New York City Subway Electrocution Video – F Train Uptown 34th Street

New York City Subway Electrocution Video - F Train Uptown 34th Street

Well, this guy was quite obviously fried even before falling onto tracks…

The incident took place just after 9pm on July 1, 2012 on F Train Tracks at 34th Street – Herald Square Subway Station in New York City. Some shirtless, seemingly wasted dude in his 20’s fell off the platform and since he was having hard time maintaining balance, the commuters tried to help him out of there before train could come rambling over him. Needless to say – getting a man who can barely stand on his two own feet out of the hole isn’t particularly easy.

The man eventually slipped out of the grasp and fell onto the electrified third rail, creating a shortcut which quickly electrocuted him right there before the eyes of the commuters. The electrocution started with violent seizure like shaking and followed with smoke rising out of his drunken ass.

There are two videos of the same electrocution – first video was filmed by a sane individual but doesn’t contain any juicy parts. It looks like the cameraman did not catch the beginning of the action, only the aftermath when the dude was already dead. You can see the police officer on the platform and the train stopped just before the entrance to the 34th Street station:

This second video caught all the action, including the electrocution induced convulsions and subsequent frying on the 3rd rail, but it was filmed by a retard with an Iphone so it’s vertical. There’s no help for the state of idiocy called Apple Fanboyship:


You know that useless Iphone retard who asked why nobody is doing anything in the video? It would appear that she sold the copyright to a mainstream media outlet and said outlet unleashed their lawyers to take videos down on the copyright grounds so there are no more videos to see here. Fucking Iphone retards!

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221 thoughts on “New York City Subway Electrocution Video – F Train Uptown 34th Street”

  1. The second video is hilarious. Typical apple fangirl who doesn’t understand technology. “Why isn’t anybody doing anything? Go in there and help him!” Yes, jump in and electrocute yourself. Stupid bitch. Dead heroes don’t save lives.

    1. I was lmfao at her comments. So typical. Same time that bitch wasn’t doing anything by herself, else than asking people to go there to get some current like Mr. Smoking Guy.

      Fuck I hate those kind of bystanders from all my heart.

    2. Oh hilarious! “Someone help him!” “Hey! Move your leg just a little!” He long dead by then, dumbshits. By the way, Happy Independence Day from the state of Ohio, USA, the state of 7 US Presidents and MANY serial killers. And hello to you, Mark, and my neighbors up North. Been following BG since mid 2009. Awesome site, and only getting better! I love you all, my fellow SOBs.

      1. that is true baked……i did feel for the guy but the bitch recording it…i wanted to push her on top of him…..and then the other chick “come get your shirt”…did she NOT see the smoke coming out of his head???

    3. omg!! i want to murder that stupid bitch!!! making all other New Yorkers look brainless! Fucking Unicorn Jesus she so dumb!!!!!!!!!!!! so so so fucking dumb!!! Christ please kill her in her sleep tonight! and any of her offspring!

    4. AND..”I don’t understand?!” Like WHAT? She doesnt understand why no one wants to jump down and get fried themselves?.AND GAIN… Why isnt SHE jumping her fat ass down to “help”.. FUCK!! I’d say b the time smoke is coming outta yer’re not interested in getting yer T-shirt.. or “Move your leg to the right a little!” FUCK I swear.. the whole group of people shouldve joined hands then reached out to “help” him!

  2. one goofy ass bitch trying to get the guy to grab his shirt if your not fucking blind or stupid you can not pull your self away from it.

    so dumb bitch 19 hole lota stakes and pork for the needy

      1. Being from the U.S, I must say death is on the rare side. Video games and movies help with the appetite, but it’s not filling enough.

        @SadDeadDog, You should come to Wisconsin and kill yourself in front of me in some highly entertaining way. You would would be doing me a HUGE favor. Thanks.

        1. I am sorry, I didn’t mean to offend anyone, it’s just that I haven’t seen what the u.s really is in a while you know, I mean, you see things on tv but you dont expect them to actually be real, the dumbness and consumism. Obviusly not everyone is a cliche, my fault for posting without thinking it could cause a senseless internet fight; lets shut up and enjoy the gore, happy 4th of July!

          1. Don’t take my asshole comments the wrong way. I was NOT offended in any way possible @SadDeadDog, I’m just an asshole.

            So, please comment how you like, because I will.. I enjoy having something my dumb ass can actually comment on, because, like I said once, I’m an asshole. No offence to other assholes.

            Be racist, sexist, nationist, (<—- not a word) all you like.

    1. He was dead as soon as he made contact with the third rail, and if that wasn’t enough….. smoke was rising out of his fucking head. Yeah way for that dumb broad to keep on shouting “can you move your leg”, hey dumbass…. he’s dead, doesn’t the smoke from his head tell you that much already.

      1. I know, seriously, I couldn’t believe the people believing once he started his death spasm, that they could help him. Sad, for them, I guess they don’t know if you grab anything conductive without rubber gloves, and boots, you will, indeniably join in on the electrocution. Worse was when you saw sparks and smoke pour out of buddy’s head, and they are still crying, “why isn’t anyone helping him”…(I’m assuming they mean some guy who works for the transit commission)

      1. nobody helped because they all have places to go and people to see, its why there are there in the first place. In fact if anyone did help or try to move him it would only be to get his crispy barbecued carcass off the track so the train isn’t delayed any further. Most probably just saw him as a suicidal crackhead on bath salts and an inconvinience to their time schedule

        1. nobody helped because they all have places to go and people to see.

          THATS NEW YORK!

          you complian about Brazil and south east asia, NY will fucking spit you out and leave you for the vultures.

          I LOVE MY STATE!!

          1. No offense but the shit ive seen on here, even the average new yorker would be shocked. You all need to come up to Canada . i guess we’d kill you with our kindess. Lol, Cheers

    1. did people ever think of putting barracks or some shit to stop idiots like him or suicide maniacs? there’s thousands of videos showing idiots even babies falling off on to the rails..

      1. I think it has something to do with the train not ‘pulling up’ at exactly the same spot every time it stops? They would have to have a gap in the barriers to exit/board the trains, it must be hard to line up the train doors with the gap? There are no barriers at train stations in Australia either, only a yellow line that you are not supposed to cross! The trains over here don’t have electric ‘lines’ though, its overhead.

        1. i was thinking an electric steel 4-5cm barrier that would go up and down on the middle of the yellow line spot you get what i’m saying? that barrier would get down as soon as the subway/train approaches but i don’t think the government cares for those idiots the barrier would look invisible if it was down allowing everyone to walk on it and board the subway/train πŸ™‚

          1. Someone below our comments mentioned some sort of plastic barriers! I didn’t read that far before I replied, but I’ve never seen them myself. You would think an electric train could stop in exactly the same spot each time anyway, maybe they do and I’m talking shit? You think some sort of sensored barriers that go up when there’s no train there? I do like the train track ‘fallings’ video’s (not so much when some asshole PUSHES someone onto the tracks) myself, how’s the one of the baby in a pram that rolled on to the tracks (baby only got a tiny bump on the head, it’s an Aussie clip too!) mum forgot to put the pram’s brake on!

          2. meh guess you’re right if there’s no barriers we’ll keep getting epic videos like this one sucks for the people and babies though πŸ˜›

  3. As gruesome as it looked, thats actually a pretty humane way to go. Especially being so hammered he was already missin a shoe and shirt.
    Of course you could hear his reaction as soon as he hit the live wires but it didn’t last long. “Uauauaaahahhahauauauahahhah!…. dead.”

  4. No sympathy, the woman who was trying to pull him up in the beginning was rather brave knowing too well he could have taken her with him. That damm woman was getting on my tits, “why isn’t anyone doing anything”, maybebecause they don’t want to get fried too.

  5. Singapore is so advanced in this respect. Not only have they put plastic barriers, their tracks are insulated such that you cannot get electrocuted unless you purposely and know where to touch.

    1. What about overhead power lines! The first I heard of the 3rd rail was a story of a similarly alcohol affected dude who took a piss on one and got his willy blown off. Not sure if it’s true but it would make a great BG story. ( from down under, we don’t have 3rd rails)

    1. “Woke up, got out da bed, one bullet, two dead, homie on the track got a crispified head, he gone night night, gone NIGHT NIGHT, YOU EVA GO NIGHT NIGHT NIGGA??!”
      It’s better to hear Kevin Heart say it

  6. the dude was drunk/wasted/mentally ill. he is now out of the misery of this existence, feeling no pain, and aware of nothing. i envy him as he has crossed over to the other side which i am too chicken shit to do. yes, i am afraid of death, especially one that lands me on best gore for all you freaks to comment on. let me die from busting a nut and creampieing a most willing female of the species.

  7. Such a fucking idiot filmed that second video ‘Why isn’t anybody doing anything?’, then 2 seconds later when someone tries ‘doing something’, she says ‘no, you cannot go in there!’, MAKE UP YOUR MIND WOMAN!

  8. Yeah, some gore from close to home πŸ™‚ , I woulda laughed my ass off if that dude was wearin’ flip flops!
    ?Start spreadin’ the news
    I’m leavin’ today
    I’ll electrocute myself
    In new yorks subway ?

  9. the girl filming the second video was really annoying :/ i wanted to ram her iphone down her stupid throat, just to get her to shut up. i think all stations should have the barriers up, which don’t open until the train has arrived and has stopped.

    1. I agree koko
      Fucking hipster bitch probably has a fat bulging purple pussy and she hides it with a strap purse.
      She should have gone in there and “helped” him and die.
      The subway is a dumb invention. Its basically an underground bus that smells like shit, Full of crack heads that want to rob you/shank you and horny Europeans that will rape you male or female they don’t care.
      And I could never find rat man in the subway.

          1. *warning video game comment*

            that’s san andreas tulio.
            Good times…
            Riding down bone county listening to billy idols white wedding, with 12 different cheat codes activated. San andreas was a little scary at times regarding letherface/ghost airplanes/psycho guy wearing trench coat.
            Ok, I’m done

          2. I had a friend who was hooked with that game back in 2005, I didn?t like the game, but became hooked with those awsome radio soundtracks, particularily the radio with the HOUSE hits and the german dj that said “i’m starting to peeeakk, yaaaa!!!!”

          3. @baked i did the same thing, driving for hours drunk as a skunk, san andreas is how games should be… i still fucking play it with hilarious mods on my pc. Happy 4 july mother fucker, have fun whil you still can, FEMA camps are waiting for you!

      1. Ah yes the 3rd rail runs @ 625 volts DC.. AC voltage tends to “throw you off”..(Alternating Current)…DC(Direct Current) will “grab you and hang on”(see smoke show) and “Yo I got your shirt” will not stop the voltage…I dont think he died fast,he only became a conduit to the 2nd rail where his leg is laying,until he started smoking I beleave he felt the pain….

  10. Damn, I’ve been pretty shit faced. Would suck to do some dumb shit like this.. “why isn’t anyone doing anything?” like why the fuck aren’t you doing anything if you’re so fucking concerned dumb bitch!!

  11. This is a little off topic, Sorry! But I wanted to wish you Mark and Everyone here at Bestgore. A Happy & Safe July 4th. I also thought I’d post a little death trivia here in honor of this notable Holiday, especially for all the conspiracy theorist.
    Did you all know that President John Adams and President Thomas Jefferson both died on the same day, July 4, 1826, which happened to be the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Now, as most of us all know, Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration in committee with John Adams (and Benjamin Franklin)
    What makes this really interesting, is that we have two of the singers of the declaration of Independence becoming American Presidents, and then those same two Presidents, dying on the same exact day.
    And then to make this even more interesting, we have another President, the fifth President of the United States of American, President James Monroe, dying exactly five years to the day, after Adams & Jefferson dies, when he dies on July 4,1831.
    In summary, we have three Presidents dying in a row, all on July 4th, two of them on the same day, and those same two, were both signers of the Declaration of Independence, which the 4th of July happens to be the same day we celebrate the singing of the declaration of Independence as well.

      1. @ Foxy, you know how us men are, We have one track minds, we never fully mature mentally, and we can’t spell worth a crap. I’m glad you looked over my imperfections.You’re a sweetie !

        1. Same here @med-man, I read the word singing and said to myself, “I don’t remember ever learning a 4th of july song in school” then I realized what you meant and couldn’t stop laughing. That little misspelling made my day! Thanks!

      1. all the american continent (and most of western europe too) has to thank these conspirancy masons for not being anymore a colony/ hunting ground for retarded inbred european decadent nobility.
        Ok, we have the Bush now, but it’s not quite the same… πŸ˜€

    1. Also FDR, Mussolini And Hitler died on April 1945.
      Every country is ruled by ancient pagan principles, Each country has a history designated to its own “style- of- origin”
      They created religion, Technology, languages/communication etc.
      It’s all about mass control and symbolism.

  12. OK. I am now thoroughly convinced. The F train is FUCKED. I used to have to take it home and at least 3 times in the 2 months I had that apartment the train had to stop because there was someone lying on the tracks. In February of this year an artist I knew who was a close family friend died on the F line tunnel near Lexington in a control room he turned into an apartment. (He was homeless his entire life). Now this. There is some serious fucked up energy happening on that line. Aside from the shitty service.

  13. First video had better resolution but second video takes the cake for ridiculous people uttering silly comments as they watch a guy fry. I almost expected the drunk guy to go up in flames but I guess there wasn’t enough voltage to do that. The annoying chattering of the one holding the iPhone definitely ruined some of the viewing experience though.

    I only saw one person trying to help the guy out but I guess that’s to be expected since the guy did look pretty wasted and didn’t look like he cared particularly that he was standing on the rails.

  14. Hearing that moron asking “why isn’t anyone doing anything?” reminds me of how ashamed I am to be an American. WTF. We have been designed by our culture and government to be the most uninformed cattle yet known to humankind. I wish someone had said to her “yeah? Then you go help.” and pushed her in.

  15. French fried faggot…sorry sorry just a movie quote from the Green Mile. Yeah what the hell. I mean there was nothing you could do but watch honestly and alert the cops. LMAO hard when she said “Hey I got your shirt!” lol guy was already cripsy. All i have to say is..Is that Original or Crispy? Happy 4th of July to everyone! Have a safe one my fellow BG family! Oh yeah! try not to end up on this site lol

    1. You weren’t even in the Green Mile. Did TomFuckingHanks steal your part?? You need to quit waiting for Chevy to call with a part in Vegas Vacation 2, and shave them cobwebs off your face.

        1. That made my day being called illiterate by a person that spells faggot with the letter “I.” Thanks @Phatman for putting a smile on my frown-filled face.

          That’s no excuse to let that hack, who’s brother is 100% more talented than him, get away without some verbal bashing! So is Dustin Diamond paying your mortgage, Randy? You poor mutherfucker! HAH!

          1. Hahaha, using BIG word like illiterate makes me, uh, I wasn’t saying I smart, I just wanted to call somebody a FAGGOT πŸ˜‰

      1. You think his profile picture, is himself, lol, THAT HAS to be the most idiotic thing I think I’ve seen in a post. Are you real real young, or just a few fries short of a happy meal…?!? LMAO

      1. As soon as they grab him they will become a part of that circuit. The subway’s contact (third) rail requires 625 volts for operating trains. When in comes to 3rd rail amperage, the NYC P motors had 5000 amp
        fuses between the shoe and the engine. Gapping while accelerating would
        result in a large blue spark, that zapping sound, and a puff of smoke from
        vaporizing metal.

        So touching him would a BIG fucking mistake.

  16. Shocking. The only person who even tried to help was a woman, I guess the men in New York have no balls, then the apple bitch, who was stupid as fuck, was crying, you don’t see people care about strangers like that very often, PROPS to women today.

  17. Ok first that was a bit too close to home…I rode that stupid F train this week too…second that dumb Rican chick (been so long since I heard a Newyorican accent…still so sexy) keeps saying ‘why is no one doing anything’ and yet doesn’t do shit herself…and why do people with cameras think they are reporters and only there to shoot not to intervene?

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