Thief Stealing Overhead Power Lines Dies Electrocuted on a Utility Pole

Thief Stealing Overhead Power Lines Dies Electrocuted on a Utility Pole

Considering the level of grief and despair thieves cause, they are nowhere near severely enough punished. In the Middle East they are, where they cut hands of thieves off. But here in the west and in most other parts of the world they’re not.

Imagine how much grief a thief stealing overhead power lines causes. There could be hundreds of people relying on the power lines he attempted to steal and because of him the power was cut off, now they were unable to cook for their kids or do work that earns them a living. All because one greedy bastard who couldn’t be bothered to earn money with honest work decided to climb on a utility pole and steal the wiring for himself.

Luckily, in this case instant Karma was in the neighborhood and zapped the fucker in the ass. He was found guilty, sentenced and executed by electric chair all in one instance. And Karma then left him in his electric chair to continue frying in the sun, but the very people he fucked up got him down to spare him from playing scarecrow for all eternity.

Thanks instant Karma. But could you also pay a visit to the Philippines? It’s a nation of fucking thieves. I’m positive that if God snapped his finger and commanded that all thieves of the world die in the instant, there wouldn’t be a single soul left in the Philippines. Not sure where these pics are from, though.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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55 thoughts on “Thief Stealing Overhead Power Lines Dies Electrocuted on a Utility Pole”

  1. Serves the little cunt right. I’d go ape shit if I got home from work and I couldn’t charge my phone or stick the Xbox on for a bit because there’s a power cut. I hope it was a particularly painful death. Personally I would have left the body up there as a lesson to all would be thieves.

  2. He died on a cross. In years to come when all the thieves (politicians, bankers, petty thieves etc.) decide to come together they will no doubt use this man as a symbol of their faith.

    They will have around their necks a small figurine of a dead man on a utility pole.

  3. Here in Cali, I’m constantly hearing about thieves stealing copper from utility light-poles, traffic signal lights, etc. I’m not fond of thieves myself- i think they should be dealt with according to their crimes. I like the cutting of their sticky fingers off, myself. It sucks when people do this kinda shit and it sucks when people steal from you too! I had a “friend” who was dog sitting for me while i took my kids on a quick vacay- and this bitch cleared out a bunch of our DVDs! I got some back, but not all and I’d love to watch some instant karma ensue because the fucking cops didn’t do a god-damn thing!

    1. @theword: that’s the seconds world’s most dumbest. I think The most fitting one to be the dumbest is choosing to steal a fucking fiber optics cable which is kinda worthless and risk life doing it. We have a lot of those in the philippines.

      I love the dog eyebrows by the way. 😀

      1. Really? I swear I have never heard of such a thing. To me that’s like stealing bullets by throwing yourself in the way of gun fire. I love this dog. There’s a cat who was born with eyebrows. Can’t remember the name but it cracks me up.

        1. Yeah i know stealing worthless fiber optics cable is not popular in other countries yet. it is really fucking worthless to waste your life into if you ask me. But here in the philippines people treat almost everything as source of income. Most of the thieves being caught blame poverty for what they have done. Stupid idiots

          I honestly cannot stop myself from laughing everytime i see you avatar. Haha

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