Two Ticket Dodgers Electrocuted While Traveling on Roof of Train in Argentina

Two Ticket Dodgers Electrocuted While Traveling on Roof of Train in Argentina

Two Ticket Dodgers Electrocuted While Traveling on Roof of Train in Argentina

Two ticket dodgers caught a train ride from Mar del Plata to Buenos Aires in Argentina by climbing on the roof. They got more than a free ride when 25 thousand volts of electricity passed through their bodies and burned them. One of them was transferred to Fiorito Hospital in Avellaneda and is said to be in serious condition.

The incident occurred at 7:44am on February 5, 2019. According to police, one of the electrocuted is called José Fonseca, is 18 years old and lives in La Plata. The other is his friend Ciro Ferreyra, 20 years old and also from La Plata. Both were between two cars with half a body jutted above the roof.


Update provided by Best Gore member @kike004:

José Fonseca, one of the electrocuted on the roof of the Roca branch train, died at the Fiorito de Avellaneda Hospital. According to the hospital representative, the 18-year-old received an electric shock of 25,000 volts and suffered burns to 80% of his body. He died from cardiorespiratory arrest motivated by the severity of the injuries that lead to the multi-organ failure.

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  1. My coworker was working on a chimney one time in Beverly hills and his Parging pole made contact with the powerline and electrocuted him.
    He had to get down from the roof on his own accord
    With the flesh hanging off of him like this guy.
    He survived to parge another Chimney.
    Sometimes its not your time. Sometimes it is.

      1. His face didnt get that fucked up.
        His arms however were the most visible thing and they did look like Freddy Krueger arms.
        Oddly enough, The house used to belong to Marlyn Monroe she used to fuck there on Doheny .

  2. Holy-Cow Man,,, i am surprised that they even survived this! The next 48 hours will be touch, & go if they are to survive such massive burns as infection, and the severe pain will be the 2 tough ones to keep at bay.

    And what is so sad in all of this is that many people simply do not have any money, and could very well be guys just like you and me just having a rough go living in such a messed-up Country unable to find a job. 🙁

        1. When I was seven years old I got burned over my neck/chest area by hot coffee and suffered first, second, and third degree burns! I can tell you it hurt like hell! I immediately starting literally running in place, in shock. Luckily my mom quickly pulled me to the kitchen sink and started dousing water on me. Went to my pediatrician after having a bag of ice over my chest, remember the doctor pulling dead skin off me with tweezers! After that daily dressing changes and missed school for weeks. Will never forget it!

          1. @Nic
            Poor Kid Man, you were at the time. That must’ve Hurt Like You Said Horrendously. 🙁
            I’m sure your Mom remembers the blood-curdling screams you let-out that day, as Moms/Dads Never Forget times when their own kids get seriously injured like that.
            Did you end-up healing ok dude, and the scars did they stay, or did they grow-out since you were only 7 years-old??

            Yea my Good B G Brother Burns-Man,,, have got to be one, if not The Most Painful thing to have to endure for sure! How did it happen Nic if you don’t mind me asking, was it a cup of coffee, or did you knock over the pot on yourself???

        2. I remember the day I got burned very well. It was a Sunday morning and later on that day my parents were going to take my sis and I rollerskating. (It was the 80’s. Lol) I was in the living room and got this big idea about something, don’t remember what, and wanted to write it down before I forgot it. I ran into the kitchen to get pad and pencil and, WHAM…ran into to mom who just poured herself a cup of fresh, hot coffee. It spilled over the front of my neck/chest area. The initially pain was so bad I was running in place, like I said previously. My mom was on the first aid squad and pulled me towards the sink and splashed water all over me. I remember my dad giving me one of his white cotton shirts to wear and we went to the pediatrician office on a Sunday. I remember no one else was there except us, it was creepy. Anyway, the doctor had me hold a bag of ice against my burn to numb it. I then remember him peeling my skin off in long strips. At the time I didn’t fully understand that it was my skin but I didn’t feel it coming off. My doctor prescribed Silverdene cream for my burn. Everyday my mom would boil water on the stove, let it cool, lay me on the kitchen table on towels, pour the water on my burn to get the old dressing off, pull more dead skin off, clean it. She then put the Silvadene cream on, then gauze with tape. After a while my burn got itchy as it healed. I think it took about two weeks for it to heal.When I would whine or cry the muscles on my chest would move and it hurt because they were burned too! Now you look at my chest and there are NO scars! It’s amazing! But it seems to be a little more sensitive to sun so I cover it with a shirt or use sunblock. I think the burn didn’t scar because of it happening when I was young and because of the Silvadene cream. Of course, my dad was a jerk and said, “That’s what happens when you horseplay.” But thank goodness for my mom.

          1. @Nic
            Wow, what an amazing true story that is. Your Mom deserved much credit, and major “Kudos” for doing such a great job in keeping any infections from developing keeping-it clean, and with fresh dressings every day. And i believe that this is the reason that you have Zero Scars today, with the fact that your body was still growing, removing the old dead tissue was crucial in order to help-out, so that no scars were able to form.

            It’s too bad that you had to suffer such a tragedy at the young tender age of ten my Good B G Brother. 🙁 But i am very happy that you do not have to look at major scars every time that you get out of the shower bringing-up these nasty thought everyday! 🙂

          1. @Nic

            Hey Brother,,, No Problem my man, as we are all one happy family here bud! And it’s nice when our members share their true life experiences whether good or bad, as we can all learn something from them. So *Thank-You* For Sharing-It With Us All. 🙂

          1. @Nic

            Yea, i’m sure you would brother, but in your case i am real happy that it did not happen thanks to a Good, And Caring Mother. 🙂

            Where Are You From Brother, from The U.S. Canada, or elsewhere??? You Don’t Have to name the city, or anything just the Country, cause you are an intelligent well Written/Spoken Individual so i’m just curious. 🙂

          1. @Nic
            Man-O-Man, am i ever having a hard time lately with confusing males, and females on here lately. I Am So Sorry my Good B G Sister. 🙁 I Find-It so hard to figure-out without a picture, and a Pseudo-name. I Will do my very best to remember, please accept my apologies Girl. 🙁

            So let me guess,,,
            – Nicole ?
            – Nicola ?
            – Nicky ?
            -Nice Girl, ? lol.
            -Nicolodian ?
            – Necrophilia ?
            People who are aroused by touching or stroking a corpse, without engaging in intercourse. Fetishistic necrophiliacs: People who remove objects (e.g., panties or a tampon) or body parts (e.g., a finger or genitalia) from a corpse for sexual purposes, without engaging in intercourse ?
            **** Now I Know Why You Are On Best-Gore Eh Girl, lol, lol, ?? ****
            Your Probably Thinking,,, That Prick Da-Fuck Did Dre Ever Figure That Out ? 😉

          2. That is Cool @Nic as i am from Southeastern Ontario, and i hour away from the New-York State Border Crossing In Ogdensburg N-Y, And 2 hours away from Watertown New-York. My Wife, & I Used to Go Vamping at many of the American State Parks in New-York. We Camped At,,
            – Wescott Beach State Park,
            -Jaques Cartier State Park,
            -Kring Point State Park,
            And a few others that i cannot remember right now.

            You guys have beautiful State Parks In New-York State.
            Our Veteran B G Sister Lisa, or Illegalsmile55 also resides in Northeastern United States, in Maine Actually. Please don’t ever worry about me Girl As I Am A Good Old Married Man With 4 Kids all boys, lol. And 5 Grand Kids Also. So You do not have to worry about me Girl as i am not a weirdo or pervert, or anything the like, even though i joke about Sex With My B G Brothers, & Sisters. Frequently, cause it is only that Jokes. 🙂

    1. No offense taken here. I purposely picked my screen name so as not to be too obvious who I was. I’m a little paranoid. My first name is Nicole, although I enjoyed reading your guesses on why my screen name was Nic. Lol I am a Registered Nurse in New Jersey. I find gory videos fascinating and enjoy hearing/saying things here that I cannot at my job to blow off steam. I am happily married to my sweet husband with no children. But enough about me. ; )

      1. @Nic

        Yea it is quite nice, and pretty clean but that is only because we are 30 Million Inhabitants, unlike the U.S. Who Have 360 Million Inhabitants. But i have traveled across many, many states driving through what i found to also be an incredibly beautiful country, with really nice, and friendly people for the most part. As long as you stay-out from the large inner cities all is good.

        And the fact that you have traveled to Alaska is very cool, as it is a dream of mine and part of my Bucket list to go and explore. So you got to drive through some of Canada’s nicest places on your way there, and must’ve seen tons of wild animals on the highway there right bro?? 🙂

        1. Oh yes, lots of wildlife. Saw moose, deer, black bears, eagles. I once saw a moose crossing the road and when it came upon the lines painted in the road it stepped over them! Weird! In Alaska went to Denali National Park and saw Mt. McKinley, grizzly bears. Took a boat tour off of Seaward and saw icebergs and whales. You definitely should go!

        2. My bucket list is to go to all fifty states in the US. I have been to all except Hawaii. My parents loved to travel. Just about every summer or time off school we would go on road trips. One was when we drove from New Jersey up to Canada then west across the territories in Canada to Alaska, around Alaska, then down through the Dakotas to Montana and then east back to New Jersey. Did a huge loop. It took five weeks and over 11,000 miles! We rented a minivan and my dad was sure to get unlimited miles in the contract! He said you should of seen the guys face at the rental place when he saw the milage!

  3. They didn’t have money to come back to their city, they were travelling from a city at 500km from theirs. This train is not electric in all those 500 km, but becomes electric in some parts, and i think they forgot that.
    “The important thing is that you are alive”
    “You are going to come out of this”
    “Don’t move or your skin is going to come off”
    is what can be heard in the video, is what the people around say to José Fonseca while he is sitting in the grass.

  4. Well I guess when you are that age, you don’t really want to spend money if you don’t have to. These guys were dirt poor. Ticket money was probably going to be used to buy beers.

    Absolutely shocking. (Pun not intended).

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