Oversized Load Assistant Electrocuted by Overhead Powerlines

Oversized Load Assistant Electrocuted by Overhead Powerlines

Oversized Load Assistant Electrocuted by Overhead Powerlines

During the transport of an oversized load – which looks like a boat – an assistant who’s job it was to move the powerlines out of the way, grabbed one line with his hands to keep it off the boat, while not seeing there is another line directly over his head, and as the truck moved forward, his head came into contact with it, creating a shortcut.

Sometimes, wearing a baseball hat on the job could kill you. I ddon’t know where this took place.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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79 thoughts on “Oversized Load Assistant Electrocuted by Overhead Powerlines”

    1. It’s very high voltage, and electricity can make it through rubber gloves and even a few inches through the air, like in this case. A spark hits his head first, maybe a small piece of metal in his cap turned him into a lightning rod.

    2. Very much real. Gloves may not have been rated for the voltage and also, Jack is right, he let the conductor be it a neutral possibly come in direct contact with him. When the conductor he had a hold of which probably has little to no voltage on it being a neutral, hit the other conductor it energized. Energized phase to neutral. He was a path for voltage to travel through. He may not have died but he isn’t walking away unscathed that’s for sure. Don’t mess with high voltage. It’s not forgiving.

    3. he had a glove on one hand, his right, and his left hand didn’t have a glove. the current looks like it went through his neck, but it didn’t, as it came out his right hand once he touched the power wire by lifting the one with bare handed. least that’s how I seen it.

  1. Wow now I bet that came as a shock to him, i bet he thought it would be an electrifyingly fun job, but in the end it all just went to his head, it is truly shocking what can happen on the job sometimes……poor little sparky

    1. i doubt that.

      thoses lines are pretty powerful. body is a small piece of shit that cant handle a single ampere.

      in half a second its enougth to put thousand of volts into your heart and kill you instantly.

      this aint some domestic/house cable… its way more powerful to supply the neighborhood.

      and the small shitty power you have at home is enougth to kill you in a second. low chance to survive at home, even less on cable outside.

      also, he is lucky that he let it down… a more powerful power will stuck him on the line forever by litteraly melting his hand/fingers to the cable and kill his nerves soo he couldnt let the cable go.

  2. The description is way off. The guy pulled up the line, but the line contacted another power line above it. Most likely the line he first pulled on was for telephone or cable. The wire above that is the high voltage lines. His head was nowhere near any wires to cause the electrocution. Notice when he falls down, you can see the bottom line touching the top line go slack. The sparks that jump off his head was due to the corona discharge. He became a human tesla coil. Those gloves were not adequate protection for the high voltage lines.

  3. Progreso, Yucatán; January 5, 2019 (ACOM) .- A worker suffered a strong electric shock after lifting electricity cables so that a truck carrying a boat could through the streets of the port.

    Luis C., 34 years old, suffered burns to his forehead, arms and legs after the incident, which occurred around five in the afternoon on 33rd Street by 18 of the Benito Juarez neighborhood.

    In a video that circulates on social networks you can see how Luis lifts one of the cables and, moments later, makes contact with another, higher, with the head, which generated the electrocution.

    Paramedics of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) attended the man, who was transferred to the American Medical Center of Progress.

    For its part, the truck that transports the immense new boat, this was flagged by the municipal police.

    In fact, local media reported the inconveniences to mobilize Friday night, especially with power cables, due to the size of the boat.

    PS: What a dumb fuck

  4. Ohhh-La-La,, Ouuchhh!! ,, Such Incredibly-Awesome Safety Standards that these *Cunt-Trees* Have No??? 😉 That Boat Moving Co. If That,s (what they used to begin with) should have Sent A 2 Men Crew in A Pick-Up Truck, (The Day Before) With The Flat-Beds Total height, To Check-out the best Possible Route to take with the Height/Clearance Measurement Required, while the Boat Was Still at The Marina, or The Place of Purchase.

    Then These 2 Guys Could Have Checked-out Different Safe Routes, in order to get proper Clearance for highway overpasses electrical wires and such! So, by having scoped-out the best route first, This Never would have happened, and at the same time, they could have logged-in all the routes with the minimum clearance needed for future loads.

    Sad,,, and should never have happened, As he is gone to the big boat in da-sky 🙁

    1. @hopingfornemesis Fuck him he deserved it. In the meantime, can you get your fucking shine box together somehow and fix my profile bullshit so I can ‘add friends’ and be some gay faggot asking for features? Jesus H. Christ what do I gotta do around here before I fucking come in and simply build this fucking wall myself?!

    2. i dont think its that who react like this.

      he more get electrocuted because he handled the cable with both hands.
      the plastic (kind of) around the cable wouldnt react if it touch something non conductive like another cable (if it also have plastic around, wich is normally mandatory).
      his gloves also would protect him to touch the cable with 1 hand as it didnt create a “canal” into him and just pass.
      grabing the cable with his second hands created the “canal” for the electricity to pass througth his body (go in > go out, from one hand to heart to other hand out)

      the fact the cable touch the other cable didnt create any reaction, you can see that confirmed a bit before he grab the cable with his second hand, the cable hit the second cable on the left of the screen and that didnt create any reaction.

      its the fact he grab it with both hands that make reaction and conduct the power into him. and as the body is not resistant alots, it burn at point electricity go in and go out (wich can also create a fire with clothes).
      i guess his gloves were probably in cotton or similar (kind of worker gloves) , wich can let the electricity pass throught and access to the body.

      i m not a pro, i learned electrotechnique at school… but that what he look like to me. the reaction wasnt due to the second cable hit.

        1. it depend of the power in the cable. if he didnt wear professional electrician gloves, that can pass throught.
          electricity is strong and never forget that its not only in the cable, but also around with static electricity. and body is super conductive.

          take exempl with a wood plank. if you put 2 spike on each side of the wood and the electricity is very high, the electricity will pass-througth the wood to reach the other side spike. strong shit.

  5. who the fuck make heavy cargo going on road where they are lines like this ?

    organization suck very hard, they should took the way to avoid all obstacle, including electric wires.
    that was stupid as fuck on all side, including the guy who take the line with 2 hands.

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  7. Love it love it love it! Everything from the sound effects of “Zzzzzzt!” to the brief flame to the few moments of “Holy shit, what was that? I guess I’m dead now” before the guy falls. I would LOVE to go like this!

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