Naked Woman Climbs Utility Pole, Lands on Ground with Snatch to Camera After Zap

Naked Woman Climbs Utility Pole, Lands on Ground with Snatch to Camera After Zap

According to the info I got, this happened in the Philippines. The video shows a woman, apparently high on drugs, naked on top of a utility pole. She keeps messing around, grabbing various wires and moving from a wire to a wire.

Eventually, after climbing to the top of the pole, she grabs the wrong live wire, gets zapped and goes limp. Seconds later, her naked body falls to the ground and lands half spread eagle with snatch pointed at the camera.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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      1. Darwin award means, she has no children before dying, we don’t know. She is stupid, but stupid girls make good sex.
        I wanna make sex with stupid and bad girls. They’re the best.

    1. There’s a fair amount of drugs that won’t make you go out n’ do THIS type of fucked up shit, lol. I don’t know WHAT the fuck this lady is on (a combination of things, I’m sure) but me personally, I stick to cigs, booze n’ weed… Unless of course someone offers me a line uh coke or somethin’ once in a blue moon, ‘cus I ain’t payin’ for that shit! 😉 If you don’t do drugs now, I wouldn’t ever start, if I were you. Bad habbits, plus I always think about the other cool shit I coulda spent with that cash, lol.

    2. I think it’s a matter of taking too much or not enough of the good drugs. No matter what, if it’s stumbling along like a zombie or hopping about like a spazz, they get that King Kong urge to climb to the top unmindful of the pain or fatigue and strike a jungle pose before the bad ending.

    3. X pills were good until 2011ish, just shit now. The MDMA round here is shit too, just makes you tired. Coke is good for people that are generally sound and not egoistic bullies. Legal highs fuckin ruined everything.

    1. Ohm….they couldn’t find a good conductor to lead the band. The one guy that turned up charged too much. I tried to get him to lower his fee, but he put up a lot of resistance. Watt can you do in that situation Sphinx?

  1. Mantra meditation and preserving the balance of body, mind and spirit. Adapting to one’s own environment. She is one with the universe. We are all one consciousness. It’s only when the negatively charged people around her are consumed by their fears and premonitions, that the electricity actually shows it’s face. Negative thoughts create negative outcomes and aftereffects. Chose the people you surround yourself with sagaciously.

    1. I was mildly concerned by the bottom two sets of wires. Third world countries can’t afford to do ground run electricity, so they put plastic on their wires. The utility poles I’ve seen on the reservation are the few I’ve seen in my area to actually be plastic coated for every wire, as a couple who lives their made a swing from a broken utility pole’s wires. It was stable, and the sample I took declared it was not atomized which means there was no safety issue material wise. Oh fuck. I guess goodbye again bestgore, I hate Sunday nights.

  2. I am a lineman for the county
    And I drive the main road
    Searchin’ in the sun for another overload
    I hear you singin’ in the wire,
    I can hear you through the whine
    And the Wichita lineman is still on the ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP! SPLAT!

  3. A shout out for the miracle of modern electrical engineering. That pole had more spaghetti junctions than an Italian restaurant. The fact that she made it to the very top of the pole before finally handing in her dinner plate, is a testament to the ingenuity of science.

  4. What A Complete, And Utter Cluster-Fuck Of Messed-Up, & And Mixed-Up Wires Up On That Post. I’m
    Totally Surprised that It does Not Blow-Up, & Burn-Up With Any Little Wind Gust That Comes Along Man, Like ffs, lol. Or Maybe they do, and that’s why they look so fucked-up.

  5. I don’t know if it was just a shadow or something else but it seems like there’s blood gushing from her right side at the end of video just after she hits the ground. Is someone seeing the same as me?

    Anyhoo, I don’t get what’s with these transmission tower and utility post-climbing suicidal freaks. They are all very determined and fearless to climb into the top with bare hands and feet and touch the wire that will deliver them a gruesome death, no hesitation at all. But then again – good riddance! Especially if they are a selfish, useless junkie who brought it all on themselves.

    These videos don’t even shock me anymore.

  6. Up until 2.27 mark the hard wired ;dopey little twat monkey danced ,wire walked maybe shaming onlookers & others , including electricians & the fire
    department (I’m guessing they were there on the scene) and it looked she’d scramble down the utility pole unscathed only to be zapped and flung away to her death like some little piece of dried up turd .

  7. Once again, the shrill, glass-breaking, eardrum-piercing female screamers from hell found their way to the scene. When their is a video being recorded, the No-Female-Audio-Ruining Police should enforce no screaming.

    At least we could hear that drug-addict’s leg bone snap upon impact although it was right after a female scream.

    Females should only scream if they have a legitimate reason, like an actual assault (not fake) or if they’re getting a nice dick.

    All others get backhanded!

  8. People who are very high on Methamphetamine will often take off their clothes because Meth will raise your body temp quite a lot and they try to cool off that way, plus it probably made her horny like meth does to women sometimes.
    So my bet is she was very wired. Lol

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