Worker Electrocuted by Pushing Scaffolding Into Powerlines in Sergipe, Brazil

Worker Electrocuted by Pushing Scaffolding Into Powerlines in Sergipe, Brazil

Worker Electrocuted by Pushing Scaffolding Into Powerlines in Sergipe, Brazil

In the municipality of Nossa Senhora da Glória (Our Lady of Glory) in the state of Sergipe, Brazil, a worker push the scaffolding into the overhead powerlines and got electrocuted.

This is not the first time we’ve seen workers get fried by electricity in this very fashion. It’s not even worth wondering why they don’t pay attention to something so important, cause I guess they just don’t. And that’s why Best Gore should be mandatory viewing for everyone…

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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89 thoughts on “Worker Electrocuted by Pushing Scaffolding Into Powerlines in Sergipe, Brazil”

      1. In 1988 I drove from Germany to Italy in a Fiat Uno I rented. It was a clown car. You can, with a bit of force, shift from 4 to 1 at 80 kph. Had the brand new car grinding by the time I turned it in.

      1. Seeing as though electrical grilling isn’t half as good as my son in law’s Weber charcoal setup, which we have illegally sampled twice this Spring, you’re damn straight it’s going to take a lot of goddam extra sauce!

  1. Get a wooden stick, or broom handle and move the dude at least, lol. Dumb-Ass, instead of holding your forehead in disbelief.
    Keep cooking that poor fucker like that, and the smell will surely/likely drag some Da-Silva’s out of the Jungle for what they think is their buddies having another one of their Post Dismemberment B.B.Q.’s

      1. Touching the body with wood is fine but the scaffold pole might be too much. I’m glad you didn’t attend (((higher education))) because its complete BULLSHIT however wood, unless it’s damp, isn’t conductive. Those Brazilians were better off cutting the fuse because god forbid they have rubber fucking anything.

      2. @TheCaptain
        Lol,,, snow frog, lol, ?? Never heard that one before, and being French,,, iv’e heard many. Yea i hear ya as i have a 30 foot extendable tree branch cutter made-up of the same material. But a wet branch broken off a tree would conduct a lot of juice.

        But an old, and very dry broom handle, i would not be afraid to use as i disconnected extension cords on that were sparking,and even one that was burning, and in wet mud between 2 houses that were being built. One was on fire that was plugged-in, and full of juice, and i used the labor’s push broom to wack-it out of the socket.

        Really old, and dry wood might still work,,, or maybe not cause of all the voltage that was probably Coming-Off of those wires though. But a broom is something that any dwelling, or building in the close proximity would have nearby, and ready.

        A Fucking Snow-Frog ffs, bwa, ha, i’ll have to call me brothers that next time i see them. 😉

      1. @DumbKunt
        Lol Dude, and you @DumbKunt ya! Ha, ha, ha, as i just always wanted to say that shit to you, (but as a joke of course) since the very first time that i saw your username, and chuckled brother. Cause it’s not to often that you get to call somebody that without getting serious verbal beating for it, lol. 🙂
        But true enough,,, cause those Haitians would also fill their bellies with A Hatian/Human BBQ Bro!

  2. Just another day in Brazil. Another De Silva fried like chicharon. Flip floppers going about their business, nothing to see here folks. No need to help the poor fucker. A few selfies and good footage for best gore is all that counts. Cheers puta madre !

    1. We wont be seeing ISIS vids for a while they got their shit shoved. At least well produced footage. They’ll come back though since they are an ideology. Cant defeat that shit. Just gotta keep kicking it in a corner. However we have been getting GREAT cartel vids lately I wont be surprised to see dozens more.

  3. “Let me get this right. So you’re getting a burning sensation “when you urinate?”
    “No, fire shoot out my dick, is all. A burst of flame fly out my dick when I pee. I can’t even pee in the house, I burn my house down. I gotta go outside. I was outside peeing, dude tried to mug me, I turned around and burned him up on the street. Because my dick is a blowtorch, is what I’m trying to say.”
    – Eddie Murphy, Raw, 1987

  4. It’s just a damn shame they couldn’t round up a group of like 10 of them to help the guy out and run over and grab the scaffolding to drag it off of the live wire for the guy…..
    That would be a beautiful thing right there, an entire group of people coming together to help out a fellow Brazilian.

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