Man Sitting in Hole Slowly Executed with Machine Gun

Man Sitting in Hole Slowly Executed with Machine Gun

No backinfo, but this looks like it was filmed somewhere in the Middle East. It shows a man sitting in a hole partially filled with garbage, as his captors execute him allegedly with a machine gun.

It would appear that the killers wanted to make the man in the hole suffer, so while he was being riddled with bullets, the gunner avoided striking him in the head right away, and was discharging bullets in rather slow bursts.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Man Sitting in Hole Slowly Executed with Machine Gun”

        1. Sorry, don’t speak Arabic, but l am sure there are people here who can translate. I believe this video is from Syria and the Arabic spoken doesn’t sound native to me, i.e., these could be foreign fighters executing a soldier of the Syrian Army.

          1. they are syrian , they just say : in his legs in his legs .. death is comming to you ..
            the victim replied : in my head please .
            the other says : slowly in his legs .
            then he says : ill shoot him in the head .
            thats it .

          1. Thanks, this is the reality of the world as people would say I just wanted to know. I don’t know if there is any information of this incident via news articles.

      1. WHAT A SHAME, he gets shot in the legs a few times and than in the head after a few seconds and these clowns say TO PROLONG HIS SUFFERING LMFAO!!!!
        THis was a joke right? if they wanted to prolong his suffering they should have shot his legs MORE, and than BURIED HIM ALIVE
        I guess not even ISIS are that cruel are they.
        Sometimes I think I should start my own gang, if I wasent such a lazy bastard I would, and the vids I would make of my gangs victims would be too horrific for BG to put up, I would make vids so horrific ALL THE COMMENTS would be, I COULDNT WATCH IT, I thought I was a tough guy but I couldn’t make it past 20seconds before I had to turn it off.
        You guys call this PROLONGED SUFFERING LOL amazing.

        1. And then your Mummy would wake you up for school.(probs’ a fucking private school too).!
          Fuck off with yerself.!
          Real hard men & killers don’t fucking brag about it.
          So that’s you & “Your Gang” out of the running isn’t it.
          Let’s see you shot in the legs & see if you still think it’s not a big deal.
          Your first & only “victim” is going to be your first girlfriend (when your Mummy & Daddy finally let you date), who you’ll become obsessed with then end up stalking & finally assualting for dumping you when she realises what an all round simpering beta pussy you are.
          I could go on & further put you in your place, but quite frankly you’re not worth it, I can’t be fucking bothered & I’ve got better things to do… Like go & take a shite.!
          Oh.. One more thing.. If you want anybody to take you seriously, try going back & rereading what you’ve typed before posting it, that way you can correct any spelling mistakes, unless you don’t mind coming across like a spastic fuckwit who’s pinched their parents phone that is.!

        2. Dude you are a world class moron. Do you think if you convince us that you can make a video that will terrify even the hardest of BG members HA HA HA HA, you’ve definitely got some self esteem issues kiddo, please get some help….. you are a NOBODY, PERIOD!

    1. I think the rifle was for left handed shooters – camera man is standing to the right of the rifle and you cant hear the spent casings hit the ground. The upper was cycling the rounds out the left side of the rifle.

      The sound that was recorded digitally by the terrorists device picked up more of the slide chambering the rounds, rather than the report from the round being fired.

      I know because I was there

  1. What you can’t fail to notice about these ISIS-fighters is the sheer amount of ammunition they waste. These guys must have an unlimited supply from their friends abroad. The guerilla movements of the past would be very stingy with their ammunition as their main source of supply was whatever they could raid behind the enemy lines.

  2. If you don’t witness anything other that what you have just witnessed.
    Then it ain’t Muslim.
    Fucken Muslims.
    But it’s a guy so it’s all good. If it was a lady Muslim I would feel bad, cuase they good in bed.

    1. Wasn’t luck. He had to line up for days in the heat and cold to get that front row ticket.

      If he’d made it easier on himself and just paid the ticket scalper, he could have avoided all that pre-show angst. Tightwad!

  3. Possibly one of the worst ways to day. Complete lack of dignity – dying in a rubbish dump with no mates present. I guess they were hoping for him to beg for mercy when shot, but good thing he kept the moaning to a minimum, he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction. My guess is, after the first two bullets hit him, he was like “Oh fuck. That’s super painful. Only 10 seconds left of hell left” RIP, dude.

  4. If youre a dirtbag terrorist that frolics in a dirtbag infested terrorist country, and you do dirtbag terrorist things that upsets a different group of dirtbag terrorists…

    Try not to wear a shirt with a target looking graphic on the chest

  5. one more muslim dead is one less person who is a potential terrorist hell bent on destroying the west, remember ISIS said they will NOT STOP until their flag is flying over BIG BEN in England, the Eiffel tower in paris and the white house in Washington DC, ok, even if all American troops were to leave the entire middle east, this will just encourage ISIS to re group it wont stop them, appeasing terror just makes them stronger. the reason why there have been no really big attacks in England or Europe or the US is many months isn’t because ISIS has suddenly grown a conscience, its because they are probably planning a really huge attack with 100+ people dead with multiple attack sites at the same time.

  6. Some stoopid rednecks arguing about an easy target so badly aimed & shot by their best Salafi Wahhabi buddies, aka “moderate jihadis” backed by Israel, Drump, Emirates and some European fuckers as our leaders Macron and Merkel and May.
    This poor fat dude must have been an NDF or SAA soldier executed for defending his homeland against zionist joohadis you fucking muricunts looooove so much cuz you’re Isreali’s tools.
    So easy for US dumbfucks to hate all muslims when you back the wrong ones instead of seeing how Assad’s Syria, Hezbollah, Houtis, Iran and all Shia muslims are much more close to western World than sunnis will ever be with their Sharia fuck, Caliphate scum and Ksa which is your fucking 1st business partner.
    Houtis’ slogan is : “Allahu Akbar, death to America, death to Israel, curse on the joooooos” and I love it!
    RIP, brave soldier.

  7. Interesting information about the “victim:” Apparently his family has a photo of him just as he was asked what 2 plus 2 was with the same stupid look on his face as he does at 01:16. Be sure to pause it. Oh shit these videos are funny in the right light. 😉

  8. Those motherfuckers are the equivalent to the idiots who try to execute people by shooting them in the face on close range and having their guns getting jammed.

    What the fuck, do they have Parkinson’s or some shit?

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