Painter on Roof Electrocuted When His Brush Pole Touches Power Lines

Painter on Roof Electrocuted When His Brush Pole Touches Power Lines

A painter apparently working off a rooftop touched the nearby power lines with the pole of his brush, and got electrocuted. The video shows smoke rising from his limp body as the electric current keeps frying his ass.

I don’t know where the video is from, but Best Gore Member @Heisenberg101 noticed that at the very end of the clip, the camera pans down and you can catch a glimpse of an insignia on a truck that states: “CORPO DE BOMBEIROS MILITAR DE SANTA CATARINA” (Firefighters of Santa Catarina). Consequently, this likely took place in Centro Florianópolis, Brazil.

This is not the first time we’ve seen a video of painters getting electrocuted. Extra attention to power lines may be warranted when painter is in your work description.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Painter on Roof Electrocuted When His Brush Pole Touches Power Lines”

  1. I know being electrocuted like that basically cooks you, so is that actually steam? Is it coming from the inside, or the outer layers of his skin? Is he going to be really dehydrated after that (even though I know he probably didn’t survive)? Is there a small hole burnt in the body at the hottest points? It just kind of makes me curious, because I’d think there would possibly be a pocket formed under the skin/ somewhere else internally filled with hot steam in the process. I’m imagining a person with big pillowy lumps in his back, where, if you were to pierce them with something, it might make a hissing noise as the steam is released.

    1. my mom’s friend came into town, she had recently lost her second husband. he worked for electric company and was killed instantly by thousands of volts while working on a transformer.

      I had never met him, she asked if I wanted to see his picture. sure I said! she then slid an 8x11glossy out of a manilla envelope. it was his morgue shot..
      fucking nut she was ..very tip of his index finger looked charred and that was it.
      totally normal view aside from him being naked on a slab in a morgue awaiting autopsy..

      1. That’s normal. Alternating current doesn’t cause constant muscular contraction, so the body would instantly let go of the wire. If the voltage is high enough then it will stop the heart too. The body may then fall on a live wire, like it did here, but that’s another story.

  2. That’s lame ..I’m wondering how it happens maybe he was retard he’s work was far enough from wires and it doesn’t happen in Greece I live there and didn’t see or hear anything in news

  3. Rookies… The information is right in front of you. This most probably happened in Santa Catarina in Brazil as suggested by the logo on the firetruck which reads “Corpo de Bombeiros Militar – Santa Catarina.” This is their Facebook page the logos match exactly. It also appears one of their crew members recently died in an accident not related to this one.

  4. So he touched the power lines with a painting pole and got fried, but what are the chances he fall over like that and the pole maintains contact with the wires and his carcass and continues to cook him to a nice medium well?

  5. don’t ya hate it when that happens. Ya hire Juan De Fumer, cheap as a biscuit and he whacks your power line with his aluminum extension rod. Bingo, crispy critters. Yupper, instantaneous 11,ooo volts. Fucker couldn’t even let go fast enough. smelled worse than a mother in law shitting pickled eggs and warm beer.

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