Newlywed Couple Zapped Parachuting by Beach

Newlywed Couple Zapped Parachuting by Beach

Newlywed Couple Zapped Parachuting by Beach

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a zap! Man!

Sparks fly as a power couple drift too close to power lines near a beach in Russia. In an ironic twist, they really had to be blind not to avoid danger. After getting tangled up in the cables, a burst of voltage helps them on their merry way.

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        1. Seeing how it was their poat special day activities, I’d bet $ to say that during the final 5 seconds of their “smashing” flight and lives, them both were probably thinking of each other in loving ways opposite of the ways us who’ve been married for 20 years would think of our other halfs.
          If that was me and my old lady about to crash on an air glider, I’d be praying that she’d land under me so it would cushin my landing.

    1. It looked like both were either semi conscious or unconscious, when they landed.

      It would of been much simpler, if they were sitting in a swimming pool, while someone threw in a plugged in air conditioner. The outcome would of been much easier to predict.

          1. Meah, sorry I got a bit ranty there…I was on the tram with bucketloads of noisy fucktards at 6am and it got the better of me…I am sure you are not a spaz or a cunt really.

    1. Yeah, but our videos are seriously jacked up. I love it.
      I still can’t quit looking at people in this small town and compare them to the Texas Twosome, I think they formed a band called The Boobies & Son of El Paso, Texas.

    1. They did but with severe injuries

      The 21-year-old woman suffered serious electric shocks and severe scratches
      Her boyfriend is fighting for his life after sustaining serious multiple fractures
      Man offering £52 daredevil beach parascending joyrides being hunted by police

  1. That’s why you don’t do gay ass shit like that on your honeymoon. That’s karma saying ha, stupid basic queers shoulda gotten the matching wedding dates in Chinese tattooed on your calves. You even had a mother fucking groupon.

  2. A true hot air balloon. Mainly the hot air caught and expanding in their fast-fried lung lining.

    “Hey sweetie, let’s go tandem on a parasail ride!”

    That’ll be on the divorce court transcript as the one mummy-wrapped plaintiff filed to leave the mummy-wrapped (faintly bacon smelling) defendant.

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