Worker Fatally Electrocuted While Proofing Roof in Saltillo, Mexico

Worker Fatally Electrocuted While Proofing Roof in Saltillo, Mexico

Juan Antonio Salazar Sanchez, who was proofing the roof of a vulcanizing shop, died after accidentally coming into contact with a high voltage power line. He was shocked with 13,200 Volts of raw electric power.

Juan’s corpse was hanging off the roof ledge for several minutes, because his workmates did not have the means to get him off the wire. During that time, he continued being zapped. Eventually, his mates used a piece of rope and separated him from the cable.

This happened in the neighborhood of Topochico in Saltillo, Mexico. Props to Best Gore member @davrista for the video:

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85 thoughts on “Worker Fatally Electrocuted While Proofing Roof in Saltillo, Mexico”

    1. Maybe like a long wooden broom stick and push/pry them off of the wire/electrical source thats my guess anyways. Not sure if the broomstick would be insulated enough to avoid getting shocked yourself though lol maybe someone else knows

      1. Not that I’d ever help anyone if they were being electrocuted, but if there a way to save them without having them take me with them, I might do it.

        Electricity scurs me. That’s why I only dabble with light switches. Bahahahahaaa

      2. I worked at a place that had massive 3 phase electrical circuits. The room that housed the breakers and fuses had a large fire extinguisher and a hefty unpainted rather large wooden cane with a big sign that demonstrated techniques for using the cane to unhook people who had gotten connected to a circuit. So if it is dry wood, it a broomstick should be ok.

  1. At least in Mexico they don’t leave the corpse to completely fry on the power lines like they do in India or other countries.
    Dude recording was telling them to not touch the corpse with their bare hands and to use the wooden plank.
    Funny how towards the end when it seems that they can’t accomplish detaching Juan from the cable, dude just tells them to hurl his body to the ground.

  2. My friend was working under a house once and his back brushed up a live wire. He said it was like a giant hand grabbing him and he was parallized plus he couldn’t breath. He saw a rock near him and willed himself to spring forward to his his head on the rock. After 30 seconds he broke free, hit the rock, and survived. “Juan” was dead in moments as the powerline is 100s of times stronger than a home power outlet.

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