Train Surfer Catches Fire and Spectacularly Sparks As His Body Burns

Train Surfer Catches Fire and Spectacularly Sparks As His Body Burns

From the information I received, the incident happened in South Africa, in the Vaal region on the October 28, 2017 (not sure if accurate). Best Gore member @Flemdog explains:

A common occurrence in South Africa – black male thought it would be smart to ride the train to work, however he did it via surfing on top of the train. Not sure how it happened, but he was clearly electrocuted and thus burned to death.

I think in the most general terms, there are two types of train surfers: thrill seekers and those looking to get a ride without paying. I think the former can be rather safely discounted in cases of people train surfing to work. I like the sparks his body produces as the electricity keeps frying him.

Thanks a lot for the video, @Flemdog:

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88 thoughts on “Train Surfer Catches Fire and Spectacularly Sparks As His Body Burns”

  1. Nigger transportation you know your riding it be it the urine smell in the elevator or the dog shit burning smell that they leave behind on the train.
    But the part where you say he was going to “work”…man you came close to losing me there for a second.

  2. Fuck it! When I’ve had enough… that’s how I’m gonna do myself in.
    I’ll give you all dates and times so I know at least one fucker will show up with a 4K camera and film it horizontally.

    1. 16 out of 16, why is this continuing story of horror not surprising? Virtually 100% of the train surfing victims are of the indigenous population, and it sickens me. The odor just completely sickens me. In my opinion, this is another case of apar-fried.

  3. Blacks in SA know they’re better off fried. When their hero mandela gave the queen a diamond the size of a rugby ball his own people still couldn’t see that he was a bastard and they will always be screwed over. Imagine if you’re starving and dad gives the woman next door all his wages. This man is far better off than the ones watching his cremation.

      1. It didn’t wake me up, WTF??? I was in shock too. My wife tried to pull it out, but it dug deeper. Nothing like having a Dr digging on your johnson with razor sharp tweezers. I was given antibiotic and sent home.

  4. A lot of people can ride trains all their lives without incident. In the third world (most notably India) however, everybody knows of somebody whose had some kind of run in with a train. Everyone has a tragic train story to tell. Thanks to BG I do too.

  5. Well the poor bastard never reached his destination. Whoever is waiting for him will now be shocked.
    He got fried to an absolute crisp and there was nothing left of him.
    The smell of burning flesh must be absolutely rank. It’s like the Green Mile movie where the dweeb deliberately doesn’t dunk the headsponge in water before putting it on the condemned man’s head at the electric chair. The frying becomes extremely painful and the condemned man catches fire.

    Imagine if the incident never occurred. He would just have gone about his shitty life as normal, a life which has good bits, bad bits, but you always take it for granted. How many of us a are truly grateful to be alive, having not had some crappy fatal incident happening to us?

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