Worker Installing Cameras on Utility Poles Electrocuted, Safety Harness Prevents Escape

Worker Installing Cameras on Utility Poles Electrocuted, Safety Harness Prevents Escape

Earlier today, in the city of Caloocan, the Philippines, a worker installing CCTV cameras on utility poles accidentally made contact with the transformer and got zapped.

The worker was attached to the pole with a “safety” harness, but because of the harness, he was having trouble dgetting out of that situation, nevermind having thousands of volts flowing through his body.

According to the man who filmed the video, the worker was being electrocuted for agonizing 10-15 minutes. Eventually, they managed to get him down, but there have been no updates on whether he survived or not.

Props to Best Gore member @failippines for the video:

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51 thoughts on “Worker Installing Cameras on Utility Poles Electrocuted, Safety Harness Prevents Escape”

    1. Lol, there is no way he survived that. We’ve all seen electrocution vids on BG, and no one ever survives them. The way that thing blew up at the beginning, and the way the current was making his body dance all over the place…. there is no way he survived.

      1. Electrocution is a funny thing… You’ll either die immediately or not at all. It’s possible and not unlikely even to get stuck on an electric fence for days and finally die of dehydration.

  1. Who was being electrocuted? The nigga on the pole or the fucking simp holding the camera?? Is it too much for people taking videos to keep the frame still?? I’m not asking for Scorsese-Grade, but damn…I can get a better pic from Alex P Keaton McFly!

  2. Thats pointless, who the fuck enjoys this?
    Who had him appointed to place the overseers eyes at the pole tip?

    Why’d he not work below it, is he homeless?
    That desperate for a paycheck, he casts concern to north winds?

    If he chose to just abort it, would they abhor him?
    Would a call for safer options make the bosses can the poor kid?

    Did equipment fail to support him?
    Or did he skip the proper training?
    the cost of lazy is investment in misfortune,

    I don’t mean to be so morbid,
    But that’s a score, Death,
    Shocking lessons singe the blood, through his veins, it courses

    He’s been annointed with a holy flame, let us rejoice him!
    I came to catch the current buzz and wasn’t disappointed

    1. They belive,if you let the electricity exit easier ( flipflops or bare feet) then it doesn’t bounce around inside you looking for an exit.and so less harm is done.its called the FreeFlow Theory.and its used in the more progressive 3rd world countries.

  3. Once again a useless cameraman. Recording everything but the target.

    It’s funny to read the description “The worker was attached to the pole with a “safety” harness”
    clearly these people know 0 about safety regulations. Those cables are nothing but a whole mess
    hanging everywhere with close distance so there is no way to get in between without getting in contact with another one.

    I would suggest these people to bury these cables down in the ground inside plastic pipes.
    For several reasons that’s a lot better.
    1. Easier for the worker to reach them (No ladder “Elevator” needed)
    2. No trees can fall onto them, no vehicle can drive into them
    3. No suicidal person can reach them by hanging in them

    But most important here i think, for fuks sake TURN OFF THE POWER BEFORE PLAYING WITH ELECTICAL WIRES/CABLES!

  4. What I notice in the workplace accident section is that the vast majority of deaths or injuries are men working dangerous job or operating dangerous machinery. Where are all the feminists on this? Women complain about the non-existence gender wage gap and yet they’re not the one working the coal mines or deep sea fishing. Thank you, male privileges.

    1. For an example: In the U.S.A we have about 110 volt at 15 to 20 amps, but a taser gun has 50,000 to 100,ooo volts with less than a few milliamps. I would rather be socked by 50,000 volts from a taser, than from a 110 volt wall outlet, based on the amps they put out.

      1. I understand that not everyone is an electrician and doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, but don’t pretend that you have the knowledge, by explaining how many volt something is, when “volts” has nothing to do with it. You can have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 volt pushing 0.0000000000000001 milliamps and it would do nothing to you.

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