A Hunk of Burnin’ Love”
    There were many things went through my mind but none of these songs were them. I was thinking that people would be glad the Portland Police were there to shoot the smokey fucker if he somehow managed to get down alive.

  11. Both videos has cunt commentary. From the loser who was whining “oh my gawd” To the white trash on the phone filming bitching that the cops aren’t doing anything to help…Oviously they live under a rock, and dont understand this is very dangerous to just climb up a pole and grab a guy who’s already been long dead and has high voltage going through his deceased body.

  12. Fucking sooks, crying and losing their shit, but at the same time film it and explain that his skin is falling off and complain that “Cops aint doing shit” WTF are the cops gonna do until the power is disconnected? shoot at him til he drops ? LOL fucking idiots.

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