Mexican Cops Put On Show of Sparks Getting Electrocuted on Street

Mexican Cops Put On Show of Sparks Getting Electrocuted on Street

In the free and sovereign state of Morelos (that’s its official title), México, two cops put on a show for commuters when they got electrocuted and began twitching and throwing sparks around.

According to the info I got, the electrocution was “sparked” by the cops screwing something up while installing a module of sorts.

Props to Best Gore member @ramiroromo for the video:

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    1. Mexican ingenuity at it’s finest…2 cops fucked up trying to “beaner rig” some shit, then 3 more come along and fuck it up even more…this is why I don’t go on the cheap when my car has trouble… Dealership only and sure as shit not letting a beaner work on it

  1. LMAO these bad hombres… using fire extinguishers on somebody getting electrocuted.

    We can rest assured that the investigation will say that it was all of them beans and chimichangas that made them highly flammable.

    1. Ones being fed directly from a power plant will probably be carrying around 500,000 volts or more whilst lines in your immediate neighborhood may carry 7,200 volts, 25,000 volts, or more. Shouldn’t these pigs be taking bribes instead of Fucking around on a ladder?

  2. I am just curious why law enforcement was tasked with installing an electric module ? Obviously they were not properly trained in the application or process.

    Crispy Pig feet for everyone who show up at the block party!

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