Man Standing on Top of Train Electrocutes by Touching Overhead Powerline

Man Standing on Top of Train Electrocutes by Touching Overhead Powerline

Man Standing on Top of Train Electrocutes by Touching Overhead Powerline

This video is from a Melda town railway station near ABA Ghani Khan Choudhury Sarani, English Bazar, West Bengal, India.

In the video, a man standing on top of a train touches the overhead powerline and gets electrocuted.

Just before he makes contact with the high tension wire, it looks as though someone threw something at him, perhaps in an attempt to make him go down. What it really does is make him reach for the wire and turn himself into a ball of flame. He remains standing for the next second or two, burning like a torch, before finally falling on the rooftop.

Props to Best Gore member @edward63 for the video. Not the first time something like this happened in India:

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  1. Most of India like this one has old style electric overheads that are still running the 3kv direct current pushing major current, he was dead before he dropped an inch. but the new (Bardhaman Main Line) in India, has been converted to 25 kV 50 Hz AC. I think we need a couple more volunteers for a side by side comparison.

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    1. @callum
      In all probability, nothing.

      Transmission along the fastest human nerve fibres responsible for pain occurs at 0.61m/s.

      25 KV AC is sufficiently powerful to cross an air gap so he may not even have made direct contact with the power cable.

      Electricity will conduct through the human body at near instantaneous speed, and the effect of high voltage and amperage would result in vapourisation of tissue and incineration.

      His nerves, and everything else, would have been destroyed before any possibility of a nerve signal even leaving a finger tip.


  3. he deserves to be recreated as an animated character, the arm positioning and silence was classic, did he pray just before?? (-O-).. the first touch, THEN A SECOND, and the drop was just so melodramatic it could be hilarious.

    is he.. living?

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  6. This is probably the 3rd or 4th Indian train electrocution video I’ve seen where the zaps have the exact same cadence. I’m guessing it’s due to protective equipment on the supply operating.

  7. Super instantaneous!

    Has to be 1000 times more efficient than the US correctional systems “old sparkly” ever was on its best day. I doubt he felt a thing. Makes you wonder, since our brains are really just electrical activity what a super boost and fusion with all those volts might do.

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