Three Children Electrocuted to Death While Playing Outside

Three Children Electrocuted to Death While Playing Outside

In Bacabal – a city 240 km from São Luís in Maranhão, Brazil, three boys aged 6, 8 and 11 died from electric shocks on the afternoon of Wednesday March 30, 2016.

According to information obtained by the Civil Police, the children were electrocuted by an electric barbwire fence a property owner put around his house. The boys were playing around and collecting birdseed to feed birds with. Two boys died on the spot, the third died en route to an emergency clinic.

The 6 year old, named Victor Tiago, was the son of a couple accused of drug trafficking in the area. The father, identified as “Deri”, is in prison in the village of Piratininga. The mother, Ildeane (Deane) Brito Sousa, got a pussy pass.

The other two boys were da Silvas: David José da Silva (8), and José Armando Pereira da Silva (11). By the night of the day the boys were electrocuted, the locals burned the house of the man who put energized fence around it down.

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    1. Brazil is a health and safety disaster , the idiot with the electric fence probably lived in a wooden house anyway. That’s the north of the country even shittier and poorer than the rest of that abortion. Still attracts millions of white men looking for pussy though…

    2. That is sad but I don’t understand how 3 children died at the same time.
      I would understand maybe 1 and the others would be cautious, unless all 3 touched the electric fence at the same time.

          1. I feel bad for the shirtless guy in the blue shorts. Poor fella, he kept putting his hands on top of his head. He wanted to help, but knew he couldn’t. I’m sure he was feeling so helpless.

    3. There’s electric fences all over Brazil anyone with any decent amount of good stuff will fence up and electrify the top with wires. And I’m surprised people have not figured out yet but DaSilva just means from wood or (from the woods). almost like saying from farmer’s descent. So its not really considered a name but a word that goes with the name, sort of like a surname that almost everyone has.

    4. I didn’t see any evidence of any wire or fencing in the video. I’m assuming the boys died where they lay at the beginning of the video, but no where was there evidence of any electric wire. The white-ish wire I saw in the corner of some of the shots looked like clothes line to me, and appeared higher than the boys could’ve reached.

  1. I guess you can be too safe. Why the hell would you want electrical barbed wire? I wonder if that idiot put up any warning signs or is it even legal to put up? It’d be hard to not want to kill that guy if you were the parents.

    1. Electric fence for theft, perhaps? If he did it hide something more devious like a drug operation, hell yeah, burn it down. And if that’s the case, the six year old’s father probably raided the stash before they laid the torch. Criminals are the best suited to turn in profit from tragedy.

      1. If somebody in Brazil wants to get in your house, they’ll get in, barbed wire or no barbed wire. The criminals already know that nobody ever sees them do anything. You’re probably right, he must have been hiding something big. You’d figure house alarms or big dogs, before prison style fencing.

    2. It’s nothing unusual in Brazil to have like a cattle prod on the top of your wall but it wont kill anybody. At most it can knock one out (and it’s not DIY stuff). This idiot apparently didn’t know that and connected full power to the wire.

      1. That’s right, I used to work on private security, and I used to install electrified fences, but they do not have enough power to kill somebody, they zap the shit out of you, for sure, but those things, are programmed to send an energy pulse along the wire, maybe the owner of the house just make it himself and fuck it all up

    3. Ha ha legal…….i imagine that the building permits department, if one exists , isn’t exactly the busiest in the world……….

      ring ring…..”yes sir, what? you want to do what? oh, 5000volts, i don’t see a problem there….”………………..

  2. They dont have money to finish a decent home… but they have money to build electric fences… Good job Brazil… Now that they destroyed his home because the fence killed 3 kids, hes gonna build a tesla coil next. Good job retaliating civilian justice heroes! 😆

    1. Indeed. Something is fishy with that fence. Our electric fences on the ranch never did more that give a good shock to us as kids. Other than it being on purpose, set up wrong or faulty, the only other thing might have been standing water + the electric fence. Maybe it was intentional since he had at least one set of druggies as neighbors, but didn’t think through the consequences or give a shit if it took out kids. 😐

    2. When I lived in that hole I had an electric fence around the top of the wall and a pitbull. Problem is they will chuck poisoned meat over the wall, and cut the fence circuit…sigh…fucking third world scum.

          1. I didnt mean faggots as homosexual because they are betwen the most cruel criminals here, mainly the transexuals. I meant as a coward person like you, who ran away in dispair, panic and evident psychological trauma.

    1. While it is sad, that child looked like it was the 6yo whose mother was also into drugs. She didn’t seem to have any emotion whatsoever, especially compared to the man with the older child. Seems like the children came from 2 different families according to the article.

  3. Poor little fellas! Dasilvas or non-Dasilvas

    I feel for the kids. Don’t give up fuck much about grown ups and pussy passes don’t fly with me either. But, the poor little guys is a totally different case.


  4. Probably a ghetto setup on the fence which had too much current running through it, as voltage just tends to shock even in super high doses. It’s the amps that fuck you up. Fucker could have wired it to the mains power supply. Sad shit.

  5. Jesus Facking Kchrist,,, what are they using to keep their animals in 220 volts of power??? Are they trying to keep in a bunch of Bigfoot, or Neanderthal’s. I use to put my tongue on the Farmers fence, as a kid, when dared to do so, but fuck me, it did not kill ya FFS 🙁

          1. maybe its just the way its meant to be for them. maybe they have reached their pinnacle, same with africans. how long are we supposed to keep ‘propping’ up these people? do we drag ourselves into the ground just so we can pat each others backs and say ‘hey your great you messed up your own life and culture just so they can sample a brief glimpse of a better life’. im sick of seeing advertisements asking for money for africa or wherever a tornado has hit in some 3rd world land. why doesnt the queen or the rothschilds just pay up and help humanity.? i cant see things ever changing in africa, middle east or the favela’s. they are harsh places and will stay that way i think until we are wiped out and the next species evolves, probably insects. i think we live in a worldwide illusion that we are ‘evolved’ when we arent really we are just ruled by money and gadgets/technology and money that is simply paper printed off a machine. its all a fraud.

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          2. All right bozo. My country is fucked up but i d rather live here than be fat. That what i have t say to you since you started this irracional dialogue.

          3. @jose, curva… Your just another low life comedian, that i dont give a flying fuck about,you just bore me. I wish you good luck getting out of the shit hole!! (Not really) now go an fuck yourself, if your sisters are graving for the nice white cock tell me. otherwise RIP nigga.

  6. How have 3 kids died tho. Did they all touch the fence at the same time? Because if one child touched it first then that should have warned the other two. I dont get it. I think maybe these kid where daring each other to touch the fence like kids do.

    1. @steaknsidneys
      your hypothesis seems to have a certain weightage cause it could have been just one of the kid who might have been the one to have come in contact with the fence and might have screamed out for help that’s when the other two unknowingly tried helping the victim and got themselves electro executed too.
      No matter whatever the reason if ya are da Silva ya can die drinking even water in Brazil .

    1. I find it hard to believe they dint receive their 1st pair of Flip-flops yet,as its a well known custom that they receive a pair soon as they are baptized…they might of melted from the current…OR perhaps if they were wearing some it could have grounded them,and saved their doomed life.

      1. That, she is, for sure, lol. Our little Sister has put away her cane, for some 220 volt cables instead! 🙂 Fuck, i roared when she first came on here, and said that she would love to cane some assholes in the face, like in one of the Ass-Canning video’s a couple years ago. Quite the violent little devil, she is indeed, this is why we love her so much, me thinks, bro,lol.

  7. Yesterday they were three little critters looking for food for their birds. Today, they are three little angels up in heaven screwing the fuck out of 72 six year old virgins. That’s 72 six year old for each kid. That’s 216 little holes to fuck. These little shit heads got it made.

    How extravagant, these kids owned birds, but parents can’t afford mini flip-flops.

    Look, it was either today or tomorrow. Eventually the grim reaper was coming for them anyway. I hope they got a chance to learn to Masterbate, but if not, they are going to be fucking like rabbits in heaven.

    Beyond the door, there’s peace I’m sure, and I know there’ll be no more tears in heaven. That’s right, no more tears in heaven because these 3 are going to be jizzing all over heaven.

  8. ]
    the owner of the house should be commended for trying to protect his home and property ,sucks the 3 brats died but they probably would have been dead before the age of 15,
    the villagers burning the guys house down shows the insecurities of the neighbourhood as the brats should have known that was not a property they should be around ;
    best if they all killed themselves anyway…

  9. This story does not make sense.
    #1: They died 50 feet from the fence? Where is it? If they had been moved, they would have been brought into the middle of the road (as they later were), not dragged and dumped into some grass in a random spot next to the house. That is where they died. They were not moved there.

    #2: They didn?t all 3 grab the fence at the same time. That has never happened in the history of the universe. Either by dare or by bad luck, one of them grabbed the fence and died. We are supposed to believe that the other 2 witnessed this and then just decided to also grab the fence?

    If it was a dare then only 1 would have grabbed the fence.
    If they were casually trespassing as a group then the guy in back would have seen the other 2 die and would not have touched the fence.
    If they were sneakily trespassing then one guy would have slowly grabbed the fence while everyone remained quiet and the other 2 would not have touched it.

    It?s impossible for 3 kids to die together by electric fence. This story is false.

    1. hahaha ,now that’s the most hypocritical thing ive ever read on this site.
      give me a FUCKING break,you came to a sight called BEST GORE and come up with “Soooooo sad there are Angel now. Repose in peace” WOW you really should have followed the exit on the puppy page…

  10. The lack of logic these foreign ingrates have is astonishing…burn down the innocent mans house because he put up the electric fence…seriously?
    So fucking grateful my ass is safe from this kind of idiotic shit here in Canada…

  11. The lack of logic these foreign ingrates have is astonishing…burn down the innocent mans house because he put up the electric fence…seriously?
    So fucking grateful my ass is safe from this kind of idiotic shit here in Canada.

  12. Soooo…the other two dumbasses didn’t learn from the first?
    “Oh look, Charlie! Brother’s vibrating on the fence. It looks fun, let’s try too!”
    But really though, they probably went to help the other and didn’t realise that electrical currents get stronger with each link. Poor guys…

  13. –They have electrical power in that area ? Thats rare. OAN: Okay, I understand maybe ONE kid touching the fence and flying back from the shock and dying… but 2… let alone.. 3. DF they do.. see one kid touch and thought, ‘HEY! I want to touch it too!’ …not logical. Unless they wore grabbing each other or holding hands o.O

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